Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Return of LOST, 29 Days To Go

I'm a LOST addict and I haven't seen a new episode since May. I was alright with the long hiatus for a few months but now I'm getting fidgety. Jonesin', I think is the word. The end of the hiatus is in site, January 31st, a Thursday! LOST is moving from Wednesday to Thursday, that's going to screw with my DVR recording schedule. But I guess TPTB got tired of competing with American Idol. From what I've been reading on the spoiler blogs, this season is going to be awesome!


valmg said...

I've never seen Lost but have to admit the preview I saw this week for them getting off the island had me curious.
Check your email, I haven't heard back from you.

Sue said...

I have the complete DVD sets of LOST Season 1, 2 and 3!
Yes I've replied to your emails and your PM at PPP! Thank you Val!

Ishaan said...

I love Lost! In the past two weeks i say all three seasons! i am well and truelly addicted to it! I can not wait for the next season!

Unfortunately i dont have sky 1, the channel which shows lost, so i have to find other means of watching it...*rolls eyes*

MyChronicLife said...

I can't wait for Lost. This is one of my fav TV shows!

Brain Foggles

Sue said...

The previews look good! 26 more days to go!

GeekMom said...

I could hardly remember what even happened on the last episode, but I read a great interview with Dr. Jack (I think it was on Entertainment Weekly's site). Now I'm up to speed and practically a-quiver in anticipation. And by the way, that spider is kind of creeping me out! :-)

Sue said...

LOL! I put that spider on my blog at Halloween and got attached to him! I'm trying to find the html for this blog template to make it 3 columns and then maybe I'll sweep him out!