Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Have More Traffic to Drive in Today

The day has finally come. LOST is on tonight. I’ve been trying to get everything done so I can sit without interruption tonight. I almost have my blogging done, but the traffic driving to the blogs – not done. It’s very time consuming. Now there’s something new called Buzzfuse. I have to look into it, anything that will help me with traffic is worth it. I just need more hours in the day or grow an extra set of arms. Now if you will excuse me I have to lock my doors, take the phone off the hook and get the duct tape ready for the kids and dog.

Ready For Phase Two

American Idol Review:
Hell I can't even remember what city they were in last night. Randy and Simon didn't even know and no one expects Paula to know where she is. I think she's going to be fun to watch this year. She found herself a boyfriend last night. A Latino man. Are these auditions over with yet? I've had enough and I'm ready for the small groups to argue and rehearse into the wee hours together.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

House is Back, I Missed Him

House Review:
Isn't it wonderful a new episode of House was on last night. It was a Christmas episode. I don't know where they were going with that but it was new. Perhaps bad timing or quite possibly the writer's strike might have affected the viewing date. I really wanted to put Christmas behind me, but you have to remember this is House we're talking about. He ripped down decorations and had a "Secret Santa" with his new team of doctors and he put only his name in the hat to pick. He put me in a great mood. I missed him. He screwed with his new teams heads, making them think they could still be fired. I'm happy with the new team and they can get rid of the old ones, except Foreman. Cameron and Chase are taking up space.

Hey, Hey Paula

American Idol Pretty Sure in Omaha Review:
Okay that was a burp. Paula's trying to tell the biggest audience in the world that it was a hiccup, I don't think so. I can't believe they didn't edit that out.
Paula was late last night so Randy and Simon started the auditions. Simon was in a reasonably good mood. Paula finally strolled in and was visibly still feeling the effects from whatever she was doing the night before. And then she burped. Nice. Simon threw his papers up in the air and rolled his eyes. It was priceless. It's a very short video!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Just So We're Clear

LOST Season 4 Premier is Thursday, January 31 at 9:00pm. But don't forget that Wednesday at 9:00pm ABC is showing the Season 3 two hour final and Thursday at 8:00pm is a re-cap show. So we have 4 hours of LOST this week. It's about time. I mentioned some of this in the comments from my last LOST post but thought the information needed to be repeated for the LOST addicts out there.
3 days, 8 hours and about 10 minutes to go!

Gettin All Political and Stuff

The President's State of the Union Address is on tonight. The husband asked me, "I thought it was always on a Tuesday when he addressed the nation?"
And I responded, "That was before American Idol. Idol is much bigger than the President of the United States. The nation has its priorities you know."
While I was only joking around, I'm pretty sure I'm not totally off on this. I'd rather watch Idol. I will not watch another politician tell me how they are wasting my money. I will not voluntarily sit down in front of the TV and let someone lie to me. I will not watch Nancy Pelosi chomp on a piece of gum behind the President. And I have no desire to see half of the senate stand up and clap at one time and the other half another time.
Enough already. Let me take home more of what I earn. Let me defend myself. Leave me and my freedom alone. And for God sake if a terrorist has information on an attack on our country - beat it out of them.
Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

LOST in Less Than a Week

I'm so afraid there will be a big storm and my power will go out Thursday night! I've been waiting for a new episode of LOST since May for goodness sake! If you are a LOST fan and want to see a sneak peek then click here! I found six clips. If you don't want to be spoiled then stay away. I couldn't help myself. I also found this new trailer for the LOST Season 4 premier thanks to DarkUFO. If you go to that site be prepared to be spoiled beyond belief, that site knows everything!

Friday, January 25, 2008

High School DVD Moments

I tried so hard to get one of my boys to join the Drama Club in High School. It would be nice to go to a school function that isn’t sports related, not that there’s anything wrong with sports, I’d just like to see my boys expand their horizons a little bit. They all have such a wonderful sense of humor that I’d really like to see them on stage. Boy #3 is my last hope he still has two more years of High School left after this year and I think I’m getting to him!

Boy #2 has been on the High School morning announcements, which are filmed and filmed in sport events. I want to see them! I keep asking him for the DVD that was made of a dodge ball game he was involved in, teachers vs. students, but he doesn’t know who has one. I want these moments in their lives and I’m willing to pay for it. A DVD backup is easier than I thought. I really thought that someone that made a copy of a DVD had to have a college degree in geek. But I found DVD copying software at 123 I can do it myself. Now all I have to do is try to get straight answers from the teenagers as to the whereabouts of said DVD’s.

Are You Smarter Than a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader?

I don't usually watch Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader but I caught a question last night. Apparently the contestant was a Dallas Cowboys fan and some of the cheerleaders were there to help this guy. The question I saw was in the category "First Grade Art" and here it is:

Gluing macaroni on to a piece of construction paper is called Macrame`. True or False?

Did I mention that the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were in full uniform? This guy drew a blank on the First Grade Art question. He had to get help from his cheerleader he picked to stand next to him. Fortunately for him, this cheerleader was fluent in the world of macaroni/construction paper artwork. That was a $2,000 dollar question.

I have to watch this game show once in a while, it's a TV bloggers dream.

Just in case you slept through Macrame` class the answer is - False
mac-ra-me` - coarse lace made as of cord knotted in designs
mac-a-ro-ni - pasta in the form of tubes, etc.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Game O Love

Although I have a jamb packed, fun filled Thursday evenings television schedule, I still plan on telling the husband Happy Valentine’s Day which is on a Thursday this year. I won’t get a present, it’s just not his style. When we were dating and he gave me a bowling bag for our first Valentine’s Day together, I knew I wasn’t dating Mr. Romance. Now if I were to give in to dreaming about Valentine’s Day presents it would be chocolate.

I have received gift baskets before and love giving them as presents too. So when I sign up for's Valentine's Day Game, I want to win a gift basket. It’s something the husband and I enjoy, opening a gift basket full of goodies. The Valentine’s Day contest at is called Game O Love. I would love to win a huge gift basket for Valentine’s Day! We could sit on the living room floor and inspect the contents of the basket, deciding who gets what, kick the kids out of the room and watch LOST.’s “Game O Love” contest runs from January 25 to February 11. So since I’m not married to Mr. Romance I’m going to try and win us something, preferably chocolate.

Hey Dawg You Can't Sing

American Idol Review:
Last night there were a lot of pissed off people at the auditions in Charleston. They thought they could sing, the rest of the world thought otherwise. So did Randy, Paula and Simon. There were several confrontations. This guy in the picture says Randy, Paula and Simon suck, he can sing, forget American Idol he's going to be The World Idol. Look out world here comes #5651something, something.
I hear American Idols ratings are down, I am getting a little tired of these auditions, so I can see why. It's getting old.

What Famous People Do You Know?

Did you ever sit around with a group a people and talk about famous people you sort of know? My big claim to fame is that I went to High School with Halle Berry. She was a lowly freshman when I was a Senior. She was in my brothers 10th grade History class, he sat behind her. And then you get to discussing the “work” they’ve had done. Let’s just say there was some Breast Augmentation in Beverly Hills going on with that Bedford High School graduate.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

American Idol Fingernail Issues

American Idol Review:
I thought the show was rather uneventful last night. I was busy going back and forth from the TV to the computer but I'm pretty sure I saw most of the episode, which thankfully was only an hour long. We did go from one guy last week saving his fingernails in a plastic zip lock bag to a guy that appears to never have cut his. House was on after but it was a repeat. Damn! I was all excited for a new House episode, we have to wait until next week.
Tonight the premier of Moment of Truth is on. Show of hands, who's going to watch this show? I've heard quite a few of the boys friends saying they can't wait to see it. I think I'm going to pass on this one. Asking people very personal questions for money? Potentially ruining families and marriages? Not for me.

Monday, January 21, 2008

We Have The Amazing Race Winners

TK and Rachel won! I wanted them to win, so woohoo! The three final teams took off to Alaska on the final leg of the race and they all stayed close together, it was neck and neck, a nail biter! Ron and Chris had a slight lead most of the race until they all got to the final Road Block. I'm listening to Phil explain this Road Block thinking to myself, "Maybe I should hit the rewind button and listen again." But then decided I would have needed to hear it about seven more time to even try and begin to understand it. Huh Phil? Are you kidding me? What did he just say? All three teams picked the right one to tackle the Road Block, because only one can do it while the other one paces in wait. Chris started to panic and pray. I think God was too busy with war, famine and disease to help her win a million dollars at the time because Rachel solved the Ultimate Puzzle and she and TK raced to the finish line. This was a good season, I didn't start watching The Amazing Race until the third season, so I really need to rent Season 1 and Season 2 for some summer TV or if the writer's stay on strike.

Friday, January 18, 2008

We Watched TV on Vacation

When you pack your bags and leave for vacation there are certain expectations you have when you reach your destination. None of which include watching TV. But that is just what we did our first night in Niagara Falls. You see when you have boys, no matter what age, they must and I mean must because it’s in their DNA, must jump on the hotel beds. When they simultaneously stopped wrestling and Boy #3 lifted his arm in the air and looked at me in a panic, I knew we were screwed.
The husband and I try to plan our vacations without them now. Trusted Tours & Attractions can help us find discounts on sightseeing tours for two. Sign up for their Newsletter before January 31, 2008 and you can enter to their Win Handheld GPS drawing.

The arm swelled, we got ice, ordered a Pizza and watched National Treasure our first night in Niagara Falls. We found an over-priced ace bandage, wrapped him up and I fed him ibuprofen for three days while vacationing. He really wasn’t in much pain but I took him to the doctor when we got home. The doctor called me into the hallway to show me the x-ray and said, “He should be screaming in pain, his arm is completely broken, both bones.” Mommy’s tough little man.

The Celebrity Apprentice

There is no reason for me to try to remember when The Celebrity Apprentice is on because Gene Simmons got fired. Thank you Donald Trump for saving me from watching this stupid show. The only reason I was watching was to see Gene and Omarosa go at it. I can check that show off my Thursday night television viewing list.
Yep, I'm getting a little crabby waiting for some good television. Remember LOST starts Thursday, January 31. Hey! Did you know this year was a "leap year"? I just figured that out today.

Father/Son Paintball Coversations

Very rarely do I watch an entire episode of Reno 911. The boys watch it all the time and I see parts here and there. I saw a part the other night where two of the women policemen, see I don’t even know there names, were getting shot at by someone with a paintball gun and they were stuck in their car. So they called for back up and the two guy policemen that came as back up were in full paintball gear. Then they started maneuvering around like they do on those paintball courses. We were all laughing hysterically. Then I tried to leave the room before Boy #2 starts discussing the finer points of spyder paintball packages. It isn’t that I try to avoid talking with my son, it’s just that I’d rather not hear stories about how he and his friends run around the woods shooting at each other. That’s more of a father/son conversation.

Did I Miss Something?

Did I miss The Celebrity Apprentice last night? I think I did. I watched ER last night for the first time in three years. I have no idea whats going on but the woman who was an Alien on that short lived show Invasion is in charge of the ER now. She will always be an Alien to me. Boy #3 had an open house at a vocational school that he really, really wants to go to. So I was out last night. Now I have to go surf the net and find out what I missed.

Bring Me Chocolate! Bring Me Wine!

I’m going to officially go on record saying that the husband doesn’t have to take me out to eat on Valentines Day. I’ll let him off the hook this year. Besides, there is going to be so much on TV on Thursday nights, that I’ll be blogging my butt off on Fridays. He still has to buy me presents, booze and chocolate will work. I’ll leave the online shopping coupons on my computer screen all this week and discuss the joys of chocolate and full glass of wine. Chocolate Source can be found at the Coupon Chief site and so can That will be all I need along with full control of the remote!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

American Idol Frenzy

American Idol Review, Dallas:
We had a little bit of everything last night. Face painters, demonic eyes, against all odds stories, cowboys, contestants escorted out of the audition, those void of a personality, tears, shouts of joy, even this guy in the picture. Whose very own song he wrote all by himself is, sadly, stuck in my head.
So I have to ask, after all of that entertainment jamb packed into two hours of American Idol long awaited, off the charts Neilson rating, frenzy, why? Why in name of Zeus's butt hole does Fox feel it necessary to show us that other kookamonga guy's zip lock, sandwich size, baggie of his saved fingernails? And why the hell did this guy feel compelled to show the world what a moron he is? I would have preferred to live my life in blissful ignorance of that little factoid Fox decided to show us. And he and his fingernails are going to Hollywood.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Have a Question

I will have a new blog soon! I mentioned it on my other blog Farvel Cargo in a couple posts already and I thought I should mention it here too. After finding out that the husband has diabetes, I of course, decided I needed to start a blog on learning about diabetes. And at the same time the husband and I were trying to process all the information that was coming at us from several different directions, I won a contest at Computer Chit Chat, for my own domain name and a year of hosting. Would that be called fate? My master plan is all coming together. When I feel comfortable with my new blog , which will be named, and I can navigate my way around WordPress, I plan to move View of Sue and Farvel Cargo over to their own domain.
So I keep my eyes open and I ask questions, on the message boards and on my blogs. One of my main questions is, if you have multiple blogs do you host them at the same place or spread them around? I know that it’s smart to register your domain name and host in different places. That is in case you have a problem with one of the companies.
I’ve been searching around and I found some information I have questions about. What the hell is going on with Dreamhost? I know some of the bloggers I have conversed with over the past few months have it. Did you see this? Lunarpages Offer for DreamHost Customers because apparently Dreamhost customers have been over-charged. I would love to hear from some Dreamhost customers. Lunarpages customers too! I guess this would a perfect example of why you should spread your domain names and hosting around with different companies. Have I answered my own question?

American Idol Freaks

The freaks were out in full freakdum last night looking to be the next William Hung. And then there were the people that obviously have no one that loves them enough to stop them from going to the audition. We laugh at them like Paula and Randy did until they are done and then we see their faces. I find it more uncomfortable each year to watch the auditions. When there are, what, about 100,000 people showing up to audition, there has to be a camera crew assigned to "freak patrol." Where the sole purpose of their job is to find losers for the viewing audience to laugh at. I'm going to watch it again tonight.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Audio on my Blog

American Idol starts tonight! I just wanted to remind everyone. And there was nothing good on TV last night.I haven’t visited many blogs that have sound when you open there page. Is this on purpose? I’d like to hear from you if you have an opinion on this. It’s no secret that I’ve monetized my blog and the more money I can make while keeping my readers the better. I don’t want to piss off my readers though. If I sign up for Net Audio Ads my blog would have a 5 second audio advertisement playing for my visitors. It is a way for advertisers to target their 5 second audio ad to specific interests, demographics and geographic locations. I looked into this 5 second ad. It only plays once, there is no clicking and it doesn’t take up any space on your site. I’m leaning towards adding these ads to my blog. You get paid every time someone visits your website and they have a referral program. So I guess I’m looking for some input from my fellow bloggers. What do you think of 5 seconds of an audio ad on your blog? Would you or wouldn’t you do it?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Down to the Final Three Teams

The Amazing Race Review:
What a surprise. The team that can agree on absolutely nothing came in last this week. Even with a three hour lead over one of the teams. So we say good-bye to the whiny bitches Nate and Jen. They would have just fought over what to do with the millions dollars anyway.
The severely handicapped Hippies, TK and Rachel came in second. Behind by 3 hours, saddled with a speed bump and they still managed to finish before two teams securing a spot in the final three. Jen, the bitter one, wants to rip TK's dread-locks out of his head. And I think it was Chris or Nick that said they wanted to rip off TK's beard. Ohhh the thrill of competition.
The final episode is on next Sunday, January 20, 2008 at is regular time, 8:00 pm ET. But I can't find the information on if it will be longer than a hour. Survivor drags the final episode out, but I don't think The Amazing Race does.
I will update my post if I find anything out!

Lex and Terry's YawpBox

There is a new television show starting in March of 2008, it’s called YawpBox TV. Let me try to explain what I’ve found out so far. The ordinary person can share their life experiences with the world. Yep, it’s popular for people to film themselves, their friends and family and try to share it with the world. You can find yourself in a situation that must be filmed, we all have, then upload it to But wait, there’s more! It could end up on TV.
Your hosts of the new show are Lex and Terry. They will also challenge you creative people out there. This is your chance to show off your filming talents. Some of their challenges include: Reenacting you favorite Movie scene, show your best tattoo, make a commercial, cross-dress challenge and there’s more categories.
I’m excited about YawpBox. Boy #3 is showing great interest in filming, he received a video camera for Christmas. And he just so happens to have a very goofy brother to perhaps help him meet some of these challenges presented by Lex and Terry.You have to register with the site, upload your video and other user will rate your submission. So you can find out pretty quick if you’re doing a good job on filming. So I’ll be passing this information on to Boy #3 and looking forward to the start of the show in March.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I Watched The Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice Review:
Yeah, I watched it. I was going back and forth last night from my computer to Boy #3's computer. Dropping EntreCards from my computer and playing Sims 2 on his. Boy #3 has a TV right next to the computer so I put on Celebrity Apprentice. Basically because I have no life. They replayed episode 1 and 2 for us Saturday night. Guess what? Omarosa is still the ultimate, made for TV bitch. She plays the part wonderfully. There can't be a person in the entire world that likes her. People in third world countries without electricity hate her, she's that good at reality TV bitch.
She is way out of her league with these celebrities though. I will continue to watch just because I can't wait to see a Gene Simmons/Omarosa confrontation. Please let it be soon before Donald Trump fires Gene for being Gene. He's already pissed off The Donald by insulting his precious daughter.

I think NBC is using the word "Celebrity" loosely. Who are half these so called celebrities? I'm using air quotes too! Remember that cute little Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci? The one that won all those Gold Medals? Would you be able to recognize her if you past her on the street? Check out the picture, that's her. She's one of the celebrities or I should say was, The Donald fired her. But that was because she was on The Woman team with Omarosa. They will continue to lose as long as they have that cancer on their team. Did I mention Omarosa is a bitch?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Dude! Wash Your Hair

You would think if you were going to be on TV you would wash your hair, don’t you think? I’ve posted before about my late night channel surfing and that I always seem to end up on the Game Show channel. A contestant with greasy, slimy hair? Uhh there’s this product called shampoo, hello? There is even dry shampoo now. While watching this guy and wondering why he didn’t wash his hair for TV, I started thinking about when my dad was in the hospital for three months. See that’s why we need the writer’s strike to be over. So when I sit down at the end of the day I can loose myself in non-repeat television.
Anyway, my dad was in the hospital for three months, now I can’t go a day without washing my hair so I can never be hospitalized. Hospitals have what they call dry shampoo but it doesn’t work very well. My mom would wash dads hair with the stuff anyway, just imagine if we would have had Salon Grafix Spray Powder Shampoo, he would have been styling in that hospital bed.This coming week we can look forward to some new televisions shows and hopefully everyone will have clean hair. Except on LOST, they’re on a deserted island with a bunch of creepy people and limited supplies.

Ready for LOST

I'm almost done watching Season 3 of LOST again. Boy #1 and his fiance gave me the DVD set for Christmas. I'm such a LOST addict. I've started hitting the spoiler blogs pretty hard. I know where the spoilers are so I go to them. There is a poster called insiderscoop that will spill the entire episode that afternoon before it airs. I can't help myself. January 31st can't get here fast enough. Hopefully insiderscoop will still be in business this season. If you want to know where to find him leave me a comment!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Practice What You Preach

You would think I’d be reading more with the writer’s strike and all. But I haven’t lost myself in a book in quite some time. I blame it on the net. I use to frequent a book message board, but now I fear I am out of the loop. I have a small list of books that I really want to read but haven’t got around to them. My friend gave me another one to add to my list after talking to me during the holidays, it’s called Happy For No Reason by Marci Shimoff. I asked her, “Do I sound that down to you?”
“No, no, no, it just explains how to get rid of your negative thoughts and feelings.”
“Do I sound negative?” This is me giving her a hard time. And I did, she rolled her eyes.
Apparently Mariel Hemingway has a note in the book telling all on how The Sedona Method has changed her life. The Sedona Method gave this author, Marci Shimoff, the inspiration to write this book Happy For No Reason. I’m more of a fiction book person, but I guess I could be happier. Negativity gets in the way of success, this is what I tell my boys. I should practice what I preach.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dropping EntreCards

There wasn't much on the television sets in Ohio last night except the National Championship Game, LSU vs. Ohio State. Needless to say I was far from glued to the TV. I was on the computer dropping EntreCards. And Holy Crap has that "new blog thing" increased my traffic! It has an addictive quality to it and it's fun. I'm meeting new bloggers and getting an increase of comments left on my blogs too. Deciding which blogs to advertise on and who should advertise on mine. I tend to advertise only on the blogs that have the widget "above the fold", no scrolling involved. And this seems to be what most bloggers are doing.
Oh and I guess I've delayed this bit of information long enough, as if you don't know already Ohio State lost. You know, the National Championship Game - again.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Holy Shnikies!

The Amazing Race Review:
It was obvious that this was a non-elimination leg of the race, so I wasn't too concerned while watching this episode. The Hippies came in last, dead last, three hours behind everyone last. Their downfall the plane trip to Japan. They were the first to book a flight, but didn't get a non-stop flight like the other three teams.
Did Nate really say Holy Shnikies? About three times he did. Holy Shnikies look at all the flowers! Awesome. I don't want him and Jen to win but they're so damn fun to watch when things go wrong. Actually things don't have to go wrong, he just has to look at her wrong and it sets her off. I truly believe that Jen hates Nate with every fiber of her being.
Chris continued to drag her father through the race and Nick did the same with his grandfather. One of them is going to collapse before this race is over and then I will feel bad. I hate when my conscious creeps into my reviews.

Glenn Beck Has Returned

I didn't get my radio on until after 9:00 am, so I missed the beginning of Glenn's story. But I have been able to piece together some information while listening to his show this morning (he is broadcasting from his home) and watching his YouTube Video: Beck From The Dead. He went in for, as he calls it "Butt Surgery" and apparently something went terribly wrong, with the catheter I think. But I can't get access to the transcript of the shows first hour. I'm not a website subscriber. He is scheduled to be on his TV show tonight at 7:00 and 9:00 ET on CNN Headline News. I think I'll go set my recorder now! Hopefully I will have more information later.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Non-Repeat Television Looming in the Distance

I'm working on finding out when my favorite TV shows that I blog about are coming back with new episodes. You'd think they would plaster the information on the front page of their websites.
My Name is Earl is starting back January 10, 2008 at 8:00 pm. I've hardly watched it this year but at least I was able to find the return date.
The Office's site is telling me December 27, 2007. Doh! I guess they need to update.
Maybe I should try the TV Guide site.
Heroes is not airing in the next 14 days.
Survivor is starting Thursday, February 8, 2008. With one team consisting of past Survivors and I'm disappointed to find out that Jonny Fairplay is back, he makes me want to take a shower. He's just skeevy.
Then I can watch LOST after Survivor. LOST will start on January 31, 2008 at 9:00 pm and has been moved from Wednesday to Thursday. I'm not happy about that either.
American Idol will be starting on Tuesday, January 15 at 8:00 pm. The husband will actually watch the beginning with me because he likes to laugh at losers that think they can sing. I end up crying for some of them, we can never agree about TV.
I don't know when House is coming back, it conflicts with American Idol, they're on the same network and I can't remember what they did last year.
I'll find more information and post it!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Talk Radio Junkie

I am a talk radio junkie. But the radio has been off in my office because talk radio sucks during the holidays, everyone goes on vacation. I decided to give it a listen this morning and of course I missed something. So I've been searching the internet to find out what happened to Glenn Beck. Apparently he was in the hospital for five days and in a considerable amount of pain. But why, I don't know. If anyone has some information I would appreciate it. Until then I will continue my searching after I fix myself a sandwich.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Return of LOST, 29 Days To Go

I'm a LOST addict and I haven't seen a new episode since May. I was alright with the long hiatus for a few months but now I'm getting fidgety. Jonesin', I think is the word. The end of the hiatus is in site, January 31st, a Thursday! LOST is moving from Wednesday to Thursday, that's going to screw with my DVR recording schedule. But I guess TPTB got tired of competing with American Idol. From what I've been reading on the spoiler blogs, this season is going to be awesome!