Monday, January 14, 2008

Lex and Terry's YawpBox

There is a new television show starting in March of 2008, it’s called YawpBox TV. Let me try to explain what I’ve found out so far. The ordinary person can share their life experiences with the world. Yep, it’s popular for people to film themselves, their friends and family and try to share it with the world. You can find yourself in a situation that must be filmed, we all have, then upload it to But wait, there’s more! It could end up on TV.
Your hosts of the new show are Lex and Terry. They will also challenge you creative people out there. This is your chance to show off your filming talents. Some of their challenges include: Reenacting you favorite Movie scene, show your best tattoo, make a commercial, cross-dress challenge and there’s more categories.
I’m excited about YawpBox. Boy #3 is showing great interest in filming, he received a video camera for Christmas. And he just so happens to have a very goofy brother to perhaps help him meet some of these challenges presented by Lex and Terry.You have to register with the site, upload your video and other user will rate your submission. So you can find out pretty quick if you’re doing a good job on filming. So I’ll be passing this information on to Boy #3 and looking forward to the start of the show in March.

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