Sunday, September 30, 2007

I Got 10 Minutes

10 minutes before I have to go back to work on the house. We are siding our house ourselves. I've already had my husband to the emergency room twice. But we are saving money. There is so much more involved than just putting up siding and if I hear my husband say facia board one more time I'll scream. I don't know what the hell facia board is and at this point, don't want to.
I haven't watched much TV this weekend. My computer and I have been having an argument. The Amazing Race is usually on Sundays but I haven't heard anything about it, so I need to investigate.
My 10 minutes is up!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Dave's Backyard Barbecue is Almost Done

Maybe My Name is Earl and The Office are meant to be only half hour shows. Or maybe I was tired or, I know, I was taping Survivor and knew I was watching it after Earl and Office, but were they boring to anyone else but me? Sure it was funny when Joy kept twapping Randy in the head with a big rubber band and when Michael drove into Meredith in the parking lot. I kept looking at the clock wondering what was happening on Survivor.
So here's what happened on Survivor. Mud Wrestling. And lots of it. And a whole lot of those blurry spots on the television, because remember, these castaways are in their underwear. The Zhan Hu tribe lost the immunity challenge again. And the voting off came down between Dave and Ashley, who had been fighting constantly at the Zhan Hu camp. Dave, the appointed leader, decided to make an elaborate fire pit and the rest of the tribe couldn't combined enough brain cells together and get themselves to start a temporary fire to cook up some rice while waiting for Dave's Backyard Barbecue to be finished. So Ashley just bitched about the situation instead. Which proved to be a fatal mistake. Stick a fork in her pierced lip, she's done.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Me, My Husband and House

One of the few TV shows that my husband and I agree on is House. My Husband is a History Channel kind of guy, grounded firmly in reality. He refuses to be entertained by freaky islands, super powers and people trying to win a million dollars by eating bugs. Thank God for DVR.

Tuesday night we were both very much looking forward to the House Season Premier. The forces of nature were against us. Earlier that evening I had my drivers side window shattered (explanation saved for another post at another time) we had several phone calls asking if I was okay. A storm was also brewing. Our Direct TV satellite dish doesn't react to blowing wind and rain well. It's something to do with 3 degrees and the trees being too tall, we might need to add a pole to the dish, yada yada, we lose the signal.

We lost the signal. And then the power went out. Rain started coming into the addition that my husband is building on the to back of the house. So reviewing this episode is not going to happen. I need someone to review it for me! How did House get his guitar back? Who took it hostage? Wilson,right? Wasn't he great in this episode? Do we really need the "team" back?

Did I call Dancing With The Stars right or what?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Da Ta Dada Da! Dancing With The Stars

The hit parade of dance has begun! At least that's what Bruno tells us. I don't know over half of those stars. The professional dancers are more famous than the "stars". My brother-in-law watches Dancing With the Stars because the professional women dancers "are hot". He's watching for a wardrobe malfunction.
I was wildly entertained anyway. I enjoy this show. I'm not glued to the TV, I missed a few dances, but Dancing With The Stars knows how to overdo recaps. I am a little upset that I missed seeing Max yesterday, he's hot. I barely saw Wayne Newton, I was watching House by then. But Wayne Newton sort of reminded me of Frankenstein. You know he's had a lot of work done and he lumbered around the dance floor with his arms stretched out and his professional dancer, is it Cheryl I think, sort of danced around him as if to say, "Look what I have created."
My bets on who goes home, hmmmm...... I didn't see Mark Cuban dance, but I don't think he has much of a fan base, I don't think people like him. So it's him or that model chick with the really pissed off professional dancer Alec.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Review of Heroes

Oh look, more sub-titles. There is a Mexican couple trying to get to New York and they are scared. Apparently the women has a "super power" and it ain't pretty. But enough of the new people. What the hell? Nathan and Peter Petrelli fly into the sky in the season finale last May and blow up. We wait for the season premier and they come back telling us it's 4 months later? But.......
Everyone has got on with their lives and one of the guys that blew up is a drunk, Nathan. But....... Ummm............
Claire and her family are secretly relocated in a California Suburb and she is told to not stand out. That means don't die and come back to life in front of anyone. Oh and don't become a cheerleader, but she sooo wants to you can tell. You can't take the cheerleader out that girl!
Matt and Mohinder are raising that creepy little girl that they saved last season. Creepy girls teacher shows Matt creepy pictures that creepy girl drew. And the teacher obviously thinks that it is completely normal for a man that is not related to the creepy little girl to be taking care of her. Don't they train teachers about stuff like that?
Hiro went and transported himself back in time. Way back in time, to the owner of that damn sword who is an Englishman. Whatever. Someone needs to get a hold of him and tell him the world is already saved and New York is not blown up, and they should probably tell him his dad is dead. Poor Sulu, he finally got a steady gig since Star Trek and they throw him off a roof.

Monday, September 24, 2007

What is That Smell?

My son brought his laundry home yesterday, the problem is he still lives at home. He's still in High School, but practicing for college life, I guess. From the time my boys could walk they were taught to put their dirty clothes in the hamper. This intensive laundry training program worked on two out of three boys. Boy #2 can't grasp the whole pick up after yourself concept and I blame his father, who has the same problem. I even gave the kid his very own hamper. So I let the dirty clothes lie on his bedroom floor. When I start to hear, "Mom, I don't have any socks." My response is, "Look on your floor." Eventually an overflowing hamper emerges from his bedroom. I don't see the weeks pile of clothing first, I smell it.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I Have a Suggestion for Survivor

Maybe instead of giving out Buffs to each tribe member give them a t-shirt. Because if you are going to send them off into the jungle with just the clothes on there backs you might want to make sure some of them stay covered up. I'm just sayin`. There are few tribe members that need to have a shirt on at all times.
Does it make for good TV when my son and I have to look away from the television? And just say, "Ahhhh!"
I can't remember any of the Survivor contestants names except for Chicken and he got voted out. He was really pissed too! That was the first time that I remember someone actually voicing their opinion when getting voted off. "Damn!" He didn't go off with a fake smile. Way to go Chicken!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Survivor Starts Tonight!

I caught the first season of Survivor halfway through. I was flipping around the channels and said, "What the heck is this?" I was hooked and so is boy #3. We've dilligently watched every season and are looking forward to Survivor China. I haven't read anything about it or searched for information. No spoilers for this show! I mention that because I'm also a LOST addict, but totally spoiled for that show. In fact on The I can find out what happens in the entire episode the afternoon before it airs. Insiderscoop posts the whole episode. Or I should say his/hers post from another board is posted on The Fuse. I know the information is there so I have to go find out, no self control!
So expect weekly posts on Survivor.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Super Glue Drama

Rarely do I have a need for a handheld bottle opener. Life has been simplified over the years. If you want beer in the bottle you twist off the cap. And that's the way it should be. Not with Heiniken, you have to use a bottle opener for God's sake.
Our bottle opener has a magnet on it so we can keep it stuck to the refrigerator. We would never be able to find it if it wasn't magnetized. The magnet fell off Sunday. Tuesday I got around to fixing it, this is when the drama began.
I always tell myself, "I'm going to be careful this time." On the phone with my mother I decided to multi-task. Gossip and super glue don't mix! I got the dreaded concoction on my counter and just about all of my finger tips. I couldn't hang up the phone because then it would be stuck to me. I jabbered on with my mom while trying to clean the mess. The trick is to just put the lid on the damn tube before things get out of hand and then work from there.
I sat down with my husband to watch the Cleveland Indians game, then decide to get ready for bed. My super glue drama wasn't over. As I mentioned almost all my finger tips were affected in the incident. Huh. I took my contacts out with my pinkies.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Husbands Fashion Sense

Uhh, there isn't any. Today I stopped him from walking out of the house in black pants and a navy blue shirt, again! So we went over the fact that they don't match, again. I found him a matching shirt. He had to go through the whole "don't get deodorant lines on the shirt" process again, which had him grumbling. Why can he not retain the no navy and black policy of men's fashion? I remember when my kids where little and I bought garanimal clothing for them. Do they still have them? I think that whole concept of matching tops and bottoms together needs to be directed towards men. Something that will help when the clothing items get to their own closet!

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Magic Lightbulb

It really doesn't take a lot of inspiration for me to post a blog. Two weeks ago I had, what I thought was, a burned out lightbulb. In the bathroom above the medicine cabinet we have the six round decorative lightbulb fixture thingy. With new lightbulb in hand I started to unscrew the burned out, decorative lightbulb, it went back on! Huh! It will live to see another day. The past two weeks my lightbulb and I have been playing this game. I could have just thrown it out but who am I to decide it's time to go? If it wanted to try and provide light for me and my family as long as it could, I'm not going to stop it.
My Magic Lightbulb lost it's fight on Saturday, September 15, 2007. My it Rest In Peace.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Where Did I Go Wrong?

One of them is mine and I don't think I will say which. There is no Halloween Party the two screwballs are going to a high school football game. I think also competing for Senior Class Clown. He use to play on the football team now he's decided to be the crazy fan. I'll let you know if he wins Class Clown!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Big Fluffy Slippers

The temperature has gone down here in Northeast Ohio. So much so that I got out my Big Fluffy Slippers. Saturday we were dripping in sweat while working on the house, today my feet are cold. The windows are open and the air conditioner is off.
I have a smart dog. It doesn't take her long to figure things out. I walked around the house all summer barefoot. So when I put on a pair of sandals she knows that
A. She's going on a walk.
B. She's going for a car ride. Or
C. She's getting put in her cage because I'm going alone but at least she's getting a treat!
All of these options are acceptable to her. I think the not knowing for sure is what gets her so excited.
I put my Big Fluffy Slippers on and totally threw her for a loop. She gave them a look and her ears perked up. She attacked my feet! I am now walking around the house in, what my dog thinks, two big chew toys.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Words I Like to Say

Hehe! Gorgonzola! It's a cheese and I really don't like it very much but I like to say it. "Can I have gorganzola cheese on my salad please." hehe Also the second basemen on the Cleveland Indians name is Asdrubal Cabrera. That's fun to say. Asdrubal.
Let me tell you what else is fun. Watching someone trying to say Massachusetts. Someone that can't say it but keeps trying.
Sometimes you have to make your own fun!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Let's Talk About This Dog Again

We were told she is more than likely a Shepherd/Terrier mix. We've had her since January. Now is there something inbred in a dog that makes them have to hide dog bones? All of a sudden I mean. Are they like squirrels in the Fall season and the have to hide food? Or has she been watching the squirrels and thinks that's what she is suppose to do?
Every evening when she's settling down for the night we give her a rawhide bone. The past few days she has been wandering around the house with this bone hanging out of her mouth, desperately looking for a hiding place. She tries to get behind the TV, she sticks it in the couch cushions, laundry basket and closets. Seriously, is this a seasonal thing? She's driving me crazy!

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Crabby MarketPlace

I blogged about this site at My Space, but I thought it was worth repeating:
I am a member of The Crabby Host Forum and I have been since beginning of July of this year. The site is filled with information on how to make your online stores a success. Whether you have an online auction store such as eBay, eCrater, PlunderHere, IWAC and so many more to your own website.
Being a member of
The Crabby Host entitles you to advertise your online store for FREE at The Crabby MarketPlace and we are gearing up to promote for the Holiday season. So remember, FREE to join the Forum and FREE to submit one online store! Join us in the Holiday Rush!
Now that that has been said, I really should get listing some new items.
Here are the links to my online stores:
Farvel Cargo we have tools and gadgets, Gifts for the guys from $1.00 to $150.00. A lot of items under $10.00 - stocking stuffers!
Farvel Clearance here you can find PokeMon Trading Cards, new and used clothing, and much more!
Farvel T-Shirts these are the t-shirts you can find in the right column of this blog. Funny notes "pinned" to the back of a T-Shirt.
I promise to be funny tomorrow!

Friday, September 7, 2007

I listen to Glenn Beck.

Of course nothing is easy! I started listening to Glenn Beck when WTAM in Cleveland put him on the air. It was the day after 9/11 and everyone was looking for news. He grew on me! I admit I didn't like him at first. But now he's part of my morning routine. Then WTAM decided we wanted to listen to Jerry Springer instead. Hey, thanks so much WTAM for telling me what I like, not!
I now listen to Glenn Beck on WHLO in Akron. Let me explain my listening experience to you. Have you ever seen the movie Signs? Really good movie by the way, go see it if you haven't and do it now because the rest of this post will not make sense to you. You know the part in Signs when they use the baby monitor to pick up the Aliens communicating? Think of that sound for just a minute...............
That is what I hear when I listen to Glenn Beck on WHLO. About once a week the geek in me has to say, "No, the aliens aren't coming, it's just a bad signal." Now I am happy that WHLO picked up the Glenn Beck Show so I can listen to him and the aliens. If I wasn't so cheap I could listen to him online by becoming an "insider" on his website. But don't you think in the year 2007, with all the technological marvels we've experienced, that I should be able to get a radio station to sound clearer, with no alien static?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Full Chirp Mode

Ahhh the sound of crickets chirping, relaxing isn't it? No, not when that sound is coming from inside your house. Boy #3 has a Leopard Gecko and it (Sid) eats live crickets. He must hunt! Or she we are not sure. Usually when we buy them, okay when I go to PETsMART and ask, "Can I have 2 dozen large crickets please?" They aren't large enough to chirp yet. And they remain quietly in their cricket keeper until their time is up. Once in awhile we get one or two that is in full chirp mode. And we don't find out they are in full chirp mode until the middle of the night. These crickets, that are in full chirp mode, have unwittingly won their freedom. They are set free into the wild. Boy #3 will not feed them to Sid. Why you ask? If Sid doesn't hunt them down right away they will keep Boy #3 awake.
I have a message board I hang out called
It is for online sellers and this site is filled with helpful and fun people who have tons of advice and information for online sellers. Come hang out with me!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Are you a 24 fan? Sorry if you are!

Last year I watched way too much TV! It was the first full "Fall Season" that we had TiVo and I went overboard. I recorded everything! Two shows at a time! What did I do before TiVo? LOST, Survivor, Heroes, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, oh what else? Oh, Amazing Race, My Name is Earl, The Office, House and 24. Whew.... that's a lot of TV. My husband doesn't like any of these shows, except maybe My Name is Earl. He's a History Channel kind of guy. And he makes fun of me for watching repeats!
I have decided to make a concentrated effort to watch less TV and I think I will start with 24. It's getting old and I don't know how much more poor Jack can take or if I want to watch him take much more. There has to be someone else out there that can save the world, let that poor guy have a vacation.