Thursday, September 6, 2007

Full Chirp Mode

Ahhh the sound of crickets chirping, relaxing isn't it? No, not when that sound is coming from inside your house. Boy #3 has a Leopard Gecko and it (Sid) eats live crickets. He must hunt! Or she we are not sure. Usually when we buy them, okay when I go to PETsMART and ask, "Can I have 2 dozen large crickets please?" They aren't large enough to chirp yet. And they remain quietly in their cricket keeper until their time is up. Once in awhile we get one or two that is in full chirp mode. And we don't find out they are in full chirp mode until the middle of the night. These crickets, that are in full chirp mode, have unwittingly won their freedom. They are set free into the wild. Boy #3 will not feed them to Sid. Why you ask? If Sid doesn't hunt them down right away they will keep Boy #3 awake.
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