Monday, September 17, 2007

The Magic Lightbulb

It really doesn't take a lot of inspiration for me to post a blog. Two weeks ago I had, what I thought was, a burned out lightbulb. In the bathroom above the medicine cabinet we have the six round decorative lightbulb fixture thingy. With new lightbulb in hand I started to unscrew the burned out, decorative lightbulb, it went back on! Huh! It will live to see another day. The past two weeks my lightbulb and I have been playing this game. I could have just thrown it out but who am I to decide it's time to go? If it wanted to try and provide light for me and my family as long as it could, I'm not going to stop it.
My Magic Lightbulb lost it's fight on Saturday, September 15, 2007. My it Rest In Peace.

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Puteri said...

Thank for the link. :-) I've got you on my blogroll now.

I have a nightlight that goes on and off on me too. One of these days I may just chuck it into the trash can! It's hard to grope about in the dark after you just turned out the light and then remembers you still need to get up to do something.