Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jesus! Celebrity Family Feud?

I voluntarily watched Joan Rivers last night on Celebrity Family Feud. What the hell is wrong with me? Gah!!! Clearly I have too much time on my hands. Four different "families" played for charity. We will use the word family loosely, because if they needed exposure they were part of the family. Wayne Newton seems to relish in the celebrity roll since appearing on Dancing With The Stars or likes to embarrass himself. And he still has no eyelids. He and Joan Rivers are a walking billboard for "the gruesome effects of too much plastic surgery."
Ice "T", his family and his wife's boobs were on the show too. The very first question asked was, "Name something that is slippery and hard to hold on too." The answer that Ice "T" gave, had to be bleeped out. Nice. Did I mention his 16 year old son was playing? Oh and his mother-in-law?
After watching Celebrity Family Feud one has wonder if the actors going on strike might be a good thing.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Paradise By The Dashboard Light

Quite possibly the greatest album of all time, at least according to me. I've been listening to Bat Out Of Hell since I was a kid. I had the album, had the cassette and now the CD and I will buy whatever is next. Unless of course Meat Loaf continues to ruin the songs one by one with mobile phone commercials.
Boy #2 had my car over the weekend, he used up my gas and rearranged my CD's. I couldn't find my mix CD so I popped Bat Out Of Hell in the CD player, I hadn't listened to it in a while. When I heard Paradise By The Dashboard Light that stupid commercial stuck in my head, gaaah! Meat Loaf, buddy it's a classic, not meant to sell Go Phones. Sell Go Phones door to door if you have to, work at McDonalds to make a living but leave Bat Out Of Hell the classic album that it is, alone.
Paradise By The Dashboard Light is ruined for me forever, damn.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Reality TV: Okay That's Enough

Hey, I'm a Reality TV fan, really. But damn. Celebrity Circus? Please, stop the madness. I watched a whole painful hour of that show. (I missed the first half hour because Boy #2 talked me into watching the movie Crank. Not a movie for a mother and her son, plus a his girlfriend to be watching together. I'm not going to talk about it.)
Celebrity Circus, and they use the word celebrity loosely, has about six or seven "celebrities" performing circus acts and they are judged by a know-it-all, uptight, woman acrobat with some kind of accent, some guy in the middle and a gay guy. Peter Brady broke his arm in training, some other woman broke her rib and Joey Fatone, our host, asked them, "why go on?"
"So we can get a great job like you got Joey, after you were on Dancing With The Stars. Look at you all dressed up in a red coat with tails and a top hat."
Okay so they didn't say that. They stressed how they didn't quit and stuff. I can't watch this anymore. I worried about Peter Brady falling on his head and I'm a little tired of seeing Rachel Hunter on every Reality TV show that comes down the pike. And what the hell happened to Antonio Sabato, Jr.'s career that he has to be on Celebrity Circus?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Let's Move an Island, It'll Be Fun

By now if you are a LOST fan you've seen the final 2 hour episode. So you don't need me to tell you what happened. But you do need to know what I thought of it. Any LOST episode is worth the price of admission to me, if Sawyer has his shirt off. Which he did. Oh................. Baby. He jumped off the "losing fuel" helicopter to lighten the load so the rest of the passengers could get to the safety of the freighter that was about to blow up. He lost his blood splattered shirt on his swim back to the beach where he found Juliette chugging a bottle of Dharma Rum and staring at the blown up freighter. She was bummed, she's never getting off Craphole Island and she knows it.
The six that did get off the island apparently have to go back, Jack was right, according to Ben. In the flash-forwards we get to see Claire and she orders Kate not to bring Aaron back. So you can safely bet the farm that Kate will. Hurley is comfortable in the mentally challenged house playing chess with an invisible Mr. Eko, it was good to almost see him again, when Sayid creeps in after killing someone that was watching the place. Sayid tells Hurley they are leaving for somewhere safe. The safety and comfort of his tent on Craphole Island I'm sure of it. Locke is the person in the coffin and I didn't see that coming until I read the spoilers a couple days before the episode, whoa. I was sure it was going to be Michael, but he was blown up instead, after Jacks dead father told him he could go now.
Ben successfully moved the island as you can see in the picture, see that big empty ocean? Thats where the island use to be. Doh! And Ben was really pissed at Jacob the Invisible. Because Jacob the Invisible is the one that came up with the great idea to move the island. The one that moves it can't come back - Ben.

I plan on harping on this 2 hour season finale a few times over the summer, into the fall and part of the winter, until we can see the new season of LOST. Trust me there is enough blogging material from this last season to get me through the long freakin wait.