Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dancing With The Stars Finale

Hey Brooke Whatshername won Dancing With The Stars. She's who I would have voted for if I still voted. But I haven't voted since Mr. Do Wap Diddy Do kept lumbering around the dance floor a few seasons ago.
Again I'd like to thank Dancing With The Stars for entertaining the hell out of me and bringing re-cap shows to a whole new level. There is no way you can miss anything on this show because they know how to re-cap until you're cross-eyed.
I watched just about the whole two hour season finale, usually I just watch the last 4 minutes of the results show, but being the finale, I thought it warranted my full attention. I dropped a few EntreCards during Miley Cyrus, not even sure if I spelled that right and don't even care.
I managed to watch House last night also, record NCIS and Fringe, watched Fringe this afternoon and will watch NCIS with the husband this evening. And I wonder why I have no clean socks.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Fake Immunity Idol

Well Randy didn't see that coming, but the editors of Survivor made sure that everyone else on God's green earth did. I have to give kudos to Bob for making such a convincing fake Immunity Idol. Who wouldn't have thought it was real?
I confess I would have liked to see Randy win. Mainly because he decided not to kiss anyone's butt and he irritated Crystal - a lot. I'm not a Crystal fan. Crystal did make me laugh when she spouted off at Tribal Council during the voting. She elected to shout out her reason for voting for Randy instead of secretly whispering. Never saw that before. I can't think of anyone left that I want to win, they are all pretty much annoying. If I had to pick I guess I would go with Kenny, he's playing a good game.

Monday, November 17, 2008

That's What She Said

You really have to be an Office fan to get this little clip, but I had to post it because it was really funny. Poor Pam is feeling home sick. Jim is wearing a Blue Tooth ear phone so Pam can hear everything in The Office that's she's missing. And she grabbed a "That's What She Said." It was great!

Have a few questions after watching the latest episodes this season:
1. Why is Angela marrying Andy?
2. Why did Ryan want to get back with Kelly?
3. Why did Toby leave?

Those are a few things I don't understand.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Susan Lucci Never Got Jiggy Wit It.

When Susan Lucci got the boot off Dancing With the Stars last week you would have thought she won a major award. Samatha Harris asked Susan the standard yada yada what do you take from this experience yada yada question. And then the acceptance speech started. Susan grabbed on to the Samatha's microphone with both hands and thanked everyone. I didn't hear a word she said because I was fixated on that microphone. Susan Lucci had it in both hands but Samatha wasn't going to give it up, she held on and never let it go. You could see all three hands with a white knuckled, firm grip. I found a rather long clip on YouTube, but you can fast forward to almost the middle to see what I'm talking about:

It was truly time for Susan Lucci to go. She was never going to be able to get jiggy wit it, bust a move, get her groove on.................she sucked at dancing, really.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Survivor Season 17

You have to wonder after 17 seasons of Survivor why these contestants continually get surprised when they are dumped off on an island with only the clothes on their backs. They have on suits and ties or they’re in a skirt and blouse. Stuck for the duration with office wear in the jungle. Haven’t they seen the show before? Put on a pair of tactical pants guys!
I haven’t posted on Survivor this season, partly because there were too many names to remember. But now as they dwindle down I’m ready to post. Marcus was voted off tonight, making him the first member of the jury. Charlie is going to be pissed and Susie is toast. I wanted Ace to win but he was voted off last week. Now I think I’m rooting for that SOB Randy, he’s cracking me up.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Comic Relief Has Left The Ballroom.

It is done, the comic relief has left the ballroom. No longer must we watch Dancing With The Stars cringing and waiting for those brittle bones to break. Or seeing good dancers leave to watch Cloris Leachman wander around the dance floor.
I look forward to enjoying the hour and a half show tonight and then waiting 2 days, because of election coverage, to see who gets the next ticket home.