Thursday, November 6, 2008

Survivor Season 17

You have to wonder after 17 seasons of Survivor why these contestants continually get surprised when they are dumped off on an island with only the clothes on their backs. They have on suits and ties or they’re in a skirt and blouse. Stuck for the duration with office wear in the jungle. Haven’t they seen the show before? Put on a pair of tactical pants guys!
I haven’t posted on Survivor this season, partly because there were too many names to remember. But now as they dwindle down I’m ready to post. Marcus was voted off tonight, making him the first member of the jury. Charlie is going to be pissed and Susie is toast. I wanted Ace to win but he was voted off last week. Now I think I’m rooting for that SOB Randy, he’s cracking me up.

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Patricia said...

What about devious little Sugar who has the immunity idol and builds up her strength eating goodies every time she is sent to Exile Island?