Monday, November 10, 2008

Susan Lucci Never Got Jiggy Wit It.

When Susan Lucci got the boot off Dancing With the Stars last week you would have thought she won a major award. Samatha Harris asked Susan the standard yada yada what do you take from this experience yada yada question. And then the acceptance speech started. Susan grabbed on to the Samatha's microphone with both hands and thanked everyone. I didn't hear a word she said because I was fixated on that microphone. Susan Lucci had it in both hands but Samatha wasn't going to give it up, she held on and never let it go. You could see all three hands with a white knuckled, firm grip. I found a rather long clip on YouTube, but you can fast forward to almost the middle to see what I'm talking about:

It was truly time for Susan Lucci to go. She was never going to be able to get jiggy wit it, bust a move, get her groove on.................she sucked at dancing, really.


Patricia said...

She obviously should have practiced dancing more than she practiced accepting awards all those years.

Sue said...

I really don't think practicing would have helped her! LOL!!