Monday, November 17, 2008

That's What She Said

You really have to be an Office fan to get this little clip, but I had to post it because it was really funny. Poor Pam is feeling home sick. Jim is wearing a Blue Tooth ear phone so Pam can hear everything in The Office that's she's missing. And she grabbed a "That's What She Said." It was great!

Have a few questions after watching the latest episodes this season:
1. Why is Angela marrying Andy?
2. Why did Ryan want to get back with Kelly?
3. Why did Toby leave?

Those are a few things I don't understand.


quarter-life lady. said...

1. Angela is a sick, sad woman. She is happier with Dwight, but she likes to stick to her guns, so she won't officially get back with him.
2. Ryan only wants to get back with Kelly because he sees her as forbidden fruit. He wants to take her from Darryl because after getting his top dog position taken from him, he wants to feel that he can be a top dog again, in some capacity.
3. I don't know why Toby left. But I miss him.

Connect with your teens said...

I'll answer in reverse order since they go from easier to harder that way.
1. Toby left because he is in love with Pam and couldn't stand seeing her anymore when he couldn't have her.
2. Ryan got back with Kelly because Daryl found her desirable enough to go out with. Did you see Ryan's face when Daryl happily let Kelly go?

3. Why Angela is marrying Andy is the toughest question. I think it is partly because she is very proper he fits the pedigree of the type of person she should be with and the other part is to punish Dwight further for killing her cat.