Monday, May 30, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen was that boring or what?

I guess I should post one last review of Dancing With The Stars lack luster final. I'm really not sure if anyone is reading this but I'll do it anyway.
Here's the thing, I think Kirstie has a bigger fan base than Hines Ward but I couldn't vote for after seeing that God awful cartwheel that had no place in a Dancing With The Stars Final and I don't think I was alone on this, just look for yourself:

So I didn't vote for her. And I don't think I'm alone when I say, again, I can't stand Mark Ballas. I'm sad for Maks not getting his Mirror Ball Trophy but he really needs to step it up with his final freestyle dances. Get flashy like a Broadway Show, their costumes didn't even have any sequence on them. Kirstie looked like a monk at first and then she took her brown robe off, they looked they were dressed for rehearsal. Very disappointing. Maks just never delivers on the last dance, the dance that counts. You'd think he'd have learned by now.
A new season starts in September and of course I'll be watching. This season had a nice bunch of stars with no ringer, but it was still apparent who the judges wanted in the finals. I've learned to just be entertained by the dancing and ignore the judges. It's just a stupid Mirror Ball Trophy.
Hopefully I can continue to post on this blog through the summer. I'm going to try to catch the reruns of Raising Hope, I saw a few episodes of it and it's really funny.
I have 2 blogs, that I blog for and I'm trying to get published. But I'd rather be writing than almost anything.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen this is getting dangerous!

I'm going to post the video of that Pittsburgh Steeler trying to break Kim Johnson's neck, very scary and hard to watch. They will probably win the Giant Mirror Ball Trophy now. I would like to see Kim win but not a Pittsburgh Steeler. If he wasn't on that damn team I would vote for them. I'm trying to decide if their perfect scores were sympathy 10's or if they deserved them, but I'm so anti-Pittsburgh Steeler I just can't make the call.

Here is the video:

There is no way they will be going home tonight. I think Ralph is done, that's my prediction. I really want to see Mark go. Go, go, go. Before I hit you in the face. I'm sure he will be around for the finals, damn. Kirstie and Maks have a huge fan base and should come in third.

So the Pittsburgh Steeler gets the Giant Mirror Ball Trophy, cute little Disney Star Chelsea Kane who got stuck with "what the hell is he on?" Mark, he yelled at her in rehearsal, will be second. Pretty sure Kirstie third and the Karate Kid goes home tonight. I could be wrong, if I am, I'll be surprised.

Now let's get to the real fun last night. How many people over the age of, let's say 10, need to have the concept of a coin toss explained to them? Really Brooke Burke, how many?

Is there a female equivalent of Tom Bergeron out there? I think not. But is there someone just a little bit smarter than Brooke, yes. Dancing With The Stars, please go find her.
And then Bruno got bleeped. I think he went too far, this is a family show Bruno! You can tell Karina was offended and pissed.

I usually don't watch much of the "Somebodies going home tonight" Tuesday episode, actually just the last 5 minutes. I especially won't be watching tonight because Cheryl and Nick Lachey, I don't even care if I spelled his last name right, are dancing their stupid Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy dance again, Gah!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen We're Down to 5

I'm just not going to vote anymore. I'm happy with this final 5 but can not cast another vote. At this moment I don't care who wins the Giant Mirror Ball, they are all just about even, I'm okay with the chips falling as they may.
There is no way I can vote for a Pittsburgh Steeler. I was raised to hate them, I am a Cleveland fan. I know, one of the hardest things in the world to do is be a Cleveland Browns fan but I'm stuck with this legacy. I blame my ancestors for migrating to Northeast Ohio and staying here. Thereby sealing my fate, destine to cheer on losing teams for all eternity.
I'm not going to vote for the over dancing Mark, cause I hate him, as I've said before, sorry Chelsea.
How can I justify voting for someone rolling on the floor in pain? Ralph's day are numbered and I'm not going to be part of the crowd that feels sorry for him and votes for him to stay in the stupid competition and be a part of the reason he becomes crippled. Can't do that to the Karate Kid, who for some reason has decided to finally do something with his hair and use guy-liner the last 2 dances.
Um, when I saw Kirstie bounce down the stairs in practice I decided as much as I love to watch Maks, I have YouTube. Let's put them both out of their misery. Something didn't sit right with me after watching them last night, something changed in their relationship/partnership. Maybe Kirstie hit her head, I don't know but that's all the speculating I'm going to do.
And then I really had to sit and think who is the 5th dancer and celebrity? Oh that Romeo kid and whatshername. I wouldn't mind if they won it all just to piss off Mark. Muh ha ha.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What the hell is he doing?

Ladies and Gentlemen this is Dancing With the Stars. We only have 6 couples left and if I had to say, if I had to be forced to say who I thought would be the winner of the Big Giant Mirror Ball Trophy it would probably be Hines Ward. Blah, the Pittsburgh Steeler. I can't see Kendra winning, she has to be alienating more and more fans each week. Men can fart on TV, women can't. That's the rules, I don't make them up but I adhere to them. Who is voting for her?
Kirstie is running out of steam. With two dances the rest of the way I just don't think Maks has the strength to drag her around the dance floor much longer. But she does look good. I just watched their first dance on YouTube and she's visibly thinner. But she is 60.
I feel bad for Chelsea Kane, she has Mark as a partner and his an idiot. He over dances her and doesn't need to, she's good. I don't want him and his attitude to win, sorry Chelsea.
Romeo didn't do very well with his scores last night and I think either he or Kendra will go home tonight. And then we have Ralph who's on again, off again. On for the ballroom dances and off for the Latin dances. If he gets his hips moving he could win but I doubt it.

So tell me Mark Ballas, what is going on here after your got your scores and were not happy with them? What are you doing there with your hand?