Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Is That Wrong?

House Review:
House is great. My husband and I love to watch him insult people. Is that wrong? I don't know the medical name for the patient of the episodes aliment so I'll try to describe it. The poor guy doesn't know who he is and his blood is too thick, like sludge. So they have to keep him in a hot tub. And of course run thousands of tests. He has some kind of disorder that has him mimicking the "strong alpha dominating person in the room" or whoever is there by themselves. So all the crazy doctors that want to work for House learn a little bit about themselves this week. Foreman is back working with House, they complete each other. LOL! They will make each other miserable, should be fun to watch.

It's Always Been a Popularity Contest

Dancing With the Stars Review:
I wasn't able to watch live. My husband and I watch House, which was awesome last night, so I watched my recorded Dancing With the Stars elimination show at 6:30 am this morning. But I had to find out who got voted out, so I went to the message boards. Yes, Sabrina getting the axe was a huge surprise and she definitely didn't deserve to go, but if you have been watching long enough you know this is a part talent and a part popularity contest. It's wildly entertaining and if you say you won't watch anymore, I don't believe you.
Now on with the review. Jane Seymour has food poisoning so Tony had to dance by himself in the group dance, yeah that was the encore performance. He also stood alone under the lights and was the second to find out he and Jane were safe. So were Max and Mel and I'm convinced that my voting for them made all the difference. I think Dancing With the Stars got excellent ratings when Marie Osmond fainted, because they are trying to make her faint again and she seemed a little less bubbly this week. Tom Bergeron was just about to tell Marie Osmond and Jonathan if they were safe and Sam sent us to commercial. And thank you so very much Barry Manilow for sticking Mandy in my head for, I'm sure, several days.
Who, besides me, is wondering just a little bit if the stars know they are going home before the show starts? Sabrina looked upset the whole show. I'm just saying. Anyone wondering that?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

They Judges Were in a Good Mood, All of Them!

Dancing With the Stars Review:
It seemed like all the judges were in a good mood last night. Or they just like all the stars that are left. They were really careful to tell Jane Seymour she sucked in a nice way. Mel and Max got a perfect 30 and we were told they only practiced for 6 hours. I voted for them again. I didn't get my alloted amount of votes in, this time I run out of time in my time zone. Huh. Jane and Marie Osmond should be in the red lights tonight. Marie Osmond has a huge fan base, so I think Jane Seymour will go.

More Sub-Titles?

Heroes Review:
Oh Dear God another language of subtitles. Ukranian. We had the Japanese subtitles going and the Mexicans were in this episode, why don't they just write a book? You can call me lazy, go ahead. I read all day, by the time I sit down at night I'm tired and just want to be entertained with people and their superpowers.
If you didn't see this episode and you want to know what happened leave a comment or check back later. Because right now I'm a little anti-heroes right now.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Boring Weekend of TV

I settled on watching Crash Saturday night. I'm not really sure what it was about, except a bunch of racist. Late at night on the Game Show Channel I watched Chain Reaction and Lingo. I like word games. But all and all I was reaching there with the game shows. There was nothing on. I did see a commercial telling us the The Amazing Race is starting this coming up weekend, Nov. 4, 2007. Last I checked it wasn't starting until February. Huh.
I hope Dancing With the Stars entertains the hell out of me tonight, I'm sure it will! I hope no one faints this week.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Got the TV on the Weekend

My husband has to work tonight. I have two movies recorded for an evening such as this. Crash and The Punisher. I just have to decide which one. If anyone would like to suggest one or the other be my guest.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Object is to Win

Survivor Review:
Oh for goodness sakes another challenge is being thrown. And wow it doesn't look obvious at all. Let me ask you something. Sure it's great to win a reward challenge, but immunity it where it's at, right? When you have to sit out people for challenges and they can't sit they same person out twice, wouldn't you sit out, for immunity, the one person that continually lets you down, would blow away with a big gust of wind and is an idiot? Sit Courtney's ass down for reward challenges. How is she still there?
Jean-Robert thinks he's in control of the game, because he's a poker player and can read people, he must not be very observant because an immunity idol was found right in front of him and he doesn't know anything about it. Todd is running the game at the moment and he has the numbers on his side, including the clueless Jean-Robert.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Should We Try to Figure out More of Heroes?

There's a love triangle brewing in ancient Japan between Hiro, the Japanese girl and the English guy that speaks Japanese. Nuff said, it bores the hell out of me.
When last we discussed Heroes, Mohinder was fretting over Molly and decides to take her to the very people he was hiding her from. This is against the strong advice of H.R.G. (Horned Rimmed Glasses). But he does it anyway because he's just a scientist and stupid. He sees Nikki there only she's in Jessica mode and he tasers her. Then when she Nikki again he tells her he's getting her out of there. She says no way I like being locked up, they're going to help me.
More head spinning logic.
Mohinder is sent on assignment, yes he leaves Molly's side, with his secret institution issued taser, to go pick up a subject. That subject is Micahs girl cousin. The one that can learn anything by watching it.
I went to bed with the head spins after this episode and I was even drinking.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

She See's Dead People Cuz She's Trippin'

I love House. My husband would punch him in the face if we had him as a doctor. Yes, I know he's not really a doctor. A doctor like him I mean. I'm really starting to hate the blond girl that got the diagnosis right this week. House is screwing with all of them and it's great. Last episode when he was getting rid of applicants he had a Tribal Council, like on Survivor. This week he gave flowers to all the applicants but one, like on The Bachelor. It was a hoot! I hope he weeds out the rest of them soon, because I miss Wilson/House interaction. Too many characters. Anyway, the patient that saw dead people, was an organic freak. She was tripping on mold that was growing on her bread and the combination concocted ingredients that they use to make LSD. How do they think up these things?

This is a Family Show Mark Cuban

Dancing With the Stars Elimination Extravaganza Show Review:
I won't make you wait until the very end of my long drawn out post to see who gets eliminated - Mark Cuban!
We got to see Max and Mel dance again, because the judges liked them best this week. And all my voting for Max paid off they were in the top two instead of the bottom two. Panning the audience we see Florence Henderson aka Mrs. Brady there again. Every week she's there. And she's heavily involved in the "audience comments" portion of the show. Are we going to see a Brady next season?
And Dancing With the Stars Recap show, who does recap to the hilt, shows us unseen before footage of Marie Osmond fainting. They showed us several times.
Mark Cuban will now learn that you don't say the "F" word on Dancing With the Stars, even if it's bleeped out. This is a whole different audience Mark!
I'm looking forward to the following weeks. All of the stars left are pretty good and when they start getting eliminated I might feel a little bad for them.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Head is Still Spinning

Heroes Review:
Where do I start? We only had Japanese sub-titles this week no Mexican. The two dads and a girl are very much a part of this episode. Mohinder tells Matt since you sent Molly into a coma you might as well go after your father. All of a sudden Matt's hesitant, I guess it was okay when Molly was in danger, but whoa, you want me to do what? Mohinders stays back to fret over Molly and Matt teams up with Nathan and they head over to apartment 9. They got there quick because Nathan flew them there. Dear ol' dad is overpowered by Matt and tells him just take off these hand-cuffs and I'll tell you everything. Oh and dad can read minds too! It's a hereditary thing I guess. Dad tells Matt I need to show you something in this room back here. Right. Matt falls for it and finds himself in a jail. Nathan breaks down the door and finds himself in blown up New York. This is where my head started to spin, a lot. Because it looked like they were each fighting someone else. Matt, the prison guard and Nathan, the burned up Nathan in the mirror. But they were really fighting each other. And that my friends is why Molly calls Matt's father the Nightmare Man. Wheew!
to be continued.......

Gotta Love Live TV

Marie Osmond is genuinely having the time of her life on Dancing With The Stars. You can just tell she's having fun. Laughing and not taking the judges as seriously as they take themselves. I was thinking yesterday, "Jeez, I haven't really written a word about Marie Osmond in my review blog." I thought of something, but I'll save it. Because everyone is talking about Marie Osmond fainting on Live TV. She finished her dance with her dance partner Jonathan, she's waving to the audience, hugging Jonathan and Tom Bergeron, going back and forth with the judges. Len (we only call him Lennie when we speak of his favorite Jennie) started to tell her the dance wasn't that good, in a nice way, when she went down in a thud. Tom Bergeron, Len and Jonathan were visably upset. Tom Bergeron sent us to commercial. Extra commercials, but no one changed the channel. I called my mom to make sure she was watching. She was. Tom Bergeron brought us back and told us all is well, Marie is back stage, she just fainted. We see her in the arms of Jonathan, telling us that sometimes when she gets winded she faints. Good to know, now. The judges still think her Samba was just so, so. She gets 7's from all of them. At this point in the major competition, it's a little low. Do you hear that Mark Cuban?
Mark Cuban said the "F" word. Actually he said the "F" word and the judges in the same sentence. F#$% the judges. Whoa! Can you say the "F" word on Dancing With The Stars? His partner, Kim I think, said, "You can't say that." Damn right! My 70 year old mother is watching. He wanted to make their dance different. They used the "I Dream of Jeannie" song. Kim was dressed like the Jeannie and Mark Cuban was dressed like a nerd. Hello? Everyone knows that Jeannie was found by the astronaut, J.R. Ewing.
I voted! I voted until my voting quota was used up for Max and whatshername. I have no idea who will be under the red lights tonight. But I hope it's Mark Cuban.

Monday, October 22, 2007

No World Series For Me!

I'm not as grumpy as I thought I'd be. Maybe because I am a Cleveland fan and I'm use to disappointment. Yeah, that's it. My husband bought me a mocha cappuccino this morning, that helps my mood tremendously. For some reason Cleveland fans are not allowed to enjoy sports. I listen to a local talk show on WTAM in Cleveland, the Triv Show, Triv is very much a Cleveland fan. He told us Friday, if the Indians lose this ALCS series, he's taking this week off. Because he would be too pissed off to do his show. It would be bad radio, he said. We'll see what happens a 3:00 pm today. I kind of hope he's not there, I don't want him to bring me down from my mocha cappuccino high.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Do you Really Want to Make James the Gravedigger Mad?

Survivor Review:
Survivor powers that be had a new shake up of the tribes this season. Which ended up having two members from each tribe switch. The Zhan Hu tribe ends up with Aaron and James the gravedigger. Jamie and Peih Gee do a little strategizing and decide to throw the challenges to get rid of Aaron and James the gravedigger. Because it's all about the merge. So they giggle through the entire challenge. Then admit at tribal council that they threw the challenge. James is pissed. Real pissed. And they vote off Aaron. Huh? Do they think James the gravedigger is going to pull his weight around camp now? This will come back to bite them in the butt.
Their silent partner, Erik goes along with the plan after it's over. My head hurts. Erik is going to follow Jamie around like a puppy dog the rest of the season. They had a touching conversation in the water, about how they like each other, they trust each other and oh by the way Erik is a virgin. I don't know why we need to know this or why the entire viewing audience does, but we do, so let's just see were this bit of information goes in the weeks that follow.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dancing with the Stars 1st Week - Albert Reed

This is one of my favorites if not the favorite dances of the season so far! I will miss Albert Reeds hip action!

Rose Petal Cottage

I recorded Heroes and when I record a television show I fast forward through the commercials. Except when the dog needs attention, I leave them on. Why the hell didn't anyone think to invent the Rose Petal Cottage when I was a little girl?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wow, Nathan's a Babe

Heroes Review:

I never noticed last year. Maybe because he was a politician. But now he’s hot, except when he looks in a mirror and a severely burned face looks back.
Claire is lying to her Horned Rimmed Glasses father and he’s lying to her. Same old, same old.
Micah is living with his Katrina surviving cousins and his grandmother, Lt. Uhura. The older girl cousin is discovering she has hero powers. She can watch something on TV and instantly learn it. Kind of like Neo on The Matrix. She knows Kung Fu.

Now let’s review the two bachelors, Matt and Mohinder, living in a secret apartment with the Creepy Girl. Its all kinds a wrong but they’re protecting her. From who, well a guy that is scarier than Sylar and we find out its Matt’s father. This is where my eyes crossed a little bit and I amazingly kept watching. Creepy Girl agrees to “find” Matt’s scary father. That is her hero power, she can find anyone with a map and a pushpin. He’s in an apartment building, in apartment number 9. Mohinder is really pissed at Matt because he’s putting Creepy Girl (Molly) in danger. Molly freaks out and says he knows I’m here and she collapses, but Matt can still hear her calling for help. Mohinder’s really pissed now.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy Under the Red Lights?

The hell you say! And next week is Latin Week? I got the Cleveland Indians on one channel and Max in the red lights on another channel. You know what this means don't you? I have to start voting now.
What happened to Gloria Estefan? I thought she was suppose to entertain us. That's the problem switching back and forth, you miss the explainations. Drew Lachey has made a career out of Dancing With The Stars and was reunited with his dance partner Cheryl. They danced to Wayne Newton (yeah, he's back) singing Danke Shen. I couldn't watch. I know Wayne Newton is a legend but.............damn, people pay to see him perform? I've said too much, but he should retire. Really.

Floyd the boxer went home and Mark Cuban lives to dance another day. So I was half right.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More Skin Next Week

Samantha's back! I never thought she was that great of a host until they threw Drew into the mix. She looked great and I did miss her. Okay, let's talk about those judges shall we? Carrie Ann Inaba had a bug up her ass this week, kept talking about the rules, yada, yada. Len told Bruno to shut up, again. Bruno seemed subdued to me. Or maybe I wasn't paying as much attention to what the judges were saying because I kept flipping back to the Cleveland Indians game. How did Casey Blake get on second base? Tom Bergeron promised us more skin next week. That's good news for Maksim Chmerkovskiy fans because he likes to take his shirt off. And the soap opera guy, Cameron, I know his name now, I hope he takes his shirt off too. My brother-in-law will be watching intently for a wardrobe malfunction. We saw the first of the perfect 10 scores to pop up this season. Jennie Garth got one from her new best friend Lennie, she was genuinely shocked, so were a lot of people.
Let's see who's going home? I keep saying Mark Cuban every week and I'm saying him again, bound to be right sooner or later. Floyd looks like he's jumping around a boxing ring every dance, I don't see improvement, the judges were just being nice. He should go soon.

Hey the Indians won!! I'll be flipping back and forth again tonight and trying to figure out when to watch Heroes.

Monday, October 15, 2007

How Could I Forget?

Oh the Browns won yesterday, don't ask me the score. 20 minutes until the Cleveland Indians play, like I said in my previous post, Indians, Heroes and I forgot to mention Da Ta Da Da Da Dancing With The Stars. How could I forget the Dancing Extravaganza? I'll never be able to see everything, especially since the husband isn't home yet, he'll walk in the door anytime now and screw up all the viewing plans I have. Sometimes I can't believe he puts up with me. I baked him muffins tonight!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cleveland Indians vs. Boston Red Sox

I stayed up until 2:00 am last night watching that 5 hour and 17 minute game. Start the games earlier PLEASE! I'll never make it through the series.
I did some investigating on Amazing Race. Here is what I found. It seems they won't start until February of '08 and there will be someone eliminated ever episode making the season a little shorter.
Isn't it nice of television to take it easy on me since I just started reviewing my favorite shows? Heroes tomorrow while Game 3 is on. Hmmmm. I'll give it a go! I am a Cleveland fan from way back but at this moment right now I have no idea if the Cleveland Browns won today. Anybody know?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Who Didn't See That Coming?

Anyone who wishes to be on the next Survivor and actually makes it should study the actions of Dave the Kookamonga. This guy self destructed in a matter of days. Dave is a few fire bricks short of a load. He was voted overwhelmingly out of the his tribe, Zhan Hu. I'm pretty sure the other tribe, Fei Long would have done the same thing. He managed to alienate Fei Long the whole two days he spent kidnapped by them. Well maybe Dave can get back on his medication now and all will be well.
Hey there's a guy named Frosti on the show this year, maybe he was born during the Holidays? I don't know.
I have 10 minutes to wait for the Indians/Red Sox game. Go Tribe! I will report back on that one! Where's my beer?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Behind on my Reviews

House - Yikes! I don't think I would want a group of over zealous doctors competing for a job, trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Especially since this patient ended up dead and his lovable dog too! I didn't like this episode. House thought it would be fun to see if there is an afterlife, so he stuck a knife in an electrical socket. I think in his quest he found nothing, who knows I'm pissed the dog died. Foreman got fired from his new job, so he'll be coming back for more abuse from House, you can count on that!
Ladies and Gentleman, Live from Hollywood, Dancing With The Stars, Elimination Extravaganza Show - Stick a fork in Wayne Newton, he's done. He and Floyd the boxer were under the red lights this week and Floyd was pissed, he thinks he's good. Someone is going to be knocked out Live from Hollywood when he gets eliminated. Seal was a guest performer and I can't get his Kiss from a Rose song out of my head. Damnit!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Heroes, try to keep up!

When last we spoke of Heroes I was have some recording issues. I saw the entire Heroes episode last night I'm happy to say. Claire didn't cut off any of her appendages in this episode, but she found out her new boyfriend (they kissed) can fly. It's so romantic when a guy holds you in his arms and flys through the clouds, isn't it? They kiss, on the beach, where they flew to. Claire sees that little "mark" on, jeez I can't remember supermans name, her boyfriends shoulder and asked him, "What's that mark." The boyfriend reminisces about the day he can't remember, except he does remember the Horned Rimmed Glasses guy, aka HRG or Claire's dad. That's going to be quite a reunion if HRG can stay alive that long. You see Mohinder found another painting of Isaac's, the future painting guy, and the future doesn't look very bright for HRG/Claire's Dad.
DL is dead, there's a gravestone and everything. Nikki has to go get fixed, so she drops Micah off with his grandmother, Lt. Uhura. It's good to see these old Star Trek actors get a gig. She looks like she's up to something though.
Peter seems to like it in Australia. He got back his box with his identity in it but decided to kiss the Australian girl first. Sylar the evil villian is back, not dead. He still likes to cut out peoples brains and apparently all for not. He lost all the power he cut out of everyone's heads. Damn, I hate when that happens.
Hiro is still in the past and the Mexicans are still sprinting towards the border. And I need to rest.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's a Guy Thing

Flipping back and forth between the Indians/Yankees play-off game and Dancing With The Stars took skill that I'm not accustomed to. It's a guy thing. But I managed to see all the stars dance except Marie Osmond, she was last and my husband just got home.
The Race Car Driver, Helio? well he dropped down a few notches in the scores. I don't know what happened to him this week he just didn't seem to have it. Max took off his shirt, he likes to do that and I like when he does that. *sigh* I think it was the Soap Opera guy that missed a few steps, can't remember his name. Wayne Newton lumbered around the dance floor again, proving he doesn't belong there, everyone knows it but they're stuck with him. Poor Cheryl, how did she get stuck with him? Did she draw the short straw? My prediction for the the final two couples standing in the red light - the Soap Opera guy and Mark Cuban.
Congrats to the Cleveland Indians!! WooHoo they beat the Yankees. Bring on the Red Sox!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Another Wild Week of Television

This past weekend was all sports. We watched the Cleveland Indians win 2 out of 3 against the Yankees. And watched the Cleveland Browns lose. Playoff baseball is going to make it tough to watch my favorite shows. Also my husband will be working late all week, which means he won't be going to bed early and that is when I usually watch anything I have recorded. This week will be interesting. Tonight I have 3 things to watch. All the stars will have to line up correctly for me to see everything. I'll let you know how it goes!

I Have a Dog Question

We adopted Buckeye from the Animal Shelter in January. She has been a perfect fit to the family. Here is my question to all the experienced dog owners out there. When we first got her and fed her, she of course woofed down her food. Probably because she didn't know if she would be fed again. This slowed down and she would patiently wait for her bowl to be filled, then eat. Just this past week I've had to coax her to eat. She'll just walk away now when I fill her bowl. Is this normal behavior? I haven't changed her dog food. She's still eating, but later in the day. Am I being paranoid? I really like to keep schedules.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Chill Out Dave

Dave is freaking out. He's obsessed over that damn fire pit. It going to cost him a million dollars. What is this like the 15th season of Survivor? And he hasn't figure out how to keep a target off his back? It's a good thing the FEI LONG tribe lost the immunity challenge or Dave would have been gone. Instead FEI LONG got rid of Leslie, supposedly because she's weak. All of them forgetting that anorexic Courtney couldn't lift a machete let alone chop wood with it.
Again, I implore the executives of Survivor to cloth the contestants. If they choose to take off clothing, so be it, but I found myself wincing more than once.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

House Was Good

House is finally persuaded to hire a team. He starts off with 40 applicants and fires them at will. And sends the remaining "numbers" off on different jobs. They all have numbers around their necks and House refuses to call them by name, just by their number.
House sees Chase walk by and then later Cameron, finally he sees Foreman. He tells Wilson and Wilson tells him he's seeing things because he has repressed guilt. Wilson and House are so good together. I managed to see the entire episode without power outage interruption. My husband fell asleep earlier and decided to watch it at midnight. I really thought it was recording during my viewing, really. One of these days I will unravel the mysteries of my DVR.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

No Mercy!

Ladies and Gentleman, Live from Hollywood, one more week of Wayne Newton, welcome to Dancing With The Stars! Where it doesn't matter if you can dance or not. Yikes the fans have no mercy. Show of hands ladies, would you rather see Wayne Newton or ummm, the model, Albert, I think, swing his hips around the dance floor? I didn't see this one coming at all. After Albert's first week, that cha cha, be still my heart! He could move those hips.They will truly be missed.
When is Samantha coming back? Never thought I'd say I miss her.

I Finally Watched Heroes

I watch television to be entertained. I read books to be entertained. But rarely do I do both at the same time. What I'm trying to say is, "What up with the sub titles?"

Apparently when you fly into the sky with your brother and blow up you get amnesia. Oh and you get to keep your Hero super powers. Peter is desperately trying to figure out who he is and why he can shoot lightening out of his hands and his new Australian pals will give him his wallet if he helps them with their next big heist. Claire wants to understand her Hero powers more so she can help mankind. She questions her biology teacher about regeneration of cells, specifically regrowing limbs. Humans can't do that blond girl, is pretty much what her teacher told her. At home in the comfort of her living room with only Mr. Muggles as a witness she uses a pair a scissors to cut off her pinky toe. The pinky toe flies through the air and she commands it to grow back. No way! It does! Her new friend at school, who happens to be able to fly, sees this regeneration of cells through the window and runs, Claire runs after him, so does Mr. Muggles. This is where my recorder stopped.
The TV Shows are running episodes a few minutes past the hour that they are suppose to end. I know there is a way to set my recorder for this and will have to consult my children on this advance technological marvel.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Where Do I Start?

I had to go out and buy a double mocha cappuccino before I could write this Dancing With The Stars review. Dear God what do I say about Wayne Newton? He's a Las Vegas icon. You can't just come right out and say he suck's at dancing, you have to use a little more finesse than that. He needs to be sent back to Las Vegas gracefully. At some point during the course of the show we will have to see him under the big red light. I say the sooner the better, kind of like ripping off a band-aid, you do it quick!
And then Jennie and Derek fell! Besides Paul McCartneys ex-wife with the prosthetic leg last year, I don't think I've ever seen anyone fall. I always watch how much they screw up in the preview to their dances and think, "They're gonna fall." But they never do.
Now if you missed the fall, not to worry, the recap show is on tonight and they will show it. Because if any show knows how to overdo recaps, Dancing With The Stars does. They showed us the fall twice last night in slow motion. I did look for it on YouTube but didn't find it. If I find it later I will add the link to this post or tomorrows.
Who do I think will go? If the voters have any mercy it will be Wayne Newton. But I think it will be between Mark Cuban(again) and the boxer guy Floyd. I was right on last week, let's see how I do this week.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Failure to Launch

I posted yesterday that I didn't watch much TV this past weekend. I did manage to watch a movie, because we had ShowTime for free for the weekend. I got to see Matthew McConaughey without his shirt on several times, but was slightly offset by a view of Terry Bradshaws butt. Someone should have warned me about that, it would have been nice. It wasn't a quick glimpse either, just when you thought the butt scene was over there it was again. I'm not going to review this movie, it was released last year. But I liked it and all the actors were cast well. It was driving me crazy trying to figure out who the actress was that was Sarah Jessica Parkers room-mate. I knew I'd seen her before. Does that ever happen to you? Of course it does. Then it hit me after the movie - Elf! Only she was blond in Elf. Her name is Zooey Deschanel. That goodness I figured it out before I lost sleep!