Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Head is Still Spinning

Heroes Review:
Where do I start? We only had Japanese sub-titles this week no Mexican. The two dads and a girl are very much a part of this episode. Mohinder tells Matt since you sent Molly into a coma you might as well go after your father. All of a sudden Matt's hesitant, I guess it was okay when Molly was in danger, but whoa, you want me to do what? Mohinders stays back to fret over Molly and Matt teams up with Nathan and they head over to apartment 9. They got there quick because Nathan flew them there. Dear ol' dad is overpowered by Matt and tells him just take off these hand-cuffs and I'll tell you everything. Oh and dad can read minds too! It's a hereditary thing I guess. Dad tells Matt I need to show you something in this room back here. Right. Matt falls for it and finds himself in a jail. Nathan breaks down the door and finds himself in blown up New York. This is where my head started to spin, a lot. Because it looked like they were each fighting someone else. Matt, the prison guard and Nathan, the burned up Nathan in the mirror. But they were really fighting each other. And that my friends is why Molly calls Matt's father the Nightmare Man. Wheew!
to be continued.......

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