Thursday, October 25, 2007

Should We Try to Figure out More of Heroes?

There's a love triangle brewing in ancient Japan between Hiro, the Japanese girl and the English guy that speaks Japanese. Nuff said, it bores the hell out of me.
When last we discussed Heroes, Mohinder was fretting over Molly and decides to take her to the very people he was hiding her from. This is against the strong advice of H.R.G. (Horned Rimmed Glasses). But he does it anyway because he's just a scientist and stupid. He sees Nikki there only she's in Jessica mode and he tasers her. Then when she Nikki again he tells her he's getting her out of there. She says no way I like being locked up, they're going to help me.
More head spinning logic.
Mohinder is sent on assignment, yes he leaves Molly's side, with his secret institution issued taser, to go pick up a subject. That subject is Micahs girl cousin. The one that can learn anything by watching it.
I went to bed with the head spins after this episode and I was even drinking.

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