Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wow, Nathan's a Babe

Heroes Review:

I never noticed last year. Maybe because he was a politician. But now he’s hot, except when he looks in a mirror and a severely burned face looks back.
Claire is lying to her Horned Rimmed Glasses father and he’s lying to her. Same old, same old.
Micah is living with his Katrina surviving cousins and his grandmother, Lt. Uhura. The older girl cousin is discovering she has hero powers. She can watch something on TV and instantly learn it. Kind of like Neo on The Matrix. She knows Kung Fu.

Now let’s review the two bachelors, Matt and Mohinder, living in a secret apartment with the Creepy Girl. Its all kinds a wrong but they’re protecting her. From who, well a guy that is scarier than Sylar and we find out its Matt’s father. This is where my eyes crossed a little bit and I amazingly kept watching. Creepy Girl agrees to “find” Matt’s scary father. That is her hero power, she can find anyone with a map and a pushpin. He’s in an apartment building, in apartment number 9. Mohinder is really pissed at Matt because he’s putting Creepy Girl (Molly) in danger. Molly freaks out and says he knows I’m here and she collapses, but Matt can still hear her calling for help. Mohinder’s really pissed now.

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