Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's Always Been a Popularity Contest

Dancing With the Stars Review:
I wasn't able to watch live. My husband and I watch House, which was awesome last night, so I watched my recorded Dancing With the Stars elimination show at 6:30 am this morning. But I had to find out who got voted out, so I went to the message boards. Yes, Sabrina getting the axe was a huge surprise and she definitely didn't deserve to go, but if you have been watching long enough you know this is a part talent and a part popularity contest. It's wildly entertaining and if you say you won't watch anymore, I don't believe you.
Now on with the review. Jane Seymour has food poisoning so Tony had to dance by himself in the group dance, yeah that was the encore performance. He also stood alone under the lights and was the second to find out he and Jane were safe. So were Max and Mel and I'm convinced that my voting for them made all the difference. I think Dancing With the Stars got excellent ratings when Marie Osmond fainted, because they are trying to make her faint again and she seemed a little less bubbly this week. Tom Bergeron was just about to tell Marie Osmond and Jonathan if they were safe and Sam sent us to commercial. And thank you so very much Barry Manilow for sticking Mandy in my head for, I'm sure, several days.
Who, besides me, is wondering just a little bit if the stars know they are going home before the show starts? Sabrina looked upset the whole show. I'm just saying. Anyone wondering that?

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