Friday, November 30, 2007

Is Maya That Stupid?

Heroes Review:
I had a rough week. My husband and I were both sick and I didn't watch Heroes until Tuesday afternoon. Then I forgot to blog about it. Let's see if I remember anything that happened.
Oh the Mexican twins and Sylar where in this episode. Sylar killed the brother, not by cutting out his brain, just by stabbing him. I don't think he can cut out brains anymore. Or that's what he needs Mohinder for. So Sylar tells the Mexican twin girl, Maya to get control of her abilities so she doesn't need her brother anymore, cuz she's draggin him down. He'd be much better off alone in a foreign country not being able to speak English or better off alone in Mexico where he is wanted for murder. Maya gains control of her abilities and tells her brother to hit the road. That whole scenario is so believable isn't it? Or the writer's, that are on strike now, think we are incredibly stupid. This story line is really annoying me. Now Sylar and Maya are calling Mohinder from Mohinder's very own secret apartment. Sylar tells him he needs to get home now, he's relieved the babysitter and Molly is fine for now. Mohinder and Matt are doing such a great job taking care of Molly aren't they?

James! What the Hell?

Survivor China Review:
James, James, James ..... Dude, do the math. You have 2 immunity idols, 7 people left, what are you holding on to them for? A souvenir? Two souvenirs? I thought he was playing smart but he made a stupid move last night. He knew something was up.
So James is done, I thought he would win. Now I don't know who'll win. I want it to be Eric the Virgin, but he's the under dog.
I'm all screwed up with my reviews this week, I realized last night that I forgot my Heroes review, so I'll do that next.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

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Lost Some Brain Cells Last Night

If I get hooked on anymore television shows the husband will leave me. Therefore, I watch nothing in particular on Wednesday nights until LOST returns in January or February or the year 2010, who knows. I found myself in control of the remote last night. The husband is sick and went to bed early. I would have liked to watch Pushing Daisies from the beginning. I've flipped around enough to catch it here and there and I'm intrigued. If the writer's strike continues maybe I can catch it the second time around, I'll put it on my secondary list along with that vampire show, Whisper, I think?
So while flipping through the channels last night I stumbled upon a show called My Fair Brady. Today I am trying to regenerate the brain cells I lost while watching that stupid show. Is this kind of television that we are in for if the writer's stay on strike? Peter Brady use to be my favorite Brady, not anymore. I look at him and say, "Ewwww."

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site and tell me this doesn’t look creepier than creepy to you. Johnny Depp certainly picks interesting rolls. And Tim Burton is right up his alley. The movie is called Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. It sounds scary and creepy already doesn’t it?
I was directed to a site called Sweeney Todd’s Confessional where people can vent and spill their guts on revenge they have taken out on people – yikes! You can tape your own confession. I’m afraid to watch them, go watch them for me and report back to me!
And of course you can visit Sweeney Todd on MySpace. Who doesn’t have a MySpace? There is a lot of buzz about this movie going on, it certainly looks intriguing. When you combine Johnny Depp and Tim Burton you have to expect a hit movie don’t you think? It’s about a guy who has everything taken away from him, thrown in jail and seeks revenge. He really looks pissed! Did I mention creepy?It’s coming out at Christmas. Just at the right time when college student are home from school and high school students are on the holiday break. I have decided if I want to go see it yet, maybe I’ll send my teenagers first!

Cut-Throat Bitch is Gone

She actually cried at the end of this episode. She gets us to hate her for the first half of the season and then shows us some emotion other than conniving bitch after she gets fired. I'm not falling for that. Good-bye, Amber, that's her real name. House wanted to keep all four of the applicants, no wait three of them, but picked two and Cuddy said he need to have a woman so she let him pick three. Okay I was under the influence of Nyquil, let's try again.
House is keeping Kumar, 13, and the plastic surgeon and fired Cut-Throat Bitch. Well he fired 13 but then Cuddy said he could hire her back. I'm sure I got that cleared up for you. Nyquil is a wonderful drug. I'm taking it again tonight, because it allowed me to breath out of both nasal passages all night.

Thanks for Entertaining Me

Dancing With the Stars Final Review:
In the first 10 minutes we saw Marie Osmond get the axe. When you lumber around on the dance floor in a big giant doll costume and say, "I did this for my fans." What the hell do you expect? Has everyone had a big enough dose of the Osmonds? I'm good for a while, a long while. She was like having a relative visit and stayed just a few days too long. Sure it was nice to see her, but enoughs, enough already.
I recorded the two hour extravaganza, because the husband and I watched House, then started watching it at 10:00. I fast forwarded through so much fluff that I almost caught up with the end of the show - live! I did get to see Albert Reed swing his hips around again, no fast forwarding there. I don't know what draws me to this show, it certainly isn't the re-capping. Holy Crap the drama!
After I was sure Marie Osmond didn't win the big mirror-ball trophy, it didn't matter to me who won. Helio and Mel B both were deserving of the prize. I voted for Mel B, but that was because I wanted to continue to see Maks dance, cuz he's a babe. So congratulations Helio and see ya next year Maks! And thank you Dancing With the Stars for entertaining the hell out of me.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

That's it? What the hell?

Dancing With the Stars Review:
What the hell was Marie Osmond doing? Why didn't someone stop her? Isn't Jonathan, her dance partner, a professional dancer? What the hell was that? What was she thinking? Len was disgusted and so was I. Okay, done with my rant. I'll laugh my ass off if Marie Osmond wins. I hope she does.
Was it just me or did this season's final lack something? I just remember the dancing in the finals being better. Did Marie Osmond ruin the finals for me?
Okay let's go on to the next thing I noticed. I love to watch who is in the audience of Dancing With the Stars. Last night all the Spice Girls were there. Did anyone else notice how very little Victoria Beckham was smiling and applauding? Something tells me she likes being the center of attention, it's just a vibe I'm picking up. She didn't look all that impressed.
So tonight is it. Dancing With the Stars will be over, what a drag. This show entertains the hell out of me.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Amazingly Boring Race

The Amazing Race Review:
The problem with recording a TV show on a Sunday evening are the football games that precede it. One must take into consideration overtime. I learned this the hard way over the past few years. I make sure Cold Case is recording because it comes on right after The Amazing Race. Thank goodness I did because CBS was behind for like 54 minutes.
Lorena and Jason fell victim to the not so hot blonds, they think they are hot but the husband says they're not and he's a guy so he knows these things. Such a cute couple Lorena and Jason are. But it all started last week when Lorena couldn't get enough milk from the camel and she had a break down. Leaving them to start the race this week in last place.
Those blond bitches "U-Turned them"! I know! The U-Turn is a new one for me, it use to be a yield, I think. But anyway, Lorena and Jason had to go back and do the other task, making them do both of the tasks instead of one.
All and all this episode was kind of a bore. For about 15 combined minutes we had to listen to Lorena and Jason tell us how they weren't giving up and they were in this to win, anything could happen, yada, yada, yada. Enough already.

Friday, November 23, 2007

It Was a Re-Cap Show

Survivor China Review:
It was a re-cap show. I hate those. Some unseen footage, but nothing earth-shattering. They ate some worms.
Why the hell can't I add an image to this blog today?
There we go! An image! Let me go put Frank's image in my last post!

Frank Caliendo is Really Hysterical, but.....

Frank TV Review:
Let me just start off by saying that my entire family really likes Frank Caliendo and we really wanted his new show on TBS to be successful. It pains me to say that his show really sucked. Big time. He needs to stick to stand-up. There I said it. I will watch the next few shows in hopes that it grows on me, because I want it to. But if he does the Seinfeld Show again I'm changing the channel, really.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Conscious is Clear

Ladies and gentlemen, live from Hollywood, this is Dancing With the Stars Review:
Everyone knew that it was probably Jennie going last night and so did she. The producers of Dancing With the Stars know how to drama it up though. The two dancing couples left under the red lights, in no particular order damn it, just happened to be Julianne Hough and Helio next to Derek Hough and Jennie. Wow brother against sister, cruel.
We got to see Sabrina and Mark dance again! They danced to Avril Lavigne singing Complicated. I fast forwarded through her first song, but wanted to see Sabrina and Mark and so did everybody else. Every time Sabrina and Mark took the dance floor the audience cheered over Avril Lavigne's singing. While watching Sabrina dance I kept saying to myself, "Marie can't do that." My conscious is clear I didn't vote for her.
Hey, Mrs. Brady was in the audience again! I wonder which of the Brady kids she's going to talk into being on the show next year?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

Heroes Review:
Hiro wants to go back in time to save his father. His father tells him it's destiny, but he does stop time long enough to see it is Adam (the English guy that speaks Japanese from Ancient Japan) who kills poor Sulu from Star Trek. And we find out that Adam has regenerated his cells so much that he can't grow old so he's like a thousand years old or something.
Matt tones his super hero powers to where he can persuade people to do what he wants them to by putting a thought in their minds. Cool.
Claire the cheerleader hates her dad again. She gets kidnapped by bad guy Bob and decides she loves her dad again. HRG kidnaps bad guy Bob's lovely, horny daughter Elle. He sticks her feet in a bucket of water. Water and her electric shooting hands don't mix. Bad guy Bob drains a pint of Claire's blood before they switch hostages. Mohinder is helping bad guy Bob. So much so that he shoots HRG in the eyeball, oow, just like Issac's painting said he would. Claire gets away with her flying boyfriend.
And this is how the episode ends. We see HRG laying on a hospital bed with his eye shot out and then we see an IV dripping blood into him. You see where I'm gong with this? Yeah, his eyeball starts to heal. He sits up and says, "Whoa." I wonder if he's going to still need those glasses.

Dancing With the Stars night of 10's

Dancing With the Stars Review:
The 10's were flowing freely last night! Whoa! Even Marie and Jennie got 10's. It will be very interesting to see who goes tonight. Seriously, I can't say who I think would go home because it could be anyone of the four. I really think Helio and Mel B should be the final two.

Last week when I reviewed Dancing With the Stars, I threw out the question, "Who is that guy they keep showing when Jennie dances?" I found out. Ken Howard aka The White Shadow, it was a TV show in the early 80's. There seems to be no connection with Jennie except they were in a few episode of Melrose Place together. I had no idea his name and asked my husband about the TV series about a basketball team in the early 80's. He immediately said White Shadow, Ken Howard. He knows this because it's about sports. I did double check and googled him. I won't tell my husband this because I don't want that well of information to dry up.

When Marie ended her first dance, I think it was her first dance, tell me I'm wrong I'll believe you. Anyway, she ended it by dropping into a bunch of her bothers laps. One of them was Donny, but I don't know who the rest were. I was a little icked out. She has the audience in the palm of her hand. I'm pretty sure she isn't going anywhere. Talk about a career boost!

Waiting in the wings to boost his career, Bruce Jenner. He so wants on the next season. He was in the audience again. Hey, if you would go on Skating With The Stars, Dancing With The Stars is a huge step up. Mark my words we will see him next season.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Amazing Race and Unpredictable Animals

Amazing Race Review:
Mr. Miyagi was subdued last night because he had a hernia. They tell us he had to see a doctor and the doctor explained to us he pushed the hernia back in. I'm not a medical expert but, ewww. So Mr. Miyagi's comments were kept to a series of grunts and groans and he and his poor daughter managed to stay in the race.
It seems this season there are more animal road blocks, they're so unpredictable and make all the girls cry. I can see why they're are in the show, so much drama trying to get milk from a camel. It was pretty funny watching Lorena, of one of the boyfriend/girlfriend teams, wig out. But they managed to stay in the race also.
Last nights losers were the sister team, Marianna and Julia. They were pretty much flying under the radar then all of a sudden it's like, oh look who came in last, whatshername and her sister.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Michael Needs a Hug

The Office Review:
What the hell? I felt so terrible for Michael. Jan is suing Dunder-Mifflin for wrongful termination. And she dragged Michael through the mud. The deposition started out funny, but ended sad. I thought Michael would start crying, I wanted to cry for him or at least give him a hug. I hate Jan.
Back at The Office, we had a big ping-pong match going on. Jim vs. Darryl which turns into Pam vs. Kelly. Kelly's annoying. We also find out that Dwight knows every ping-pong champion there is and are not at all surprised by that fact, because he's Dwight.
I didn't watch or record My Name is Earl. I figure with the writer's strike and all, I'm going to be needing something new to watch when all the repeats are airing.

Survivor's First Snowman Voted Out

Survivor China Review:
Frosti got the boot last night. I didn't see that one coming. I thought it would be Eric for sure but he has charmed his way into the ladies hearts. Mine too! I like how a lot of the challenges haven't been about brute strength. The skinny girls are winning. Peih Gee won immunity, which was bad for Frosti because Peih Gee pissed off James the Gravedigger. She was a on the chopping block. Todd thinks he's running the game but James the Gravedigger has him so outwitted. They have to use sub-titles when James the Gravedigger talks, can't understand him. I try turning up the volume, squinting to read his lips, I don't know what he's saying.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Punisher

I finally watched The Punisher. I recorded it weeks ago. I love action movies with a hunk as the star actor. Thomas Jane has his shirt off a lot, so I'll probably watch it again. Yes, I liked the movie.
Special agent Frank Castle had it all: A loving family, a great life, and an adventurous job. But when his life is taken away from him by a ruthless criminal and his associates, Frank has become reborn. more....
I saw The Punisher on regular TV, so the swearing was cut out and I'm sure there was more blood. It's rated R so there might be boobies in it too. Just in case you rent the DVD! I was entertained and that's what matters.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Too Many Characters in House

House Review:
There was a lot going on in this episode. Where to start...........

The patient of the week is a teenage boy who has a huge cyst on his face and his stay in the hospital and re-constructive surgery is being filmed for TV. House stares at the camera, a lot and finds places to hide with his team while trying to diagnose why this kid had heart failure in the operating room right before the reconstructive surgery started.

Cut Throat Bitch, I'm sorry that's what House calls her, is really pissed that the CIA doctor is there. We spoke of her last week, Michael Michelle from ER when I use to watch it. The CIA doctor has nothing to add to the diagnosing, in fact she sucks at it and House is blinded by her beauty. Foreman questions her and basically calls her stupid. House realizes he hired her because she's pretty and fires her. Cut Throat Bitch is ecstatic! Oh and she put some lipstick on for the TV show. Thirteen, that's what House calls the other woman doctor applicant, is the one that properly diagnoses the teenager and he eventually has the reconstructive surgery.

Good episode, I just wish there weren't so many characters. But I'm starting to like Kumar from Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle and Thirteen. I really want Cut Throat Bitch to be fired, I don't like her.

Marie Osmonds Fans Take Her to the Semi-Finals

Dancing With the Stars Elimination Show Review:
Wow, it's going to be interesting to see how far Marie Osmonds fans are going to take her. I thought Jennie would go last night but it was Cameron. Jennie will probably go next week. Why do they keep showing that guy in the audience when Jennie is dancing? He looks familiar and I know he's a television star but I don't know his name, is he her father? I will investigate!

I watched this episode this morning because my husband refuses to watch it and it's on the same time as House. House is one of the very few shows we both like. So I record Dancing With the Stars and at the end of House flip over to see who's done. Then when I watch the episode from the beginning I know who's going and I watch them closely. I really think that they know they are going, but that's just me.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Now We Are Getting Somewhere With Heroes

Heroes Review:
Okay now we're getting somewhere. I don't know why this episode wasn't the season premier. Nathan and Peter flew into the sky to save New York from being blown up, right? Peter can regenerate and Nathan can't, this they realized high in the sky. Gaa! So Peter flies away from a burned up Nathan, blows up, regenerates, catches a now falling Nathan, lands, takes Nathan to a hospital and runs away. Then Bob and the psycho, electrified blond, Elle find him and she zaps him. Peter wakes up in Bob's office, with Elle hanging all over him. Ewww. They want to cure Peter and he's all for it. Peter gets a nice room next to Adam, the guy from ancient Japan. Are you still with me?
Now if you've had a guy locked up for 30 years and put the new guy right next to him with paper thin walls, well you're just asking for trouble. Of course they escape. And then they save Nathan with Adams blood. Nathan is back to his hot self.
Adam and Peter get the hell out of there and run into the Haitian and Electric Elle. Elle goes after Adam and the Haitian after Peter. This is why we find Peter at the beginning of the season handcuffed in a big crate with no memory, cuz the Haitian did it.

The Judges want Helio and Mel B

Dancing With The Stars Review:
Clearly the judges are telling us who they want in the final two. Helio and Julianne and Max and Mel B, because the rest of the stars got scores of 8. And at this point in the competition an eight means you suck. It's time for Marie Osmond to go, then Jennie, then Cameron.
Mel B did grab Tom Bergeron's butt after the Judges were done with her. And then again after the second dance and Max copped a feel too. Laughed out Loud while watching it with the dog and I woke her up.
We have been told that Gloria Esteban will be on the drawn out elimination show tonight. Wasn't she suppose to be on a few weeks ago? I must have missed the explanation when I was fast forwarding.
I'm guessing Helio and Julianne will be the encore performance and Jennie will go home, because Marie Osmond has the fans big time.

Forgot About Earl

Yes, I recorded My Name is Earl and finally watched it. I can't remember why I started watching this show, but I am growing concerned that I'm loosing precious brain cells while watching these episodes. You must watch My Name is Earl with a group of people and preferably under the influence of alcohol. It's trailer trash at it's finest and goes beyond stupid.
You have been warned!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Where are the Hunks?

The Amazing Race Review:
Grabbed another nickname! There is a Asian team, a dad and his daughter, and one of the other teams called the dad Mr. Miyagi. I don't have a favorite team yet but Mr. Miyagi is on the bottom of the list. He nitpicked and belittled his daughter the whole episode. And when he ran out of things to nag his daughter about he sought out more young folks that needed his utmost wisdom. The guy never shut up.
On one of my message boards, it was pointed out that there is no alpha male team. You know, the hunks of the race? What a drag, I noticed it too and I'm wondering why. The lesbian reverends came in last this week and were eliminated. They didn't seem to be in that much of a hurry, so it was inevitable.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Dancecenter on Dancing with the Stars Season 5

I finally found Dance Center, from Dancing With the Stars. Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice and Len Goodman are a hoot! It's only the first part and then there is a dance after it.

Greenweek is a Bust on The Office

The Office Review:
For NBC's greenweek we find Michael trying to be Survivorman. It was great because he got back to the office, Dwight saved him from eating lethal mushrooms, and he decided he liked air conditioning and lights. But he did make a hat out of his pant leg.
Jim and Pam continue to be cute together and Creed is awesome. Jim was put in charge of the office while Michael went into the Pennsylvania wilderness. Jim made and executive decision to have everyone's birthday party on one day to get them over with. Everyone wanted their own cake. Creed was adamant on a peach cobbler. "Make it happen Jim!" I love Creed.
I have My Name is Earl recorded but haven't watched it yet, stay tuned.

Pick a Side Denise

Survivor China Review:
Uhhhh.... Did Jean-Robert really think he was a power player this season? He was totally out-witted. I've never seen him play poker, I hope he's better at reading people around the poker table than he is around the camp fire.
The lunch lady Denise better wake up, she was dissed big time. No one picked her in the reward challenge so she had to sit it out and no one told her they were all voting for Jean-Robert at tribal council. Pick a side Denise!
If you could hand pick an immunity challenge that Courtney would be sure to win, you would have picked the challenge they had last night. All she had to do is sit and not move. Hey, she's really good at that.
Next week I think we should see a big shake up and I'd really like to see Todd go home, he's annoying as hell.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Waiting For LOST

I don't have anything that I'm watching on Wednesday nights. Not until LOST comes back in February that is. So my husband has full control of the TV on Wednesday nights. What does he watch? Last night he watched a rerun of Sanford and Son, the History Channel and ESPN. I never liked Sanford and Son, probably because it was on the same time as the Brady Bunch.
I hope this writer's strike does mess up my viewing enjoyment of LOST.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

House Cures the Secret Agent Man

House Review:
House is such a world renowned doctor that the CIA comes to get him in a helicopter to cure a secret agent man. No one believes him and Cutty thinks he's trying to get out of clinic duty. Of course he cures him because he's House. He's also flirts with a CIA doctor shamelessly. She use to be on ER back when I use to watch it, Michael Michell. House offers her a job or a shot at the job that he's been stringing along all the other applicants for. Cut-Throat Bitch is going to be pissed. We finally got rid of one of the applicants though. Brennan? He has nice eyes. Turns out he was fixing results of the tests that were being run on a patient Foreman was is charge of. Said she had Polio. He has some secret agenda for poor people. Go figure.

Dancing With the Stars Elimination No Surprise

Dancing With the Stars Elimination Show Review:
I searched all over for a picture of Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice and Len Goodman in a segment they did during the show that was very entertaining. It was like an ESPN Sunday morning show analyzing the final 6 contestants, Kenny Mayne was great and he had loads of make-up on. I will either post a picture on my blog or better yet if a clip shows up on YouTube ASAP.

I have to say that this elimination show was one of the better ones they've done. Or maybe it's because I'm a Kenny Mayne fan I don't know. Oh I know, the less competitors left the less torture we have to see them go through, that's it.

My prediction was right, Jane Seymore is done. I'm not going to say that Marie Osmond should go next because she just lost her dad. She's going to have a tough week.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Going is Getting Tough

Dancing With the Stars Review:
The judges kept reminding us that they are going to be tougher, yeah, because we're getting down to the finals. No one got anything lower than an 8, but they're tough 8's. Two dances for each couple! And boy did we hear how tough that was. Mel B and Max were awesome again they are my favorites. Did anyone see Mel B give Tom Bergeron a smack on the butt? I swear I did!
On a sad note Marie Osmonds father George passed away this morning. I'm guessing Marie won't be there tonight. Just another twist in this very odd season, what are you going to do it's live TV?
I think Jane should go home tonight, we shall see!

Whoa Heroes!

I think we're starting to get somewhere! Hiro has finished whatever he set out to do in ancient Japan but not without really pissing off the English guy that speaks Japanese, let's call him Adam. So Hiro thinks he saved the world, but we see that Peter has found out there is a new threat looming over mankind - a plague.
Peter has all these super powers but has amnesia and doesn't know how to use them. So he moves in time, just like Hiro, but into the future. Dragging his new Australian girlfriend with him. New York looks deserted until the military shows up and takes them to a decontamination facility. There is where Peters mother shows up but he doesn't know her. She commands him to remember and to save the world. Now if that woman told me to do something I'd do it too. Poor Peter, the first thing he remembers is probably the one thing he's wants to never remember and that's dear ol' mom. She gives me shivers. Peter moves in time again, oh and leaving his new Australian girlfriend in the future, she really knows how to pick em, huh?
We find out that Matt's dad The Nightmare Man isn't the really bad guy, he's a puppet of Adam, the really, really bad guy, you see where I'm going with this? Adam escaped 2 weeks ago and is killing everyone in that picture.
We see Peter in a room trying to figure out where he is and trying to move in time again when someone comes to the door, opens it, Peter shoots an electric fireball at him, it hits his hand and he heals! Oh it's the English guy that speaks Japanese and was in ancient Japan with Hiro. He says, "Peter what are you doing?"
Peter asks, "Who are you?"
And the English guy that speaks Japanese and was in ancient Japan with Hiro says, "It's me Adam."
Oh snap!

Monday, November 5, 2007

And They're Off!

The Amazing Race has started! One of my favorite parts of the show is the nicknames the teams give each other. I only caught a couple last night, the freaks and the blonds. Hopefully we'll get some good ones in episodes to come.
So the couple that came in last this week were Ari and Staella, there are some very different names this season. Ari and Staella are the couple that stole a cab, laughed about it and told their donkey that if it didn't move they would chop it up in to little pieces and eat it. Now that they are out of the race I'm sure PETA will be contacting them for some re-education classes. Everyone who has watched The Amazing Race in the past knows you don't piss off a donkey.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Office and Earl

My Name is Earl and The Office are TV shows that do not require too many active brain cells to understand, in fact I suggest you turn some off. Also watch these two shows with people, it makes them funnier.
My Name is Earl Review:
Earl is still is jail and Randy is a prison guard. I confess I haven't been following this show very closely. Some shows had to suffer when the Cleveland Indians were in the playoffs, but I don't want to talk about that right now. It was another C.O.P.S. episode, which wasn't as funny as the first time they showed the entire cast on a C.O.P.S. show but then again, I watched it by myself.
The Office Review:
This show is funny whether you watch alone or with your family. The characters are perfect and Pam and Jim are soooo cute together! I'm so glad Stanely isn't leaving. I'm not up to date on all these episodes either, again, the Cleveland Indians, right now I'm leading a basball free life.

Friday, November 2, 2007

It's All About a Million Dollars

Survivor China Review:
They merged! But before the merge there was hidden immunity idol drama. Jamie went through James the Gravedigger's things and felt up his pants, didn't take anything out just felt two of them. Then later saw something on the ground the same size and figured James the Gravedigger must have dropped one, because she's not as dumb as she looks. You have to give the editing guys of Survivor credit, they sure know how to help make someone look stupid. Not that Jamie needed much help, she waved around the fake hidden immunity idol at tribal council to no avail, she's got voted out and Jean-Robert lives to see yet another episode of Survivor China.
Up until last nights episode I hadn't picked who I want to win. But I so want James the Gravedigger to win now. He was awesome last night. His interviews cracked me up, he says it like it is and he called Courtney "that skinny little bitch", not to her face, because it's all about a million dollars.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

What Kind of Breakfast is That?

I'm going to leave my spider on my blog, I just have to title it differently. And I'll move him down a little. But he's staying I've grown attached to him, suppose I'll have to name him.
Alright, here is my question of the day: A few Hereo's episodes ago, Claire's mom was making breakfast. She had a pot of boiling water on the stove and she cracked an egg over it and it dropped in and boiled it. I have never seen an egg cooked that way! Has anyone else? What do you call it? Please get back to me on this!