Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dancing With the Stars night of 10's

Dancing With the Stars Review:
The 10's were flowing freely last night! Whoa! Even Marie and Jennie got 10's. It will be very interesting to see who goes tonight. Seriously, I can't say who I think would go home because it could be anyone of the four. I really think Helio and Mel B should be the final two.

Last week when I reviewed Dancing With the Stars, I threw out the question, "Who is that guy they keep showing when Jennie dances?" I found out. Ken Howard aka The White Shadow, it was a TV show in the early 80's. There seems to be no connection with Jennie except they were in a few episode of Melrose Place together. I had no idea his name and asked my husband about the TV series about a basketball team in the early 80's. He immediately said White Shadow, Ken Howard. He knows this because it's about sports. I did double check and googled him. I won't tell my husband this because I don't want that well of information to dry up.

When Marie ended her first dance, I think it was her first dance, tell me I'm wrong I'll believe you. Anyway, she ended it by dropping into a bunch of her bothers laps. One of them was Donny, but I don't know who the rest were. I was a little icked out. She has the audience in the palm of her hand. I'm pretty sure she isn't going anywhere. Talk about a career boost!

Waiting in the wings to boost his career, Bruce Jenner. He so wants on the next season. He was in the audience again. Hey, if you would go on Skating With The Stars, Dancing With The Stars is a huge step up. Mark my words we will see him next season.

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