Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lost Some Brain Cells Last Night

If I get hooked on anymore television shows the husband will leave me. Therefore, I watch nothing in particular on Wednesday nights until LOST returns in January or February or the year 2010, who knows. I found myself in control of the remote last night. The husband is sick and went to bed early. I would have liked to watch Pushing Daisies from the beginning. I've flipped around enough to catch it here and there and I'm intrigued. If the writer's strike continues maybe I can catch it the second time around, I'll put it on my secondary list along with that vampire show, Whisper, I think?
So while flipping through the channels last night I stumbled upon a show called My Fair Brady. Today I am trying to regenerate the brain cells I lost while watching that stupid show. Is this kind of television that we are in for if the writer's stay on strike? Peter Brady use to be my favorite Brady, not anymore. I look at him and say, "Ewwww."

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