Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cut-Throat Bitch is Gone

She actually cried at the end of this episode. She gets us to hate her for the first half of the season and then shows us some emotion other than conniving bitch after she gets fired. I'm not falling for that. Good-bye, Amber, that's her real name. House wanted to keep all four of the applicants, no wait three of them, but picked two and Cuddy said he need to have a woman so she let him pick three. Okay I was under the influence of Nyquil, let's try again.
House is keeping Kumar, 13, and the plastic surgeon and fired Cut-Throat Bitch. Well he fired 13 but then Cuddy said he could hire her back. I'm sure I got that cleared up for you. Nyquil is a wonderful drug. I'm taking it again tonight, because it allowed me to breath out of both nasal passages all night.

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