Friday, November 9, 2007

Pick a Side Denise

Survivor China Review:
Uhhhh.... Did Jean-Robert really think he was a power player this season? He was totally out-witted. I've never seen him play poker, I hope he's better at reading people around the poker table than he is around the camp fire.
The lunch lady Denise better wake up, she was dissed big time. No one picked her in the reward challenge so she had to sit it out and no one told her they were all voting for Jean-Robert at tribal council. Pick a side Denise!
If you could hand pick an immunity challenge that Courtney would be sure to win, you would have picked the challenge they had last night. All she had to do is sit and not move. Hey, she's really good at that.
Next week I think we should see a big shake up and I'd really like to see Todd go home, he's annoying as hell.

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