Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Conscious is Clear

Ladies and gentlemen, live from Hollywood, this is Dancing With the Stars Review:
Everyone knew that it was probably Jennie going last night and so did she. The producers of Dancing With the Stars know how to drama it up though. The two dancing couples left under the red lights, in no particular order damn it, just happened to be Julianne Hough and Helio next to Derek Hough and Jennie. Wow brother against sister, cruel.
We got to see Sabrina and Mark dance again! They danced to Avril Lavigne singing Complicated. I fast forwarded through her first song, but wanted to see Sabrina and Mark and so did everybody else. Every time Sabrina and Mark took the dance floor the audience cheered over Avril Lavigne's singing. While watching Sabrina dance I kept saying to myself, "Marie can't do that." My conscious is clear I didn't vote for her.
Hey, Mrs. Brady was in the audience again! I wonder which of the Brady kids she's going to talk into being on the show next year?

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