Monday, March 31, 2008

My Beloved Cleveland Indians Have Started Regular Season

Occasionally I will post about my Cleveland Indians. I'm not going to talk about their ugly "throwback" uniforms today, since it's opening day I should remain positive. A big plus is that the weather cooperated this year. Last year's opening day was in the midst of a blizzard.
So be prepared all you Yankee, White Sox and Red Sox fans. This is Cleveland's year!
Thank God the game is on early today so I don't miss Dancing With The Stars!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Results Shows

Dancing With The Stars Review:
Well, not a review. You have to pay me the big bucks to sit through either Dancing With The Stars or American Idol's results shows. Big bucks baby. I don't have that kind of time to waste.
I missed the entire two hours of Dancing With The Stars Tuesday night, but did I call it or what? Penn Jillette is done and so is Monica Seles.

American Idol Review:
But not really a review. Again, I have things to do. But I did have it on and sat down from time to time. Unfortunately I caught the new part of the show where Ryan and his computer pull up questions from the internet. Ryan randomly picks a painful amount of questions for either the contestants or judges, who bumble through the stupid answers. I can not think of one question I would want to ask anyone on that show, that I thought I would get an honest answer to.
Last night Paula was gloveless and Syesha, Chikezie and dread-lock Jason were in the bottom three. I was surprised that Kristi Lee Cook dodged the bottom three bullet and so was she. In the end poor Chikezie got the ax, I thought he was doing so well. I guess it does all come down to song choice. Right?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Paula's Bejeweled, Black, Hooker Gloves

American Idol, Season 7 Review:
I hope that everyone noticed Paula's bejeweled, black, hooker gloves last night. She waved them around all night and stuck them out like Frankenstein to make sure we saw them. Ryan, Randy and Simon never mentioned them and I think that hurt her feelings. So let's all give Paula a round of applause for her hooker gloves and for managing to stay upright most of the evening.
Randy didn't seem to be happy with most of the dreaded song choices, Paula disagreed with him and then tried to form thoughts on her own and Simon agreed with Randy, imagine that.
The top three performances, according to our beloved judges, were Michael Johns, David Cook and Syesha Mercado and I agree. Oh and they were quite impressed by Kristi Lee Cook, but the rest of them fell into the poor song choice category.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars Review:
I saw The Fonz in the audience! Jimmy Kimmel was there too. Tonight after about 2 hours of stuff we have already seen we will find out which of the 12 couples have danced their last dance together. Two couples will go home this week. Monica Seles should go, she really sucks at dancing, stick with tennis Monica. There are two guys that should go but I will miss them terribly, because they are wildly entertaining, Penn Jillette and Adam Carolla. One person that can't wait to get rid of them, I'm sure, is one of the judges, Bruno. Jillette and Carolla will not take any crap from the judges and give it right back to them, especially Bruno.
I failed to mention last week how incredibly disappointed I am that Maks is not one of the Pro's this season, he's my favorite. And he takes his shirt off, a lot. Damn.
Kristi Yamaguchi <---- I took the time to look up the correct spelling, she was awesome. The football player Jason Taylor was too. The rest of the dances were middle of the road, I wouldn't be upset if Steve Guttenberg got voted out though or if he would just try to keep his mouth closed for most of his dance, that would work for me too.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Keep On Singing and Dancing

In a previous post I mentioned a Brady Bunch performance and then the next day I caught the end of The Brady Bunch movie right at this scene:

This is the sing and dance performance I was thinking of when I wrote my American Idol review. Can you see the similarities?
The reason I posted this video? I'm in a goofy mood and don't feel like working, is one answer. But the main reason is to see if I can get this song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. I don't want to be the only one seeking therapy today.
Have a great day and remember the Dancing With The Stars extravaganza is on for 2 hours tonight, all 12 dancers are to perform and for some reason Dancing With The Stars finds it necessary to have a 2 hour re-cap and elimination show on tomorrow night, that promises to bore the snot out of you.

Friday, March 21, 2008

LOST Episode 8: Meet Kevin Johnson

LOST Season 4, Episode 8 Review:
Uhhhhh..... okay this episode was mostly flashback. Of Michael aka Kevin Johnson, Ben's "man on the boat". Sayid confronts Michael and says, "How did you come to be on this boat?" And we went to one long flashback. Michael is trying to kill himself, because he's wracked with guilt, oh and a murderer. He drives his car into a wall and survives, wakes up in a hospital, hears a nurses voice and sees Libby talking to him while holding blankets in front of her. That was pretty creepy. Since he's already killed her.
Michael buys a gun at a pawn shop, goes to a back alley to shoot himself in the head and Tom/before he was dead Tom, shows up, you know in Manhattan and I'm sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation why he's not on the island, really. But he tells Michael the Island won't let him die, well of course it won't, duh! Tom wants Michael to redeem himself and save the island from the freighter 18 miles off shore. Michael agrees to this after his fully loaded gun misfires twice while trying to shoot himself in the head. Michael goes to Tom's penthouse room and we find out that Tom is a big ole gay guy. Tom tells his gay lover to take a walk and gives Michael his new passport, "Meet Kevin Johnson."
So we come back to Sayid and Desmond questioning Michael and Sayid drags Michael to the captain and tells the captain everything. Now at this point I'm just going to see where this goes. I don't know if I should yell at Sayid or applaud him. Because I have no idea who the good guys are.
Speaking of Ben, he tells the Locke followers that as soon as the freighter people capture him they will kill everyone on the island. When alone with Alex, Karl and Danielle, Ben tells them they have to leave, get far away from here and here is a map. It's to the temple where the rest of "our people" are. Off they go to the Temple, they stop for a two minute rest. Alex and Karl sit to have a drink of water, they hear gunshots, Karl sees a hole in his water bottle then Alex sees a hole in Karl, he's fall over dead. Alex freaks out and Danielle grabs her, "We have to run, I love you Alexandra." she says. They run and Danielle gets shot. Alex is sitting there scared to death raises her hands and says, "I'm Ben's daughter, don't shoot." That's how it ends. I'm thinking Ben set them up to get rid of Karl and Danielle, but who knows. And we have to wait a month to find out. It's very tiring being a LOST fan, isn't it?

Viral Film Festival

Trying to spark some interest in school, Boy #3 and I visited the local vocational school for their open house. We were able to pick three classes to visit. Boy #3 picked the three he was interested in. The first two were total geek classes and I had no idea what the teacher was talking about or if they were even speaking English. The third class was a “let’s check it out” last minute choice. It was called Video Technology. The minute we walked into the class could see a noticeable change in Boy #3. He actually looked excited about school, it brought tears to my eyes.

Viral Film Festival is something for him to aspire to. The mission of the festival is to showcase the best national and international short films in narrative, animation, documentary and experimental categories. When the eyes light up in your kids it’s time for encouragement. They are going to be working the rest of their lives, they should be doing something they love.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

American Idol's Top 10

American Idol Review:
So I thought it was the top 12 that went on tour..... my bad.
The show opened with the remaining 11 Rock Star wanna-be's singing a medley of The Beatles songs. It kind of reminded me of The Brady Bunch musical performances. Really makes me mad at myself for watching it again, I know I said I wouldn't. The husband worked late and I had total control over the TV, I couldn't help myself. I watched the agonizing, torture they put these people through.
The bottom three this week were Kristi again, Amanda the rocker chic that can't wait to sell out a bar and Carly. Everyone is surprised by Carly, I'm not. They panned the audience when Carly was singing Tuesday and pointed out her husband. He's a walking tattoo. She has a bunch too. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but your asking voters who made Taylor Hicks an American Idol, to vote for a tattooed rocker. I don't see it happening. Amanda the aspiring bar singing was voted out. I'm surprised because she's the one that the site I posted about picked her to vote for thinking she is the worst and trying to screw with the system. Kristi Lee Cook gets to sing again. *roll eyes here*

Survivor Micronesia: Episode 7

Survivor, Micronesia Review:
Kathy. We knew she was unstable. She is supposed to be an uber fan. Does she even watch the show? She quit last night. She wigged out, crying and hugging everyone. Whining, "I can't feel my family." Huh? Jeff came to have a sit down with her and then whisked her away on a boat, so she could quit.
I wish they would merge already because I still can't remember their tribe names. There is a purple and orange team, the purple team won the Reward Challenge. They got to take a shower. So we had some blurred out body parts this episode and a commentary by Cirie - priceless, I'm starting to like her again.
The orange team again won the Immunity Challenge, sending Ozzie and crew to Tribal Council. There was quite a bit of back stabbing talk going on but in the end Tracy and her cock-eyed left nipple went home.

Be Oyster Aware

I was watching the NCIS marathon last weekend and one of the characters called in sick, well she was kidnapped and made to call in sick, but anyway she made up a story about food poisoning and said she should have listened to the saying only eat raw oysters in months with the letter “R” in them. I’ve never heard that before. Maybe it’s because I don’t generally eat raw food unless it’s a fruit or vegetable. If you eat raw food, probably it’s a good idea to check sites like You can find all the information you need on oysters and some recipes. I’m posting a picture of what a gulf oyster looks like. My Aunt and Uncle brought me a bag of these shells once when I was heavily into the craft show scene. I was able to drill a hole in one end of the shell, I don’t know which end is considered the top, and I made Christmas ornaments out of them. Can’t you see a Santa face when you look at an gulf oysters shell?
So the husband and I have started watching NCIS but don’t know what’s going on with the characters. This kidnapped, oyster hating, Kate was killed somehow and we don’t know why or how. Just what I need another television show to get into.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dancing With The Stars, The Ladies Turn

Dancing With The Stars Review:
Yep, the ladies were better than the guys or maybe they look better, except for Monica Seles, because the professional guys have to lead. Kristi Yamawhatshername got a score of 27 already. Mom and I have deep discussions on Dancing With The Stars and Idol. Mom says, "You know that Kristi had ballet lessons and is use to performing, she's very graceful."
"You think she has an unfair advantage?"
Is the the Dancing With The Stars community in a tizzy over Kristi and her background? Hmmmm.... I kind of wanted her to win.
Priscilla Presley and her face scream plastic surgery. I can't see her cha cha - ing around the dance floor, I'm scared something will jar loose.
There is another woman "star" I don't know who she is but she's under five foot and almost as wide, I had to get the weight thing out and I won't refer to her wideness anymore, but she was annoying beyond belief. Nobody is that full of energy and jolly, oops did I do it again? I can tell Tony, her pro partner, wanted to slap her, I would have if I were in close proximity to her.
I love this show it entertains the hell out of me.

Fast-Forward Through American Idol

American Idol Review:
I thought we were promised the strongest and bestest contestants ever, that's what Ryan and Paula keep telling us. When do they plan to show up consistently? When are they going to make the right "song choices"? When are they going to stop singing The Beatles songs?
Yeah, none of them sounded very good last night, a little pitchy. Except for the kid, David Archuleta. I should have watched Dancing With The Stars instead. Simon didn't like anyone, Paula babbled and Randy - "Gee, I don't know, it didn't work for me, I didn't get. What do you think Paula?"
"Babble, babble, you look great tonight, babble, babble."
The plus side of the evening was I had this episode recorded and used the fast-forward button like a cheap French whore.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dancing With The Stars Season Opening

Dancing With The Stars Review:
Awesome, the show last night started off entertaining the hell out of me. All the professionals danced together, the lighting was great, the band sounded terrific, the crowd was pumped, it was just an energy filled extravaganza! Loved the beginning. When the stars started to dance the show slowed down some. It was their first dance and everyone was stiff. I was looking forward to seeing how Penn Jillette and Adam Carolla would do, they ended up in last place. I'm thinking after seeing these guys dance and not even seeing the women dance yet, that this time we will probably have a woman take home the trophy this season. I'm just saying.

Here is the beginning dance performed by the Pro's!

Monday, March 17, 2008

LOST Episode 7: Ji Yeon

LOST Episode 7, Season 4 Review:
Holy Crap, Michael is Ben's man on the boat. Not that I'm surprised, but what the hell's going on? Sayid and Desmond play it cool and don't blow his cover.
Juliette successfully gets Sun off the pregnant woman killing island, because we see Sun giving birth in a flash forward. She is referred to as one of the Oceanic Six. During Suns flash forward we see her in labor and calling out for Jin. In separate scenes we see Jin buying a stuffed panda bear and frantically trying to get to the hospital. But Jin was having a flashback, he bought the stuffed panda bear for a business associate of Mr. Paik's. Hurley shows up in Suns flash forward and he and Sun take the baby to Jins grave site. Damnit. They almost had me crying. Jin's dead, don't know why, don't know how.
On the island, Sun wants to go to the Locke camp. Juliette tells her she has to get off the island within 3 weeks or she will be dead. Sun doesn't trust her, she and Jin get a map from Kate. Juliette is really adamant that they stay and tells Jin that Sun had an affair. Uh oh! Jin understands more English than he can speak and clearly knows the word affair and who's the baby's daddy.
Jin goes fishing with Bernard. What else would you do when you're stranded on an island and you find out your wife has been unfaithful? Bernard rambles on about marriage and love and yada, yada and ends up talking sense into Jin. Realize what a dick he was when he and Sun were married, so he forgives her and she assures him he's her baby's daddy.
So if we are counting Aaron as one of the Oceanic Six, then we got all six of them accounted for. Jin's dead, Claire has to be dead and some of them are still on the island, don't ya think?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Survivor Micronesia: Episode 6

Survivor Micronesia: Episode 6, I think Review:
Maybe I'm just getting tired of Reality TV or I'm in a mood this week, wait what's the date? The 14th, yep, I'm in a mood. But last night Jonathan had to leave the show because of a raging infection from his knee injury. He cried like a baby. Kathy was sobbing. "We need you. We need you."
Can we get on to the Immunity Challenge please?
Since we have the Fans and the Favs mixed up I will be referring to them by the Purple team and the Orange team this week because I'm in a mood. Chet's team lost, Chet's team always looses, Chet's is a hindrance of great magnitude. Chet's team finally voted him out. Chet just about begged them to vote him out.
Here is the video of the Tribal Council Vote.
It's pretty boring, you can see who everyone voted for and what they said. Some of them draw pictures and you have to watch that too, but once in awhile I like to see who voted for who. I trying to figure out why some of them voted for Eric, his so called alliance I mean. I would vote for Eric, he's whiney and annoying. But Tracy did. And while I have Tracy brought up is it just me or is her left nipple way off to the side to much? I just stared at her nipples the whole time she was on the screen thinking, "That left one ain't right."
Oh and Jason went to Exile Island and found the fake Immunity Idol and he's so stoked thinking he has the real one. Chet went with him but just layed on the beach like a washed up dead fish.

LOST, Give Me Answers

I can’t post my LOST review until I watch it again, what the hell is going on? We get an answer in each episode and 67 more questions. I want more answers. I’ve been asked if I could find something in an oyster besides a pearl, what would that be? Answers to questions on LOST, that’s what I want. Like a fortune cookie. Why is Jin dead? Why is Michael on the freighter 18 miles off shore?

I’ve never had Gulf oysters before, but I would eat as many as I could for answers. I would prefer them cooked though. I just can’t do the raw thing. While they provide a low calorie protein that are a great source of zinc, vitamin B-12, and omega-3 fatty acids you have to be careful eating raw stuff. Did you know that if you have liver disease, diabetes or a weak immune system, you should avoid raw oysters. I found this out at a site called when searching for information on diabetes. The husband has been recently diagnosed with diabetes. There is a lot of information on oysters and recipes. They have answers for you there! Which is more than I can say for LOST.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

American Idol Eliminates the Stripper

American Idol Dragged Out Elimination Review:
This is the first elimination show that I've seen this season. American Idol three nights a week is more than I'm capable of, I can't do it. Checking online to see who was eliminated was good enough for me. This was probably the last elimination show I'm going to see this season. Because to be honest, I can't spare the brain cells. If I continue to watch these torturous elimination productions by the end of the season I'll need therapy. As I write this I have Kristy Lee Cooks country version of "Eight Days a Week" depleting my brain cell functions. Ferociously worming its way deeper into my brain, banging back and forth against my precious cells and rendering them useless.
Dear God they make the bottom three losers sing there song again. The bottom three were Syesha, Country Kristy and David Hernandez. David was the ultimate loser, which is good because there are a bunch of David's in the competition, we should get rid of one or two just to keep it simple. American Idol is dumbing their audience down and we can't be expected to keep track of three contestants with the same name. Kristy Lee Cook will remain in the competition at least one more week to country up another legendary song.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

She's a Little Bit Country

American Idol Top 12 Review:
"It started off a little pitchy, but dude you worked it out." For God sakes Randy, again with the pitchy.
Paula disagreed with Randy twice! And Simon liked more than two performances last night.
It was songs from the Beatles night. Oh boy. So Kristy Lee Cook took the judges literally last week when they told her she should focus on county songs. She sang "8 Day a Week" in a country arrangement. Dear God it was awful. Painful to listen to. I still wince when I think of it. Simon called it a mess.
Simon also called the judges beloved David Archuleta a mess. Whoa! He really did a ghastly job trying to sing "We Can Work it Out". Simon expands my vocabulary. David A. forgot some of the lyrics. Yikes.
The judges and I thought that Brooke, Chikezie, Carly and David C. did well. In the middle of the pack were Michael and Jason. The ones I didn't mention didn't do well. Kristy should go tonight, IMO.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Why Amanda is Still on American Idol

Thursday we said goodbye to Kady, Luke, Danny and Asia'h. Narrowing American Idol down to the final 12. I knew Luke would go, because he was awful, sorry Luke. I thought Amanda would go too. She's not going anywhere. There is a site that picks the contestant that they think is the worst and encourages everyone to vote for her or him and they have picked their "worst" to be Amanda. They try to see how far they can get them into the season. I've decided not to link to them. I feel bad for Amanda.
Changing the subject. I would totally wear those jeans if I had a pair. I wonder where I could find a pair of those.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

LOST Episode 6: The Other Woman

LOST Review:
I watched it twice. You have to with LOST or you'll be Lost. I crack myself up sometimes. So Juliette was required to see a psychiatrist when she arrived on "the island". And she was also picked to be "Ben's". Ewwwww! We know that she ended up with Goodwin, but we found out that Goodwin was a married man. And he was married to the psychiatrist that Juliette was seeing, Harper. Harper is a bitch. No two ways about it, bitch with a capital B. She found out about the affair and warned Juliette because she didn't want Goodwin to be hurt, by Ben. Ben sent Goodwin to the plane wreck to get rid of him. And left him undercover, spying when he didn't need to be and Ana Lucia killed him. Ben took Juliette on a little walk to show her Goodwin's dead body. It's a shame no one thought to bury him. That was a flashback, but they made it at the very first to seem like Juliette was one of the Oceanic Six, tricky.
Back to the island, the geek squad, Daniel and Charlotte, are missing and all their stuff. Juliette and Jack go to look for them, well Sun and Jin do too, but that's the last we see of them this episode. Jin's English is coming along nicely. Juliette hears the "whispers" in the jungle. And then she see's her buddy Harper. Harper tells Juliette to kill Daniel and Charlotte before they release the poisonous gas in the Tempest Station, that will kill everyone on the island. Harper says that Ben sent her. Ooookay. On their way to find the geek squad, Juliette and Jack run into Kate, who had just been hit over the head by Charlotte. Why, because Kate continues to be stupid. Juliette leaves to get Kate some water, but takes off on her own. She gets to the Tempest Station and finds Daniel furiously typing away on a keyboard with danger warnings and alarm sounds going crazy. Where's Charlotte? She's going to sneak up behind Juliette of course. Oh look, I was right, a girl fight.
LOST isn't going to win any more Emmy's if they keep writing this predictable, High School scripting.
Juliette wins the girl fight and points the gun at Daniel and says stop. Charlotte explains that he's trying to save the island. He does, he typed the right thing in at the last second, geeks always do that. Jack and Kate get there, Kate's pissed at Charlotte for hitting her over the head. Hey Kate, don't turn your back on people that act suspicious. Kate and Charlotte go back into the Tempest Station so Kate can make sure Daniel is securing the station. Jack and Juliette share a kiss. That's probably going to piss off Kate too.
Oh hey back at Othersville, Ben plays some more mind games with Locke. Ben's really good at the mind games, especially with Locke. Ben wants out of captivity. He tells Locke he will show him something, last time he did that Locke ended up shot in the kidney, in a shallow grave with several darma clad skeletons. But that was before, it couldn't happen again. Let's trust Ben. Ben shows Locke a tape featuring Charles Widmore, again this guy pops up in an episode. Apparently Charles Widmore is the man behind the freighter 18 mile off shore. Ben explains Widmore wants to exploit the island. Ben gives Locke an extensive file on Widmore. This is enough information for Locke to trust Ben again, Locke gives Ben some clean linens and a key to a house right next door to our two favorite roomies Hurley and Sawyer. Ben walks by the horse-shoe playing buddies and says, "See you at dinner."

Friday, March 7, 2008

Payback's a Bitch

Survivor Micronesia, Fans vs. Favs:
I laughed so hard at Joel. Mr. Master Plan gets rid of two strong players on his tribe and keeps Chet the weakest survivor ever. Jeff mixes up the tribes, so it's no longer Favorites vs. Fans. Joel gets stuck with Chet on his tribe again.
Jeff gets them right into a challenge after the mix up. It's a very physical challenge, Pavarti ends up with a fat lip, Jonathan got stab in the knee with something and ended up getting stitches. Two Survivors were tied together by the waist and had to chase two other Survivors. Joel and Chet were tied together and Joel literally dragged Chet through the mud, to the point where I thought Joel is going to kill Chet, talk about reality TV. Creepy Joel is a mean son of a bitch. Way too mean to win Survivor as he found out when he was voted out. He wanted to finally get rid of Chet, Cirie is in their tribe also. Cirie seems to have a gift to persuade because she wanted Joel gone and poof, he's gone.
Joel, for supposedly being a super fan of Survivor, proved to be one of the dumbest Survivors I've seen in a while, definitely the meanest.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

It Isn't About The Judges

American Idol Girls Review:
Not at all. I'm sure hardly anyone noticed the judges this week. Paula kept reminding us how it's all about the contestants, this she did while partially in her chair and partially in Simon's chair. Her babbling was in full speed last night, I just hope she makes it through the rest of the season before she goes to rehab. Randy, dude, is he hearing what we hear. Brooke sang Pat Benatar's "Love is a Battlefield" and made it her own. Randy says something like, "You really didn't do much with the song, but it was good." She looked at him like, "Whaaa?"
I'm convinced in order to win this competition the contestants must either totally ignore the judges or learn to decipher the secret, complex code that the judges have unwittingly created in their American Idol world.
Here is Brooke's version of Love is a Battlefield, I'm starting to like her too!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

American Idol Guys

American Idol Guys Review:
Probably I'm late in saying this, but....
"Luke! Lower your voice....... a lot."
He does sound like a girl, Simon is right. I can't believe I just said that. Damn, he's cute, but he's one of the guys going home, everyone else was better than him.
Randy was harping on the pitchiness of the songs again, Simon was brutally honest in a confusing way, and our dear Paula babbled her lovely head off again. Babble, babble, let's give it up for the guys, babble.
I'm more that a little creeped out by Danny Noriega and David Hernandez, after seeing them on the news, in before Idol footage/news. So if either one of them leaves with Luke I won't be disappointed.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Movie Night and The Shopping Channel

The Bourne Identity was an action packed movie. I jumped up startled a couple times. And we both, the husband and I, liked it. He liked it enough to toy with the idea of watching The Bourne Supremacy right after it. But he was too tired and so was I.

The husband went to bed and I usually wait until he’s a sleep before I follow, he likes to watch TV until he falls a sleep, I don’t. So I did the channel flipping thing awhile and found myself on The Shopping Channel. There I discovered BORBA skin care products. They are supposed to be age defying, which peaked my interest. I’m all for healthy skin and looking younger. All of BORBA’s products are dermatologist-tested and recommended and their site is filled with a product line for clarifying, age defying, replenishing, and firming your skin. I receive tips at work and have to maintain my cuteness, skin care is a must. And I also just got done coloring my hair last night, that’s why we got to our movie late, I was rinsing.

We are not stretching the trilogy into three movie night weekends though, we are watching The Bourne Supremacy tonight, that’s the second one right?

American Idol Kick Off's

American Idol Thursday Review:
I can't really call this post a review, because I didn't watch it. There is too much going on Thursday nights, the biggest thing is that I work that night and there is only so much I can record. I hate the kick off shows anyway. I watched the re-cap online and even that was drawn out.
I was half right on my predictions. One of the Jasons went and so did Alexandrea. Alaina and Robbie are the other two that are done. The two Cutey Patutys, Luke and Michael stay to sing another day.
I go to the American Idol site to get the names of these contestants, because I don't know most of them yet. You can join a message board community there. It's called MyIdol Community. Do you have to be experiencing PMS to join?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bourne Identity and Light Beer

Finally the husband and I are going to see Bourne Identity. Very rarely to we agree on a movie or television show. About three months ago we saw Bourne Ultimatum was on. “It’s a trilogy, but I think that’s the first one.” I said. About five minutes into the movie we discovered I was wrong. The husband changed to the history channel and I went on the computer. So much for our evening of a movie, popcorn and a beer. We’re trying it again tonight.

Since that last movie night the husbands become a diabetic. “Can you have beer?”

“I don’t know. Probably light beer.”

Off to the internet I went in search of how a diabetic and light beer go together. The answer is, in moderation. That’s always the answer. I did find a contest/survey during my search. Everyone who answers all 10 questions will be entered for a chance to win a $300 Amazon gift card. To start the survey, text the word beer to 247365. So you have to do this on your cell phone. I’m going to have to have the boys help me with this, they’re a little more cell phone savvy that I am.

I’ll let you know how a movie, popcorn and a beer night go with a Bourne Identity review. We borrowed the trilogy from our brother-in-law, so we’re looking at three weekends of movie nights in a row!