Sunday, March 2, 2008

Movie Night and The Shopping Channel

The Bourne Identity was an action packed movie. I jumped up startled a couple times. And we both, the husband and I, liked it. He liked it enough to toy with the idea of watching The Bourne Supremacy right after it. But he was too tired and so was I.

The husband went to bed and I usually wait until he’s a sleep before I follow, he likes to watch TV until he falls a sleep, I don’t. So I did the channel flipping thing awhile and found myself on The Shopping Channel. There I discovered BORBA skin care products. They are supposed to be age defying, which peaked my interest. I’m all for healthy skin and looking younger. All of BORBA’s products are dermatologist-tested and recommended and their site is filled with a product line for clarifying, age defying, replenishing, and firming your skin. I receive tips at work and have to maintain my cuteness, skin care is a must. And I also just got done coloring my hair last night, that’s why we got to our movie late, I was rinsing.

We are not stretching the trilogy into three movie night weekends though, we are watching The Bourne Supremacy tonight, that’s the second one right?

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