Saturday, March 8, 2008

LOST Episode 6: The Other Woman

LOST Review:
I watched it twice. You have to with LOST or you'll be Lost. I crack myself up sometimes. So Juliette was required to see a psychiatrist when she arrived on "the island". And she was also picked to be "Ben's". Ewwwww! We know that she ended up with Goodwin, but we found out that Goodwin was a married man. And he was married to the psychiatrist that Juliette was seeing, Harper. Harper is a bitch. No two ways about it, bitch with a capital B. She found out about the affair and warned Juliette because she didn't want Goodwin to be hurt, by Ben. Ben sent Goodwin to the plane wreck to get rid of him. And left him undercover, spying when he didn't need to be and Ana Lucia killed him. Ben took Juliette on a little walk to show her Goodwin's dead body. It's a shame no one thought to bury him. That was a flashback, but they made it at the very first to seem like Juliette was one of the Oceanic Six, tricky.
Back to the island, the geek squad, Daniel and Charlotte, are missing and all their stuff. Juliette and Jack go to look for them, well Sun and Jin do too, but that's the last we see of them this episode. Jin's English is coming along nicely. Juliette hears the "whispers" in the jungle. And then she see's her buddy Harper. Harper tells Juliette to kill Daniel and Charlotte before they release the poisonous gas in the Tempest Station, that will kill everyone on the island. Harper says that Ben sent her. Ooookay. On their way to find the geek squad, Juliette and Jack run into Kate, who had just been hit over the head by Charlotte. Why, because Kate continues to be stupid. Juliette leaves to get Kate some water, but takes off on her own. She gets to the Tempest Station and finds Daniel furiously typing away on a keyboard with danger warnings and alarm sounds going crazy. Where's Charlotte? She's going to sneak up behind Juliette of course. Oh look, I was right, a girl fight.
LOST isn't going to win any more Emmy's if they keep writing this predictable, High School scripting.
Juliette wins the girl fight and points the gun at Daniel and says stop. Charlotte explains that he's trying to save the island. He does, he typed the right thing in at the last second, geeks always do that. Jack and Kate get there, Kate's pissed at Charlotte for hitting her over the head. Hey Kate, don't turn your back on people that act suspicious. Kate and Charlotte go back into the Tempest Station so Kate can make sure Daniel is securing the station. Jack and Juliette share a kiss. That's probably going to piss off Kate too.
Oh hey back at Othersville, Ben plays some more mind games with Locke. Ben's really good at the mind games, especially with Locke. Ben wants out of captivity. He tells Locke he will show him something, last time he did that Locke ended up shot in the kidney, in a shallow grave with several darma clad skeletons. But that was before, it couldn't happen again. Let's trust Ben. Ben shows Locke a tape featuring Charles Widmore, again this guy pops up in an episode. Apparently Charles Widmore is the man behind the freighter 18 mile off shore. Ben explains Widmore wants to exploit the island. Ben gives Locke an extensive file on Widmore. This is enough information for Locke to trust Ben again, Locke gives Ben some clean linens and a key to a house right next door to our two favorite roomies Hurley and Sawyer. Ben walks by the horse-shoe playing buddies and says, "See you at dinner."

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