Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars Review:
I saw The Fonz in the audience! Jimmy Kimmel was there too. Tonight after about 2 hours of stuff we have already seen we will find out which of the 12 couples have danced their last dance together. Two couples will go home this week. Monica Seles should go, she really sucks at dancing, stick with tennis Monica. There are two guys that should go but I will miss them terribly, because they are wildly entertaining, Penn Jillette and Adam Carolla. One person that can't wait to get rid of them, I'm sure, is one of the judges, Bruno. Jillette and Carolla will not take any crap from the judges and give it right back to them, especially Bruno.
I failed to mention last week how incredibly disappointed I am that Maks is not one of the Pro's this season, he's my favorite. And he takes his shirt off, a lot. Damn.
Kristi Yamaguchi <---- I took the time to look up the correct spelling, she was awesome. The football player Jason Taylor was too. The rest of the dances were middle of the road, I wouldn't be upset if Steve Guttenberg got voted out though or if he would just try to keep his mouth closed for most of his dance, that would work for me too.

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