Thursday, March 20, 2008

Survivor Micronesia: Episode 7

Survivor, Micronesia Review:
Kathy. We knew she was unstable. She is supposed to be an uber fan. Does she even watch the show? She quit last night. She wigged out, crying and hugging everyone. Whining, "I can't feel my family." Huh? Jeff came to have a sit down with her and then whisked her away on a boat, so she could quit.
I wish they would merge already because I still can't remember their tribe names. There is a purple and orange team, the purple team won the Reward Challenge. They got to take a shower. So we had some blurred out body parts this episode and a commentary by Cirie - priceless, I'm starting to like her again.
The orange team again won the Immunity Challenge, sending Ozzie and crew to Tribal Council. There was quite a bit of back stabbing talk going on but in the end Tracy and her cock-eyed left nipple went home.

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