Sunday, March 2, 2008

American Idol Kick Off's

American Idol Thursday Review:
I can't really call this post a review, because I didn't watch it. There is too much going on Thursday nights, the biggest thing is that I work that night and there is only so much I can record. I hate the kick off shows anyway. I watched the re-cap online and even that was drawn out.
I was half right on my predictions. One of the Jasons went and so did Alexandrea. Alaina and Robbie are the other two that are done. The two Cutey Patutys, Luke and Michael stay to sing another day.
I go to the American Idol site to get the names of these contestants, because I don't know most of them yet. You can join a message board community there. It's called MyIdol Community. Do you have to be experiencing PMS to join?

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