Thursday, March 20, 2008

Be Oyster Aware

I was watching the NCIS marathon last weekend and one of the characters called in sick, well she was kidnapped and made to call in sick, but anyway she made up a story about food poisoning and said she should have listened to the saying only eat raw oysters in months with the letter “R” in them. I’ve never heard that before. Maybe it’s because I don’t generally eat raw food unless it’s a fruit or vegetable. If you eat raw food, probably it’s a good idea to check sites like You can find all the information you need on oysters and some recipes. I’m posting a picture of what a gulf oyster looks like. My Aunt and Uncle brought me a bag of these shells once when I was heavily into the craft show scene. I was able to drill a hole in one end of the shell, I don’t know which end is considered the top, and I made Christmas ornaments out of them. Can’t you see a Santa face when you look at an gulf oysters shell?
So the husband and I have started watching NCIS but don’t know what’s going on with the characters. This kidnapped, oyster hating, Kate was killed somehow and we don’t know why or how. Just what I need another television show to get into.

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