Wednesday, March 12, 2008

She's a Little Bit Country

American Idol Top 12 Review:
"It started off a little pitchy, but dude you worked it out." For God sakes Randy, again with the pitchy.
Paula disagreed with Randy twice! And Simon liked more than two performances last night.
It was songs from the Beatles night. Oh boy. So Kristy Lee Cook took the judges literally last week when they told her she should focus on county songs. She sang "8 Day a Week" in a country arrangement. Dear God it was awful. Painful to listen to. I still wince when I think of it. Simon called it a mess.
Simon also called the judges beloved David Archuleta a mess. Whoa! He really did a ghastly job trying to sing "We Can Work it Out". Simon expands my vocabulary. David A. forgot some of the lyrics. Yikes.
The judges and I thought that Brooke, Chikezie, Carly and David C. did well. In the middle of the pack were Michael and Jason. The ones I didn't mention didn't do well. Kristy should go tonight, IMO.

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Melo said...

I like Kristy, she's very pretty. ;) Too bad, it's a popularity contest and not a talent one.