Friday, March 14, 2008

LOST, Give Me Answers

I can’t post my LOST review until I watch it again, what the hell is going on? We get an answer in each episode and 67 more questions. I want more answers. I’ve been asked if I could find something in an oyster besides a pearl, what would that be? Answers to questions on LOST, that’s what I want. Like a fortune cookie. Why is Jin dead? Why is Michael on the freighter 18 miles off shore?

I’ve never had Gulf oysters before, but I would eat as many as I could for answers. I would prefer them cooked though. I just can’t do the raw thing. While they provide a low calorie protein that are a great source of zinc, vitamin B-12, and omega-3 fatty acids you have to be careful eating raw stuff. Did you know that if you have liver disease, diabetes or a weak immune system, you should avoid raw oysters. I found this out at a site called when searching for information on diabetes. The husband has been recently diagnosed with diabetes. There is a lot of information on oysters and recipes. They have answers for you there! Which is more than I can say for LOST.

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