Thursday, March 13, 2008

American Idol Eliminates the Stripper

American Idol Dragged Out Elimination Review:
This is the first elimination show that I've seen this season. American Idol three nights a week is more than I'm capable of, I can't do it. Checking online to see who was eliminated was good enough for me. This was probably the last elimination show I'm going to see this season. Because to be honest, I can't spare the brain cells. If I continue to watch these torturous elimination productions by the end of the season I'll need therapy. As I write this I have Kristy Lee Cooks country version of "Eight Days a Week" depleting my brain cell functions. Ferociously worming its way deeper into my brain, banging back and forth against my precious cells and rendering them useless.
Dear God they make the bottom three losers sing there song again. The bottom three were Syesha, Country Kristy and David Hernandez. David was the ultimate loser, which is good because there are a bunch of David's in the competition, we should get rid of one or two just to keep it simple. American Idol is dumbing their audience down and we can't be expected to keep track of three contestants with the same name. Kristy Lee Cook will remain in the competition at least one more week to country up another legendary song.


Gary said...

LOL! I love your take on these shows.

I worked in an office until just a few months ago in which the ONLY topic of conversation was the latest Am. Idol drool. Day in and day out, three of the women who worked there in particular (you know who you are!) could speak of nothing else.

Yeah, "dumbing down" is probably the best expression for these shows.

Boy, when I was a teenager (dates me, eh?) I remember the media maven, Newton Minnow, declaring television a "vast wasteland" back in the 1960s. Bet he's spinning in his grave over a lot of today's programming. I never thought there's be so many cable channels, network channels, the works -- all generally finding ways to make old "Bonanza" and "Beverly Hillbillies" reruns look good! LOL!

Sue said...

Thank you Gary! Everywhere you go everyone talks American Idol! You can't get away from it. Thanks for stopping by!