Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dancing With The Stars, The Ladies Turn

Dancing With The Stars Review:
Yep, the ladies were better than the guys or maybe they look better, except for Monica Seles, because the professional guys have to lead. Kristi Yamawhatshername got a score of 27 already. Mom and I have deep discussions on Dancing With The Stars and Idol. Mom says, "You know that Kristi had ballet lessons and is use to performing, she's very graceful."
"You think she has an unfair advantage?"
Is the the Dancing With The Stars community in a tizzy over Kristi and her background? Hmmmm.... I kind of wanted her to win.
Priscilla Presley and her face scream plastic surgery. I can't see her cha cha - ing around the dance floor, I'm scared something will jar loose.
There is another woman "star" I don't know who she is but she's under five foot and almost as wide, I had to get the weight thing out and I won't refer to her wideness anymore, but she was annoying beyond belief. Nobody is that full of energy and jolly, oops did I do it again? I can tell Tony, her pro partner, wanted to slap her, I would have if I were in close proximity to her.
I love this show it entertains the hell out of me.

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