Friday, September 26, 2008

Ladies and Gentleman, this is Dancing With The Stars

The Star Studded Extravaganza that is Dancing With The Stars has begun. WooHoo! Although I'm at a loss as to who over half of the "Stars" are, this show still entertains the hell out of me. Max is back this season, thank you God. Tony is partnered up with the skinniest woman "Star" this year, I guess after having to hoist the beefy broad around last season it was owed to him. Ted McGinley was voted off second, he's the guy from Married With Children. I can tell him why he was voted off, here you go Ted: he was trying to appeal to Joe Six Pack, "I'm just a regular guy who sits on the recliner and drinks beer, I just wanna show these guys we can dance. " Duh.... whatever. The problem is Joe Six Pack ain't watchin'. Trust me, I'm married to one, he'd rather chew aluminum foil. In fact, when Dancing With The Stars first came on, he got up from his recliner and said, "Where's the aluminum foil?" And then he disappeared. Nice try Ted.
And then there's Cloris Leachman. Dear God voters, you know you're voting for her for all the wrong reasons. You're going to feel bad when she falls down and can't get up. She was funny the first night, but the Alzheimer's routine is going to get old fast. Just keep her around a couple more week's and then that's it and I mean it, really.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Don't Lose Me!

It’s the first day of Fall, the pool is closed and my tan has noticeable faded. All that work for an even tan for the wedding, faded away. I can get rather dark. Especially when I was running around all summer without a care in the world. Actually, back in the day when I was a kid and I went on a family beach vacation with my rather pale friends family. Her mother said to my mother, “Don’t worry if we lose them, they’ll be easy to find. I’ll just ask around if anyone has seen a little black and a little white girl walking around together.” While they all found this hysterical, all I could think was, “Lose me? Lose me amongst all the New Jersey attractions, this is funny to you? Mom? Do you really think you should send me with this woman?” Now that I think of it, with children of my own, yeah it’s funny. You need to put a little fear into them to have them stick close to you in a crowd and we did. And I’m happy to say no one lost me or my lighter shade of pale friend on the Jersey Shore.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

With Golden Tickets in Hand

With every intention to post my view of the latest episode of Fringe, I instead went to the Cleveland Indians game last night. We got our hands on four Golden Tickets and I couldn't pass up an evening of free food, Cliff Lee's attempt to win game number 23 and more free food. Cliff Lee had a rough night but I on the other hand, ate until I couldn't move.
We were in row J, so it was quite a chore to keep walking up and down the steps for hotdogs, peanuts, waffle fries, nacho's and ice cream, so we developed a system. The husband and I brought my parents with us and we foraged for food in pairs. Two of us would load up our pockets and arms with said items, chow down and then the other two would go for more. The evening went well for us, not so much for Cliff Lee.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My View of Fringe

I can think of no better to way to grab an audience than to show them a plane full of people as their faces melt off, awesome. I'm calling Fringe my new kookamonga show. Why? Because Fringe has government cover-ups, fringe science, unexplained phenomena, the creepy black guy from LOST, a half dead guy with transparent skin, a mad scientist and JJ Abrams is involved. All the makings of a cult show.
The mad scientist, Dr. Walter Bishop, played by John Noble, seems to be the only doctor that can save the transparent skin guy. The problem is, he has been in a mental institute for 17 years. It's amazingly easy to spring him out and start up his basement laboratory, but hey it's TV right?
The show moved at a faster pace than, oh I don't know, LOST? Another JJ Abrams creation. Like LOST, there were symbols and clues and I suppose Easter eggs to delve into, but I refuse to get that involved.
If you missed the first episode Tuesday, it will be on again Sunday night. I plan to watch the second episode, probably the third and so on, we'll see.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fringe, I'm Watching It Tomorrow

After conducting little or no research I've decided the new show I'm going to watch this premier season is called Fringe. It's on Fox, tomorrow at 8:00pm. So really the research I did was to see if it conflicted with any of the multitude of other shows I already watch. And it looks freaky enough to hold my interest. Freaky enough to drive the husband crazy too. Oh and it will keep me occupied while America's Got Talent is on, because Lord knows I've lost enough brain cells watching that show.
Fringe is on a Tuesday on Fox, so I'm fully prepared to be totally into the show and then have it taken off for weeks and weeks to accommodate American Idol. That's what will happen, just so you know.