Saturday, September 13, 2008

My View of Fringe

I can think of no better to way to grab an audience than to show them a plane full of people as their faces melt off, awesome. I'm calling Fringe my new kookamonga show. Why? Because Fringe has government cover-ups, fringe science, unexplained phenomena, the creepy black guy from LOST, a half dead guy with transparent skin, a mad scientist and JJ Abrams is involved. All the makings of a cult show.
The mad scientist, Dr. Walter Bishop, played by John Noble, seems to be the only doctor that can save the transparent skin guy. The problem is, he has been in a mental institute for 17 years. It's amazingly easy to spring him out and start up his basement laboratory, but hey it's TV right?
The show moved at a faster pace than, oh I don't know, LOST? Another JJ Abrams creation. Like LOST, there were symbols and clues and I suppose Easter eggs to delve into, but I refuse to get that involved.
If you missed the first episode Tuesday, it will be on again Sunday night. I plan to watch the second episode, probably the third and so on, we'll see.

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