Thursday, August 30, 2007

We should have done this years ago!

I once told my husband, "Yeah, we can get a dog. When you grow up or when you turn 50 we can get a dog." We celebrated his 50th birthday at the dog pound. In the "puppy room". There were about eight barking, hyper puppies jumping up and down in there little cages. Except for one that looked right at us and leaned up to the cage waiting for us to pet her. She picked us!
We were ready for a dog in our house. She's waiting for you at the door when you get home. No matter what kind of day you've had, she is there wagging her tail looking for love and you can't help but smile. She follows me around all day and takes her nap on the floor at my feet while I'm working at my computer. I quit my job in February to sell online full time, but I tell everyone I quit to "raise" the dog! Shhhhhhhh............... Don't tell my husband, but we should have done this years ago!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cleveland Indians Triple Play!

My husband called me early in the afternoon Monday, 8-27-07. He said, "Don't cook dinner, we're going to the game." YES!! The only time we go to a ball game is when we get free tickets. Usually when you get free tickets they come in even numbers. We have three kids, all boys. Our youngest is 15 years old and somehow after all these years he's never been to a game. He always got left at grandma's and grandpa's.
When you land four free tickets and you take the older two boys because the youngest one won't mind, he's to little to care. Then as he got older he never had an interest in sports so he stayed behind. I feel so bad!
As we were walking to the stadium we realized the poor kid had never been to a game. Oh man the guilt! So we marched to our seats, actually loge seats, my husband and I, and the two younger ones. The oldest works second shift during the week, but that hasn't stopped our obvious neglect. Last time we went to a game we took the middle kid and his girlfriend!
Finding it rather amusing that boy #3 has never been to a game, boy #2 used it to his advantage. Never missing an opportunity to let it be known that he'd been there several times. When the National Anthem started boy #2 was quick to take off boy #3's hat and smack it into his gut.
Around the 6th inning I asked him if he was having a good time. "Yeah" he said, "It's fun to be here in person." As I was talking to him the middle one finished the poor kids Pepsi. "You have to go get us more Pepsi." Ordered boy #2. Boy #3 smiled at me. Two teenagers in a good mood at the same time, it warms a mothers heart. "I have to go to the bathroom anyways." "Dude!" Boy #2 explains, "Good time to go, Cleveland is doing a pitching change."
There were men on first and second and no outs, Cleveland made the call to the bullpen. Don't want to give up the lead! The game resumes. The boy that has never been to a baseball game is in the bathroom. Did I mention we are in a loge suite? Only way to go baby! Grounder hit to third base, Casey Blake fields it and steps on third, throws to second baseman, Asdrubal Cabrera who throws it to first base. Triple play! Now not many of us can say we have seen a triple play live. After last night my husband and I, and our middle son can. But how many of you can say, "At the very first baseball game I went to I was in the bathroom during a triple play."
What an awesome play! I'm looking for a video of it and when I find it I will post it on my other blog. Hopefully that will be sometime today!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

There goes my baby.

The kids are back in school and I'm not jumping up and down. I will miss them. And when I think of it, next summer is going to be hectic, this summer was great. My youngest would get up in the afternoon and ask, "What are we going to do today mom?" I'm not going to hear that anymore. He's 15 and ready to drive.
Next summer, I don't even want to think about it! Boy #1 is getting married in August. Thank God I'm the mother of the Groom! I'll just wear a beige dress and keep my mouth shut. Boy #2 is graduating. Boy #3 will be learning how to drive. I won't have any hair left by the end of the summer and if I do it will be gray!
So that means I have to plan a bridal shower, a graduation party, visit the DMV more than once, get in the car with another 16 year old behind the wheel, watch that dear sweet face say "I do", send Goodtime Charlie, Social Sam, Boy #2, (whatever you want to call him) off to college.
I've never put it all in writing before!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Blog - First Post!

Welcome to The View of Sue! I decided I like blogging so much that I started a new one! I plan to blog about anything that pops into my head. But first I need to customize this here blog of mine a little more. My other blog is full of information on my Online Stores and this blog will be more generic. So stay tuned for The View of Sue!