Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Something Wicked This Way Come

Looking into the early afternoon sky I couldn’t help but feel a sense of urgency. Up above me in the space that once held the warm, bright sun gave way to an ominous darkness that enveloped my little world.

With several errands on my list yesterday I was distracted by the colors of impending doom. Black and gray with midnight blue mingled together and spread across the horizon. They slowly crept across the skyline as if they were trying to sneak up on us. The colors rolled together forming threatening tufts of clouds.

Each time I left the safety of my heated car the air outside felt colder. The wind swirled around me and the damnable clouds started to break apart bringing frigid raindrops to the earth.

This was it, it was rolling into our lives. Whether we wanted to see it or not, it would stay with us, like an annoying out of town relative overstaying their welcome. Winter has arrived.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Back Cover Blurb

Assignment from Absolute Write Blog Chain:
Write up a
back cover blurb for a book you have written or would like to write. It should be short, sweet, yet give a sense of people and events without totally spoiling the ending. NaNoWriMo participation is not required, and the blurb may be for fiction or nonfiction as you see fit.

Being a new member on the Absolute Forum I couldn't help but gravitate to the blogging threads, it's where I'm most comfortable. But I'm jumping out of my comfort zone and unleashing my first book. I have entertained the idea of writing a book but haven't shared the idea with too many people. Unfortunately the idea in my head, the one that must come out, requires quite a bit of research. Don't look for this book to be done any time soon.
Below is my blurb and also a list of the the other participants in the blog chain:


Niles O’Brien sat in the back of the prison van locked in his seat and he waited. For almost two years Niles had waited and continued to believe he would be set free. He was innocent after all and the military would see that, he was a good soldier and this was all a mistake. He would soon be out of maximum security, have his name cleared and be back with his team. Holding on to this hope got him through each intolerable day.

The vans door opened and another man was half dragged in, sat down and locked in place across from Niles. His new companions head was down, his chin rested on his chest and blood trickled down the lip and nose of his face and formed a small puddle on the vans floor.

Niles studied the silent man for a half a minute before he broke the silence. He cocked his head to the side.

“Looks like you put up quite a fight. Did you think you had any chance of getting away?”

After he said it he knew he sounded like a smart ass and from the menacing look he received as the man across from him slowly rose his head and made eye contact with Niles, it kind of confirmed the question came out wrong. So much for first impressions, Niles quickly realized his people skills were sorely lacking during his time of incarceration.

The van began to move, breaking the awkward moment of their first meeting. Their stare continued though and each saw the overwhelming, uneasy feeling that rested in the other’s eyes. They did not know where they were going, nor would they want to.

What Niles and the beaten, bloodied man across from him didn’t know was that they had been targeted for a top-secret military mission from which there was no return. Because of the sacrifices made for this assignment, no one would want to volunteer. No, the time Niles spent in Leavenworth was the preliminary adjustment to his new life. A new life so deeply undercover that he would be dead to the world he knew, his family, friends and his brothers in arms.

Join Niles O’Brien as he struggles with lines he believes have been crossed in the world of advanced scientific discoveries. As he is forced into objectionable partnerships and learns more than he wants to of the threat to our world, the world he has been unwillingly recruited to save.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In transition

This blog is in a transitional phase. From entertainment to a writer's blog. It's been stagnate long enough. I plan to post some of my other writing here, serious stuff that doesn't fit on Farvel Cargo the humor blog. If any of you writers want to be added to my blog roll let me know.
I've joined a writers forum called Absolute Write and plan to use this blog for writing prompts and their blog chain prompts. I'm excited. I still watch too much TV but haven't the time to blog about it. I have to go work on my header now.

Up coming post: A Book Blurb - I have to write a blurb for a book that I have wrote, I am writing or want to write, then post it here. I have just started on a book and I will be posting the blurb when it's my turn. I'm really nervous. Mommy.......

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Once Upon A Time

Remember back when you were a little kid, before you could read? I know it's difficult but try to remember those stories our parents read to us. That's what ABC's latest Fall Show, Once Upon A Time is doing to me. It's making me search the dusty, cobwebbed corners of my brain, trying to remember who the hell is Rumplestiltskin. I recall the name but can't remember his part in my childhood stories.
I remember reading to my kids before they could read right before bed. You want them to go to sleep, you're tired, so you skip a few pages. It happens, everyone does it. Our parents must have done it because I can't remember most of this stuff going on in this show. I've been googling Story Book Stories since I decided to invest an hour of my week every Sunday.
My theory is our parents skipped some pages to get us to go to bed quicker and to save us the nightmares from these conniving, heart stealing, black market baby racketeers. Along came Political Correctness and the pages were taken out. So now that we are old enough to handle the cruel world that is Snow Whites, there is no documentation to back it up, it's been erased.
We can march into our parents house and demand to know the whole story on this Rumplestiltskin or we can watch Once Upon A Time on Sunday nights. Because these people aren't afraid of the truth, they are filling in the blanks and I'm loving this show. I didn't think it would suck me in the way it has, the fact that it's executive producer and creator Edward Kitsis is a former producer of LOST might have something to do with it. If you are aware of the LOST connection then you can't help but see the numbers everywhere and it sends chills up my spine. "Oh my God the evil mayor's address is 108!"