Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In transition

This blog is in a transitional phase. From entertainment to a writer's blog. It's been stagnate long enough. I plan to post some of my other writing here, serious stuff that doesn't fit on Farvel Cargo the humor blog. If any of you writers want to be added to my blog roll let me know.
I've joined a writers forum called Absolute Write and plan to use this blog for writing prompts and their blog chain prompts. I'm excited. I still watch too much TV but haven't the time to blog about it. I have to go work on my header now.

Up coming post: A Book Blurb - I have to write a blurb for a book that I have wrote, I am writing or want to write, then post it here. I have just started on a book and I will be posting the blurb when it's my turn. I'm really nervous. Mommy.......

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