Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Million Dollar Password Baby

So what's a network to do with all this free time on their hands waiting for the new episodes to start up again in January? Trot out an old game show with a million dollar price tag on it, of course, duh. And ever so gently wheel out Betty White to guess words like she did back in the day. Betty White is my favorite "senior" actresses, but I feared for her life after watching Million Dollar Password last night. She was totally into it, racking up points for contestants but there were so many bells and whistles, buzzers and beeps, lights flashing and dimming, I thought she would go into cardiac arrest.
Dear God bring me a new episode of LOST already.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Omarosa Wanna Be

Oh look! I have another blog. I don't know if I think this blog is going to write itself or what? I celebrated my 500th post over at Farvel Cargo, my "other" blog, at the rate I'm going with View of Sue it will be about 2012 when I reach that here.
I had planned to blog about the Survivor Finale and how happy I was that Bob won, but that and the Omarosa wanna be are old news. If you are a Survivor fan you know of who I speak when I say an Omarosa wanna be. And she will not be mentioned by name on this blog, ever. If you have to be that mean for money, you deserve the bad karma that life is going to throw at you. Nuff said.
Hopefully my head will stop spinning after baking all those cookies for Christmas long enough to post regularly. I swear if my hand mixer shows it ugly face to me again I will kick it to the street.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shirtless Sawyer

Instead of sitting in front of my computer tonight I plan on sitting in front of my television watching my LOST DVD's. The wait for the new season is starting to get to me. I'm jonesin' for some Sawyer, shirtless preferably. And by the looks of the promo commercials he seems to have his shirt off quite a bit. Shirtless is how we last saw him at the end of season 4. So perhaps I will start with season 1 and fast forward to all the Sawyer scenes. I don't want to rush through the blessed holiday season but I can't wait for January 21, 2009!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Heroes/The 4400

I use to watch the kookamonga show The 4400. It started off promising. 4400 people dropped off in a big ball of light in a field, all missing from different time periods and all having strange "abilities". Huh. As the season continued new abilities conveniently popped up when need to complete an episode. Huh. And then a synthetic abilities drug was made to give the normal people abilities. And this guy was one of the normal people that signed up to take the abilities drug.
On Heroes Monday there was a volunteer soldier willing to take the genetically altered drug that is suppose to give people "hero powers'. Huh. It's the same freakin guy. But with shorter hair.
I've been watching Heroes this season thinking this is turning into The 4400. I think my theory has been proven right. Who's with me on the train wreck? I will continue to watch and then bash it on this blog.

Monday, December 1, 2008

24 Redemption - Meh

I watched 24 Redemption last week but I've seen it before. Tears of the Sun comes to mind. It's been done and I was bored by the two hour, 67 commercials movie.
They should have let Jack Bauer ride off into the sunset seasons ago. How much more tortured can a man get? I'm less than thrilled for 24 season 7. With every season there's a new President of the United States, so that put us in about the year 2024, give or take. A television show has jumped the shark when they start bringing people back from the dead. And that would be Tony. He's coming back, again.
So I have to decide if I really want to get into another season of Jack Bauer kicking ass. See just saying that makes me want to watch it and then there's Chloe, my favorite character, I'd miss her. I don't know what to do.