Friday, February 29, 2008

Set the Machine for 2.342 and to Oscillate at 11 Megahertz

LOST Review, The Constant:
Awesome! That's what the geek in me is saying today after that episode last night. We got time traveling, Megahertz, nerds, Daniel is such a geek, we got a rat maze, all the bells and whistles of a mad scientists laboratory. This episode had me on the edge of my seat.
It starts off with Frank, Desmond and Sayid in the helicopter, heading on the co-ordinates specified by Daniel. They go right through a storm and Desmond wigs out. He doesn't know where he is, he doesn't know Frank and Sayid, oh and just a minute ago he was in 1996 during his army days. The whole episode he's going back in forth in time. Edge of you seat action baby!
Sayid right away gets in touch with Jack on the island and tells him about Desmond. Daniel talks to Desmond and tells Desmond he needs to find him in Oxford, when he slips back in time again. Desmond finds Daniel, who is a real dork professor, and Daniel tells Desmond he needs to find a Constant in both time periods to get himself unstuck. Penny!
Desmond makes a stop at an auction when he's in 1996 to ask Penny's father, Mr. Widmore, Penny's address and get this. They are auctioning off The Black Rocks ship log. Owned by Somebody Hanso. I definitely have to watch this episode again for more details. The numbers were showing up everywhere in this episode too.
We get to see George Minkowski, the guy the "Helicopter 4" kept trying to reach. He's experiencing the same "side effects" that Desmond is having. Minkowski takes Sayid and Desmond to the radio room, they got out of the room they were locked in because someone left it open. Minkowski says, looks like you have a friend on this ship. So naturally I thought Frank, but going through the message boards today I'm thinking it's "Ben's man on the boat". Who, I agree with the boards, could be Michael. It's no secret he's coming back to the show, his name is in the beginning credits of every episode this season.
Desmond finds Penny in 1996 and she's pissed, want nothing to do with him, but gives him her number so he'll go away. He says he won't call her until Dec. 24th 2004, eight years. Sayid aka Mr. Gadget starts to rig up a phone connection for Desmond. Minkowski dies from going back and forth in time too much and blood starts to tickle out of Desmonds nose. Dear God hurry up Sayid! The connection is made, Penny answers, they love each other, Desmond is unstuck.
Like I said, Awesome!

Ozzie The Suvivor God

Survivor Micronesia, Fans vs. Favorites:
The Favs won both challenges this week, easily. Which seemed to raise the level of stupidity on the Fans Tribe. The Favs sent Kathy to Exile Island, again. Good move on there part, send the most clueless player on the opposing tribe. Did the Favs luck out with her or what? She gets to go to Exile Island with Ozzie the Survivor God. She swoons over him and is perfectly content to sit on the beach and "attempt" to make a fire. And she tells the camera, "I'm so over looking for the Immunity Idol." While she's totally blinded by Ozzie and his Survivor skills, he finds the Immunity Idol and has time to prepare a 7 course meal, she had no idea what he was up to. Ozzie also made a fake Immunity Idol and put it in the final clues hiding spot.
Back at Camp Clueless,
all kinds of creepy Joel is on a power trip, Mikey B runs his mouth too much, and Tracy makes a strategical move. She plays both Mikey B and Joel against each other saving herself, Kathy and Chet. Mikey B wanted to get rid of Chet the weakest player, so weak he could barely open the Tribal Council voting box. Joel talks most of the tribe into voting off Mikey B, making the tribe weaker.
They are going to be outnumbered when the tribes merge and the Faves will eat them alive.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wrong Song Choice Dawg

American Idol Girls Review:
Let's say it all together now, shall we? "That was the wrong song choice for you." I thought some of the women sound really bad, but not as many of them as the judges thought. The women were much better than the guys. I'm starting to like Ramiele Malubay. Randy, Paula and Simon said she didn't pick the right song, but I thought it was good, it's the song that's stuck in my head today, "Don't Leave Me This Way." Catchy tune.
It was great to see the Irish Chick got her teeth fixed. The Bride of Frankenstein was horrible and frightening. I couldn't understand
Alexandréa Lushington.
My prediction of who will go home is
Alexandréa and Amanda (the frightening one).

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Simon Says, Utterly Boring

American Idol Guys Review:
So let's get something straight here. Simon knows the rules of American Idol and doesn't need to be reminded of them from an ungrateful, guitar playing, rockstar wannabe. One of the Davids smarted off at Simon, Simon didn't like that. Simon can tell you, you are horrendous and utterly boring, make you cry and you better just take it and keep your mouth shut.
More about Simon, he didn't like any of the guys last night except maybe two of them. Either did I though, they were utterly boring. The two other Davids were good and so was Chikezie (I checked the spelling on that 5 times). If I were to pick who goes home I would say the two Jasons, only because I don't want Luke or Michael to go yet. Yes, I have a cheat sheet on these names.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Did You Just Totally Scooby-Doo Me?

LOST Review: Kate stayed in Othersville to find out if the people on the freighter 18 miles off shore knew she was a fugitive. She needed to question Ghostbuster Miles and went to the town crier Hurley to find out where he was being held. She got the information from with no trouble at all and he realizes it and says, "Did you just totally Scooby-Doo me?" Awesome, I love Hurley.
This episode was a Kate flash-forward, it consisted of a well recognized Kate on trial for everything, it was a long list and she plead not guilty.
We find out she has a son, Jack testifies at the trial telling the jury that Kate took care of the "eight" people that survived the plane crash. Kate is visibly upset by Jack lying on the stand and tells him to stop. The prosecuting attorney says she only has one question for Jack, "Do you love Miss Austin." Paleeze. He says, "Not anymore." Whatever. Kate's ungrateful mother shows up in a wheelchair to talk with Kate. She says everything changed when she thought Kate was dead and doesn't want to testify.
"Well don't." Kate's pissed.
"I just want to see my grandson."
"Are you trying to make a deal with me? I don't want you anywhere near him."
Ungrateful mom doesn't testify and Kate jumps at a deal of time served, 10 years probation and stay put in the state.
Back on Craphole Island: Sayid, Desmond and Frank never made it to the freighter 18 miles off shore. Jack is more than a little pissed.

Back in Othersville: Kate asks Ghostbuster Miles what he knows about her and he says he will tell her everything he knows if she lets him talk to Ben. Kate goes to Sawyer the con man to arrange some time with Ben. Locke knows Sawyer's complete history yet is conned by him and Kate gets Miles an audience with the almighty Ben. Doh!
Ghostbuster Miles wants Ben to give him 3.2 million dollars to tell the freighter 18 miles off shore that Ben is dead.
Let's stop here for just one minute. How many deals have been struck in these first 4 new episodes of LOST so far? Enough already!
Miles gives Ben one week to get the money. Last time I checked they were both prisoners, it will be interesting to see how they pull this off. Kate drags Miles out of Ben's cell and asks him what he knows and he tells her everything. Locke finds them and now he's pissed. He banishes Kate from Othersville.
Kate, after finally taking a shower, goes to Sawyer, who finally has h
is shirt off, and tells him she's banished. He unbanishes her. And then he starts undressing her. The whole episode Sawyer and Kate go round and round the subject of is she pregnant or isn't she. She is staying with Claire (Charlie who?) and Aaron and doesn't want to hold Aaron, "I'm not good with babies." Just last season you were holding him Kate. In the morning she tells Sawyer she knows she's not pregnant. Sawyer is really happy, really. That pisses Kate off and she says she's going back to the beach. Obviously she knows she's not pregnant because she's PMSing, back off Sawyer! But he doesn't. He yells at her and says she'll be back when Jack pisses her off. Ouch! I think they're broke up now.
Back to the flash forward: After the trial Kate is leaving through the back door. Runs into Jack and asks him to come to her place for a drink. He suggests going for coffee. She looks at him and says, "Until you can accept my son, there's is no coffee for us." She goes home to a very nice house and sees her son in bed waking from his nap. Now get this, the baby boy says, "Hi mommy." And she says, "Hi Aaron." Whaaaa?
I watched this episode twice. So is Claire going to die? What the hell?

Friday, February 22, 2008

Cool invisibleShield Video

While searching YouTube for some LOST videos, by the way the LOST review will be later because Holy Crap, I have to watch that episode again. But any way I ran across this invisibleSHIELD video. It’s a polyurethane film that covers all your gadgets screens. Which is just what I need for Boy #3 and all his gadgets. The video shows you how strong this stuff is, awesome!

Yau-Man the Great Immunity Idol Hunter

Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites:
After the Reward Challenge mud wrestling match the tribes went back to their perspective camps. The Favorites won, but it was apparent that they were going to lose the Immunity Challenge. If you have been watching Survivor long enough you can tell by how the show progresses who going to Tribal Council. There was a lot of focus on Cirie and her "swing vote" and oh, I really use to like her.
Celebrity has done gone to Cirie's head. She knew she was in the
middle of two alliances and was patiently sitting back waiting for one of them to kiss her ass. Jonathan ran his mouth and pissed her off. She had it in her head anyway that Yau-Man the Great Immunity Idol Hunter was a threat and wanted him gone.
While the open debates at the Favs Camp was going on the Fans were having a miserable time in a shelter that did not shelter them from the storm that blew through.
Being in Ohio every other commercial I see during this episode it either Hillary or Obama. That's when I bow to my DVR and praise the Lord for the fast-forward button.
Okay back to the Favs. They lost the Immunity Challenge and at first the secret meetings were going well, but Jonathan kept walking in on them. We kept seeing "who to vote off" discussions going on but then you can see another alliance member standing and listening. We were made to wonder who would be voted out, but I think our favorite little Immunity Idol Hunter knew he was going home. Yau-Man is gone, Jonathan and Cirie hate each other. There is a whole other tribe too, maybe we'll see more of them next week.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dear God, The Flu Hits American Idol

American Idol Girls Review:
Uh oh, Ryan is telling us that the flu has hit America hard this year and even American Idol isn't immune. So if I was smart and read into that statement I could have avoided the train wreck show and watched the History Channel with the husband. But I'm blinded by the American Idol Season 7 hoopla.

I don't know any of the girls names either, maybe Simon is right, they were forgettable performances. I'm pretty sure the second girl that sang is still back stage crying. Simon can be a real dick. He goes on and on about how bad someone is, Paula goes on and on about having fun, being yourself, song choice, the weather, pretty colors. Randy is the only one that knows when to shut up and that is usually after he tells someone they had a pitch problem.
Out of the 24 performers, I think maybe six of them should feel safe. And I can't even begin to predict who will go home tonight, but if that guy from last night that sang Moon River stays, we will know he sealed the old lady vote.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol Cruise Ship Performances

American Idol Guys Review:
I'm going to get this out of the way. Here is a re-cap of Randy, Paula and Simon's review of all 12 guys:
Randy: Dude, it started off a little, I don't know, but you pulled it off, a little pitchy but not bad.
Paula: Babble, babble, I agree with Randy, babble, babble.
Simon: Utterly horrendous, forgettable, cruise ship performance.
They really didn't deter much from that script.
This was songs from the 60's night and one guy actually sang Moon River. OMG! I didn't get to watch until 11:00 pm and he's trying to put me to sleep. I guess he's counting on the old lady vote.
This was a 2 hour show that I managed to view in one hour, imagine that. Okay I omitted quite of bit of Paula's babbling, and fast forwarded through the excruciating banter between the judges and Ryan. Oh and there was a lot of re-capping of the previous auditions. No one really stood out for me except the only name I remember, Luke, he didn't do very well but he's a cutey patutey.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Lunch Box Diet

Since the husband was diagnosed with diabetes, his eating habits are in the process of a big change. Along with the obvious of cutting out the sweets, he’s lost 20 pounds since Christmas just giving up Pepsi, he‘s had to eat regularly. This is a man who lived on Pepsi and cigarettes all day and didn’t eat until he got home, sometimes 8:00 pm! I’ve started sending him off to work with a compartmentalized plastic container with vegetables, crackers, hard-boiled eggs and cheese cubes. Little did I know that he was eating like the celebrities. It’s called The Lunch Box Diet. And the idea is to eat a little at a time and often throughout the day. There was an article about it in OK magazine. I should renew that subscription, I keep forgetting. Also Elle Magazine did a review of The Lunch Box Diet and gave it 5 stars, I think that’s the best you can get. This wouldn’t be a bad thing to look into, I think the husband is starting to get bored with the stuff I’m sending him to work with. Yesterday the janitor threw away one of my containers, I’m going to need some more of those too.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Ben Our Man of Mystery

LOST Review:
Hey Sayid is golfing! And he's not on craphole island, he's at an exclusive club. A man tools up to him in a golf cart and places a friendly wager with him. Sayid tells the man that he's one of the Oceanic Six. This news makes the golf cart, wagering man very nervous. And it should because Sayid pops a cap in his ass. Sayid is then in Germany and meets a woman, falls in love but has to kill her too. This is after she shoots him. He notices her bracelet, it's the same one that he notices on dead Naomi.
Back on the island, after taking note of the bracelet, Sayid asks Frank to take him off the island. Sayid says he can bring Charlotte back safe and Frank says if you bring Charlotte back safe, I'll fly you off the island. Sayid, Kate and the Ghostbuster Miles leave to find Locke and his band of misfits. When they get to Othersville it looks deserted. They hear a noise and find Hurley locked in a closet. Hurley lures them to Ben's old house, uh huh, lures them. While searching the house Sayid finds a secret room where Ben has currency from different countries and several different passports. I know I've asked this before but who the hell is this guy?
Locke and his crew ambush Sayid, Kate and Ghostbuster Miles. Sawyer has Kate in a bedroom and tries to talk her into staying in Othersville with him, because he says neither of them have anything to go back to. Sayid is held prisoner with Ben. Locke brings lemonade for Sayid and they discuss why the new people have come to the island, both agreeing that they are lying. So when we see Sayid come back to the helicopter h
e is with Charlotte and that's it. He traded Charlotte for the fiesty Ghostbuster. But that's okay because Frank really didn't like him anyway. Sayid tells Jack that Kate decided to stay in Othersville. Desmond by this time has been brought into the whole helicopter scene and tries to get answer from Frank and Daniel about his picture being with Naomi. Why he didn't ask Naomi when she was alive should be an obvious question, don't you think? Frank takes Desmond, Sayid and dead Naomi on the helicopter back to the ship, we see them flying off into the distance.
While waiting for the prisoner exchange Daniel conducts an experiment and let me just say I really like that geek. But anyway he discovers that the island is 31 minutes behind regular time or the island's time doesn't move the right way. Very weird and Daniel was freaked out, he warns Frank to take the very same route back to the ship. I get lost watching Austin Powers movies when he goes back and forth wit
h time, how am I suppose to keep up with this?
Back to the flash forward. Sayid is all bloody and walking through a pet hospital. Someone tells him to take off his shirt and starts to work on his GSW (gun shot wound for those of you who have never watched ER) and asks Sayid if he killed her. He has someon
e else on the list. They show the strangers face and it's Ben, our man of mystery. Sayid says, "They know I'm after them."
And Ben replies, "Good. You want to help your friends, don't you?"

Elimination by Association

Survivor, Fans vs. Favorites Review:
The Fans lost the immunity challenge, because swimming was involved and the Favorites have Ozzie, who is from the lost city of Atlantis and is part fish. The fans also have an added hindrance of Chet, who can't even walk in the water fast. Back at the Fans camp, Mikey B devised a plan for voting at Tribal Council that I think involved algebra. And the big guy Joel, is all who's this Mikey B think he is? So Joel talks everyone into voting for Mary, who is Mikey B's closest ally. Elimination by association, Mary and Mikey B were blind sided. Do I have to keep referring to him as Mikey B?
There is an Exile Island this season. The favorites sent Kathleen and the added twist was they had to decide on sending one of there own tribe to go with Kathleen. Cirie volunteered, she wants that immunity idol. But I don't think either one of them found it.
When Kathleen got back to camp her tribe asked her if she told Cirie all about them, they have to ask, she has a really big mouth.
She said, "No, I curled up in the fetal position."
Yeah, I don't know what that means either.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

American Idols Torturous Journey

American Idol Review:
While at the new J*O*B my DVR recorded the torturous journey of the Top 24. The DVR however stopped recording at 10:00 pm American Idol didn't. How long do Randy, Paula and Simon need for their power trip that is American Idol? Dear God, the three of them could not give the top 24 a yes or no until they had reduced them to blubbering idiots. I missed the last of the 24 to make it because they need more than two hours to re-cap auditions and drag out their yes and no's.
Paula was very clever last night. She had a woman spell her first name and then note that the word YES was in the middle of it and therefore it's a big YES, you're going through. Is Paula fun to watch or what?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

American Idol Golden Ticket Auditions

American Idol Tuesday Review:
We're finally in Hollywood! And in a two hour episode, Randy, Paula and Simon steamed rolled through a whole lot of auditions. Apparently tonight we will have the final 24. I remember last year there were 3 groups of 24 and that is how they let the 24 know there were "in". According to the previews American Idol is going with the camera in the elevator affect and the long walk to the folding chair ordeal. I think it's a much better form of torture for the viewing audience to watch while eating our popcorn. I also remember last year the going to Hollywood, golden ticket people formed into groups of three or four and perform one of like four sounds they could pick from. This year they went solo and were able to play an instrument. American Idol likes to mix it up and keep us on our toes, don't they?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Writer's Strike Over

While searching for Heroes information, like when the hell it will be back on, I found a link telling us the writer's strike is over. And here is a little information on the fate of some of our favorite television shows. It doesn't appear we will be seeing Heroes any time soon. I know that Lost has already started filming, there will be more that 8 episodes this season. Enough searching for information today. This blog is due for a re-vamp and I plan on screwing around with it today, I need it to be 3 columns. Hopefully all goes well and I don't end up crying.

Friday, February 8, 2008

What The Hell is Going On?

LOST Review:
Oh good there are new people. I was hoping there would be because I was just starting to sort out the ones we have on the island now. I thought this was a good episode too! It started off with deep sea diver examining the bottom of the ocean when they stumble upon plane wreckage. A plane with that big old Oceanic symbol on it. We hear someone say, "Oh my God, it's Oceanic 815!" The four new people I referred to are Naomi's team, who have to jump off their helicopter because of a electronic failure. We are introduced to them one by one and treated to a mini flashback for each of them. During the mini flashback we hear the breaking news of the discovery of Oceanic 815. New Guy Daniel sits and watches the breaking news and cries. New Guy Miles is a Ghostbuster. Awesome! He hears of the news on the radio, he's on his way to get rid of a womans grandson that's been murdered. Just then LOST kicked up a notch on my kookamonga meter. New Girl Charlotte hears of an archaeological dig and buys her way in and finds the skeleton of a polar bear with a Darma collar on it. WooHoo! This is in Medenine, Tunisia, a freakin dessert. New Guy Frank is watching the breaking news when he looks at the footage of the pilot under water. He calls the Oceanic Hotline and tells them that pilot is not Seth Norris because he doesn't have his wedding ring on, Frank know Seth Norris and oh yeah, Frank says he is the one that was suppose to be piloting Flight 815. Of course you were Frank, wouldn't have it any other way.

This team was put together by the creepy guy that was in the last episode. He's the one who visited Hurley in the mental house. He told Naomi that they all were chosen for this mission for a reason.

Jack and Kate find Daniel, help him find Miles. Miles is all "You killed Naomi. Take me to her body." Remember he's a Ghostbuster, he talks to dead people. He and Naomi had a long talk and he doesn't hold Jack and Kate responsible. They find Frank after meeting up with "our friends in the bushes" Sayid and Juliette. The new guys figure out that Juliette wasn't on the plane and demand to know where "HE" is.
"Ben Linus." Oh boy.

Poor Charlotte is found by Lockes ragtag group of misfits. I say poor Charlotte because Ben grabs Karls gun and shoots her. She had a bullet proof vest on, she's okay! Sawyer and Locke have had just about enough of Ben and decide to kill him, it's about time. Fast talkin' Ben says, "I have answers!"
Locke asks him, "What is the monster? What's that black smoke?"
"I don't know." Thanks for trying Locke, really, I appreciate it.
Ben starts to shout out detailed information about all four of the new people. He knows all this because he says he has a man on the boat. He has men everywhere. Who is this guy? He knows what they want.

Put On A Happy Face

I might as well post about another book, maybe I should expand my blogging. Especially with the writer’s strike effecting new episodes. There’s a free DVD and CD! When I leave the comfort of my little office and mingle amongst the public I cross paths with crabby people, more so that happy people. Why is that? Why are people so unhappy, so negative?

The Sedona Method is a course you can take to help you discover happiness. Not a bad idea with us being in the middle of an election year. Marci Shimoff mentions The Sedona Method in her book, Happy For No Reason and she mentions that Mariel Hemingway and herself took the course. It’s in chapter four.

Hale Dwoskin has been sharing The Sedona Method with people around the world since the 1970’s. He says, “At your core you already are the happiness you are seeking in all the wrong places. All you need to do is uncover this natural happiness by letting go of the unhappiness or limitation that appears to be covering it. Or by simply discovering that which is within you which is already free.”

So I will do my part to help spread the happiness wave. I would love to run into happy people throughout my day. They’re the ones that stop and help you when your car is stalled on the side of the road. Don’t get me started with that!

The Problem with Survivor All-Stars

Survivor Micronesia, Fans vs. Favorites:
Here's the thing, although I got my wish and don't have to see Jonny Fairplay the rest of the Survivor Micronesia season, I'm pretty sure it was never intended for him to stay. After the lame exists of some of the survivors in the first All-Star Survivor, I'm sure I'm right. While it's nice to see some of the fan favorites from survivor past, I can't help but wonder if some of them are there just for the ratings and have a planned departure.
I found the whole vote at Tribal Council here. It shows who everyone voted for and everything they said. Ozzy really got into his voting ballot! He drew pictures and stuff, take your time Ozzy, no hurry. Jonnie Fairplay (please let that be the last time I have to type his name) voted for Ozzy not Eliza like he said he would. They were all in on the quick exist. IMO!
The other team, the Fans, obviously won the Immunity Challenge, but we hardly saw them. I don't know any of their names. The first 15 minutes of the episode was spent introducing the Fan Favorites. There is one kookamonga woman on the Fans Tribe that managed to alienate herself from just about everyone. Here is a sample of some of her conversations:
"You're a homosexual right?"
"I've never had a gay guy friend before."
"Do I call you gay?"
"Are those real?"
"I've never seen implants up close before."
She's going to be fun to watch.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Network Marketing Leads

I read a lot less than I use to since becoming a blogging entrepreneur or I should say a lot less books. I read all day. I’m online all day seeking help in the blogisphere for networking. I think I’ve hit a wall. While looking for ways to improve my little blogging business I found a book to help me with Network Marketing Leads called Guerrilla Multilevel Marketing by Jay Levinson and James Dillehay. I watch a lot of television but once in a while it would hurt to sit down in a comfortable chair a read a book, actually I kind of miss that.

It's Like Watching a Train Wreck

American Idol Wednesday Review:
I think they were someplace in the south. Who the hell knows. I'm just so glad these first auditions are over. Yeah, I watched it. The dear husband knew I wasn't going to be home so he set the recorder for me. It's the little things that remind you how much you love someone. He actually set the recorder for a show he hates.

Tonight Survivor starts up again. The tribes will consist of past Survivors and "huge" Survivor fans. James the Gravedigger will be back! Unfortunately so will Johnny Fairplay, he makes me want to vomit. I can only hope he goes out early.
And let us not forget, LOST fans, season 4, episode 2 tonight!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Decided Not to Record

I'm not going to record American Idol tonight. I forgot I can watch it online if I really wanted to, so I won’t use up valuable space with the DVR. All I have to do is wrestle the computer away from Boy #2 who will be online looking up car prices when I get home. Priorities kid, priorities.

Cuddy Had the Best Line

House Review:
I'm starting to worry, there were no previews for next week. The effects of the writer's strike is starting to kick in. I've heard that they are very close to an agreement. I also know that American Idol screws with the House schedule so hopefully there are some more episodes in the can.
The case that House and his team took this week was a newly confirmed Jewish woman that collapsed at her wedding. While testing her House was trying to figure out the Wilson/Cut Throat Bitch romance. Convinced that it wouldn't work, House discusses the relationship with Cuddy. Cuddy speaks to Wilson and delivers the best line of the night, "Aren't you afraid she'll drag you back to her lair, hang you upside down, cut you open and deposit her eggs in you?" Not verbatim, but hilariously close.
The woman ended up having a loose kidney. Yep, it came loose when she was lifted up in a chair and bounced around at her Jewish wedding. It apparently was always hanging wrong in there and this shook it loose.
"I just got out of the hospital."
"Oh yeah? What was wrong?"
"Loose kidney."
House was determined to find out why Wilson and Cut Throat Bitch were dating. He could not settle for "they just like each other" but that's how it ended, that's what we are left to believe. But I'm not giving up on the dragging him back to her lair theory.

American Idol Made Me Cry

American Idol Tuesday Review:
I've had enough of these first auditions. I can't take it anymore. Please stop already. Paula's crying, I'm crying, Simon's giving out hugs, mass hysteria.
One girl was trying to call her dad to tell him she got to the auditions alright and he wasn't answering his cell phone, later her brother calls her and tells her that their dad was in a car accident and died. She stayed and sang How Can I Live Without You? She couldn't finish. Paula and I cried. She made it through to Hollywood.
There was another guy that did a demonic thing with his eyes when he sang, but he had a good voice. So Randy and Paula had him turn around and sing. Simon gave him a no, but Randy and Paula gave him a yes and he's off to Hollywood too. Simon asked if they think he's suppose to sing the rest of they way with his back to the audience. I'm with Simon on this one.
American Idol is on tonight again, one more first audition night. I won't be home but don't think I can justify recording it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

House was on after the Super Bowl

House Review:
I know I'm late with this. House was on Sunday after the Super Bowl and screwed up my whole little TV world. I watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, Diet Pepsi Max was my favorite:

It got the biggest laugh in the living room, but we had to explain it to my mom and dad. Still it was my favorite and a very close second were the E-Trade commercials with the baby. Funny stuff.

Back to House. It was a good episode. House took a case because it intrigued him. The patient was stuck at the South Pole. Awesome. He pulled an Apollo 13 and dumped a box of stuff on a table, telling his team "this is what we have to work with." While video conferencing with the patient, House was also trying to find out who Wilson was dating. House is a puzzle solver what can I say. He loves a challenge. After getting the patient at the South Pole to take off all her clothes, except her socks, for a video exam, getting her to biopsy a swollen lymph node, getting her partner to drink her pee, yes I said drink her pee, then drill a hole in her head, House and his team figure out that she has a broken toe. Uhh Huh, broken toe and the bone marrow is seeping into her blood stream causing all her symptoms. Wow, how do they think this stuff up?

Now let's get to Wilson's new girlfriend. It's Cut Throat Bitch. Wilson prefers to call her Amber. I don't like Cut Throat Bitch. I was totally surprised, but I still don't like her and the previews show she's in tonights episode. Damn.

Friday, February 1, 2008

LOST Rocked Last Night Dude

LOST Season 4 Episode 1 Review On Island:
We watched a re-cap show right before the new Season 4 episode. A re-cap show walking us through everything that's gone on the last 3 seasons. So how does the new episode start? Previously on LOST - doh! WE HAVE BEEN WAITING 9 MONTHS FOR A NEW EPISODE - GET TO IT!
I had to get that out of my system. The people on the beach and the people at the radio tower are all giddy. Hurley who is on the beach, tells Bernard he wants to do a cannonball into the ocean. He does and when he comes up for air he sees Desmond and his boat coming to chore, this is where chaos ensues. Desmond is all "It's Not Penny's Boat." Everyone is yapping about calling Jack on the walkie talkie. Hurley finally yells, "Where's Charlie?"
This episode was well written and was a fine tribute to Charlie. He was a constant the entire night. Everyone felt bad, they didn't dump him into a grave and barely get it covered before they got distracted with something else.
The beach people decided to meet the radio tower people half-way to keep radio silence. Hurley got lost and ended up at Jacob's Creepy Cabin. Now on the message boards people are saying that Jack's dad, Christian Shepard was sitting in the rocking chair. I have to watch that part again and ask Boy #3, he's my LOST buddy. Hurley also saw someone staring back at him through the cracks in the cabin wall. He ran yelling as only Hurley can and ended up staring at Locke.
Eventually all the Losties meet up in the middle of the jungle, at night by the nose of the Flight 815 plane. Hurley has to tell Claire (who apparently had a haircut at the radio tower) that Charlie was dead.
Jack sees Locke. Jack really hates Locke, that hate goes way back. Jack has a gun to Lockes head and pulls the trigger. I know. But there were no bullets in the gun. Locke will live to fulfill his destiny, whatever the hell that may be.
We end up with the Losties splitting up, those that chose to hid from the "not who they say they are" ship 18 miles offshore with John Locke leading them. And those barreling into the unknown with tunnel vision Jack leading them. I know, not much to chose from, I don't know which one of those guys I'd go with. Probably be looking for plan C.

Tell it to me Straight

I try to keep politics out of my blogs, actually I try to avoid talking politics all together. When I sit down at night to watch TV the last thing I want is to see a politicians face. But it is an election year. Television to me is fiction, I get more information from the real world on talk radio. And that is because real people call in with their views. I’ve also found real people exchanging ideas and opinions at ElectionQlips. Isn’t it better to exchange information with real people instead of listening to what the media wants us to hear? I’ve copied and pasted their press release:

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Never Say Never Dude

LOST Season 4 Episode 1 Review Off Island:
Yikes! LOST's first episode starts off with police chasing a Starsky and Hutch car. Awesome, I love Starsky and Hutch. Hey is this one of those freaky ways LOST starts off a season? Are they introducing a new character and a new twist to the show? This car chase is making the news and guess who's watching the news with a vodka and orange juice? Jack and apparently he recognizes the car. The police get the car to slow to a crash and Hurley gets out with his hands up, tries to run away from the police, yeah right Hurley. When they catch him in three steps, he starts yelling, "Don't you know who I am? I'm one of the Oceanic Six!" What? What the hell is an Oceanic Six?
So this is a flash forward episode. Off island life doesn't seem be to agreeing with Hurley, he's freaking out and wants to go back to the safety and comfort of the looney bin. You know, where he can wear a bathrobe all day, play Connect Four, eat celery sticks and have nurses bring him drugs. He's loving it. Until he sees Dead Charlie. Oh and the creepy guy that pays him a visit while Hurley's playing Connect Four. The Creepy Visitor asks Hurley, "Are they still alive?" and Dead Charlie tells him, "They need you."
Obviously Hurley snapped before Jack. Because Jack came to visit Hurley and said he was thinking of growing a beard. Hurley tells Jack they should go back and Jack says never. "Never say never Dude."

This was an awesome off island episode. Review of on island episode on the way.