Friday, February 29, 2008

Set the Machine for 2.342 and to Oscillate at 11 Megahertz

LOST Review, The Constant:
Awesome! That's what the geek in me is saying today after that episode last night. We got time traveling, Megahertz, nerds, Daniel is such a geek, we got a rat maze, all the bells and whistles of a mad scientists laboratory. This episode had me on the edge of my seat.
It starts off with Frank, Desmond and Sayid in the helicopter, heading on the co-ordinates specified by Daniel. They go right through a storm and Desmond wigs out. He doesn't know where he is, he doesn't know Frank and Sayid, oh and just a minute ago he was in 1996 during his army days. The whole episode he's going back in forth in time. Edge of you seat action baby!
Sayid right away gets in touch with Jack on the island and tells him about Desmond. Daniel talks to Desmond and tells Desmond he needs to find him in Oxford, when he slips back in time again. Desmond finds Daniel, who is a real dork professor, and Daniel tells Desmond he needs to find a Constant in both time periods to get himself unstuck. Penny!
Desmond makes a stop at an auction when he's in 1996 to ask Penny's father, Mr. Widmore, Penny's address and get this. They are auctioning off The Black Rocks ship log. Owned by Somebody Hanso. I definitely have to watch this episode again for more details. The numbers were showing up everywhere in this episode too.
We get to see George Minkowski, the guy the "Helicopter 4" kept trying to reach. He's experiencing the same "side effects" that Desmond is having. Minkowski takes Sayid and Desmond to the radio room, they got out of the room they were locked in because someone left it open. Minkowski says, looks like you have a friend on this ship. So naturally I thought Frank, but going through the message boards today I'm thinking it's "Ben's man on the boat". Who, I agree with the boards, could be Michael. It's no secret he's coming back to the show, his name is in the beginning credits of every episode this season.
Desmond finds Penny in 1996 and she's pissed, want nothing to do with him, but gives him her number so he'll go away. He says he won't call her until Dec. 24th 2004, eight years. Sayid aka Mr. Gadget starts to rig up a phone connection for Desmond. Minkowski dies from going back and forth in time too much and blood starts to tickle out of Desmonds nose. Dear God hurry up Sayid! The connection is made, Penny answers, they love each other, Desmond is unstuck.
Like I said, Awesome!

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