Wednesday, February 6, 2008

American Idol Made Me Cry

American Idol Tuesday Review:
I've had enough of these first auditions. I can't take it anymore. Please stop already. Paula's crying, I'm crying, Simon's giving out hugs, mass hysteria.
One girl was trying to call her dad to tell him she got to the auditions alright and he wasn't answering his cell phone, later her brother calls her and tells her that their dad was in a car accident and died. She stayed and sang How Can I Live Without You? She couldn't finish. Paula and I cried. She made it through to Hollywood.
There was another guy that did a demonic thing with his eyes when he sang, but he had a good voice. So Randy and Paula had him turn around and sing. Simon gave him a no, but Randy and Paula gave him a yes and he's off to Hollywood too. Simon asked if they think he's suppose to sing the rest of they way with his back to the audience. I'm with Simon on this one.
American Idol is on tonight again, one more first audition night. I won't be home but don't think I can justify recording it.

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