Friday, February 8, 2008

What The Hell is Going On?

LOST Review:
Oh good there are new people. I was hoping there would be because I was just starting to sort out the ones we have on the island now. I thought this was a good episode too! It started off with deep sea diver examining the bottom of the ocean when they stumble upon plane wreckage. A plane with that big old Oceanic symbol on it. We hear someone say, "Oh my God, it's Oceanic 815!" The four new people I referred to are Naomi's team, who have to jump off their helicopter because of a electronic failure. We are introduced to them one by one and treated to a mini flashback for each of them. During the mini flashback we hear the breaking news of the discovery of Oceanic 815. New Guy Daniel sits and watches the breaking news and cries. New Guy Miles is a Ghostbuster. Awesome! He hears of the news on the radio, he's on his way to get rid of a womans grandson that's been murdered. Just then LOST kicked up a notch on my kookamonga meter. New Girl Charlotte hears of an archaeological dig and buys her way in and finds the skeleton of a polar bear with a Darma collar on it. WooHoo! This is in Medenine, Tunisia, a freakin dessert. New Guy Frank is watching the breaking news when he looks at the footage of the pilot under water. He calls the Oceanic Hotline and tells them that pilot is not Seth Norris because he doesn't have his wedding ring on, Frank know Seth Norris and oh yeah, Frank says he is the one that was suppose to be piloting Flight 815. Of course you were Frank, wouldn't have it any other way.

This team was put together by the creepy guy that was in the last episode. He's the one who visited Hurley in the mental house. He told Naomi that they all were chosen for this mission for a reason.

Jack and Kate find Daniel, help him find Miles. Miles is all "You killed Naomi. Take me to her body." Remember he's a Ghostbuster, he talks to dead people. He and Naomi had a long talk and he doesn't hold Jack and Kate responsible. They find Frank after meeting up with "our friends in the bushes" Sayid and Juliette. The new guys figure out that Juliette wasn't on the plane and demand to know where "HE" is.
"Ben Linus." Oh boy.

Poor Charlotte is found by Lockes ragtag group of misfits. I say poor Charlotte because Ben grabs Karls gun and shoots her. She had a bullet proof vest on, she's okay! Sawyer and Locke have had just about enough of Ben and decide to kill him, it's about time. Fast talkin' Ben says, "I have answers!"
Locke asks him, "What is the monster? What's that black smoke?"
"I don't know." Thanks for trying Locke, really, I appreciate it.
Ben starts to shout out detailed information about all four of the new people. He knows all this because he says he has a man on the boat. He has men everywhere. Who is this guy? He knows what they want.


Natsthename said...

It's really getting good! And I was about to give it up after the second season!

Thanks for the recap!

Sue said...

No problem! Thanks for visiting.

Elizabeth said...

Sue, you have GOT to go to, plan to spend a good hour or so reading through it. It is the most fascinating and well-written article I have ever seen on what could possibly be going on on "Lost". It would explain SO much!

Sue said...

I'm there! Thanks!
If you are into spoilers, check out lots of info there!

Beth said...

Ben's story is what I don't get, because he's been on the island since he was a little boy. The more I watch the show, the freakier it becomes! Love every minute of it too.