Friday, February 29, 2008

Ozzie The Suvivor God

Survivor Micronesia, Fans vs. Favorites:
The Favs won both challenges this week, easily. Which seemed to raise the level of stupidity on the Fans Tribe. The Favs sent Kathy to Exile Island, again. Good move on there part, send the most clueless player on the opposing tribe. Did the Favs luck out with her or what? She gets to go to Exile Island with Ozzie the Survivor God. She swoons over him and is perfectly content to sit on the beach and "attempt" to make a fire. And she tells the camera, "I'm so over looking for the Immunity Idol." While she's totally blinded by Ozzie and his Survivor skills, he finds the Immunity Idol and has time to prepare a 7 course meal, she had no idea what he was up to. Ozzie also made a fake Immunity Idol and put it in the final clues hiding spot.
Back at Camp Clueless,
all kinds of creepy Joel is on a power trip, Mikey B runs his mouth too much, and Tracy makes a strategical move. She plays both Mikey B and Joel against each other saving herself, Kathy and Chet. Mikey B wanted to get rid of Chet the weakest player, so weak he could barely open the Tribal Council voting box. Joel talks most of the tribe into voting off Mikey B, making the tribe weaker.
They are going to be outnumbered when the tribes merge and the Faves will eat them alive.

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