Friday, February 22, 2008

Yau-Man the Great Immunity Idol Hunter

Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites:
After the Reward Challenge mud wrestling match the tribes went back to their perspective camps. The Favorites won, but it was apparent that they were going to lose the Immunity Challenge. If you have been watching Survivor long enough you can tell by how the show progresses who going to Tribal Council. There was a lot of focus on Cirie and her "swing vote" and oh, I really use to like her.
Celebrity has done gone to Cirie's head. She knew she was in the
middle of two alliances and was patiently sitting back waiting for one of them to kiss her ass. Jonathan ran his mouth and pissed her off. She had it in her head anyway that Yau-Man the Great Immunity Idol Hunter was a threat and wanted him gone.
While the open debates at the Favs Camp was going on the Fans were having a miserable time in a shelter that did not shelter them from the storm that blew through.
Being in Ohio every other commercial I see during this episode it either Hillary or Obama. That's when I bow to my DVR and praise the Lord for the fast-forward button.
Okay back to the Favs. They lost the Immunity Challenge and at first the secret meetings were going well, but Jonathan kept walking in on them. We kept seeing "who to vote off" discussions going on but then you can see another alliance member standing and listening. We were made to wonder who would be voted out, but I think our favorite little Immunity Idol Hunter knew he was going home. Yau-Man is gone, Jonathan and Cirie hate each other. There is a whole other tribe too, maybe we'll see more of them next week.

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