Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cuddy Had the Best Line

House Review:
I'm starting to worry, there were no previews for next week. The effects of the writer's strike is starting to kick in. I've heard that they are very close to an agreement. I also know that American Idol screws with the House schedule so hopefully there are some more episodes in the can.
The case that House and his team took this week was a newly confirmed Jewish woman that collapsed at her wedding. While testing her House was trying to figure out the Wilson/Cut Throat Bitch romance. Convinced that it wouldn't work, House discusses the relationship with Cuddy. Cuddy speaks to Wilson and delivers the best line of the night, "Aren't you afraid she'll drag you back to her lair, hang you upside down, cut you open and deposit her eggs in you?" Not verbatim, but hilariously close.
The woman ended up having a loose kidney. Yep, it came loose when she was lifted up in a chair and bounced around at her Jewish wedding. It apparently was always hanging wrong in there and this shook it loose.
"I just got out of the hospital."
"Oh yeah? What was wrong?"
"Loose kidney."
House was determined to find out why Wilson and Cut Throat Bitch were dating. He could not settle for "they just like each other" but that's how it ended, that's what we are left to believe. But I'm not giving up on the dragging him back to her lair theory.


Lisa said...

That was my favorite line too!!!!

Sue said...

My husband and I laughed so hard when she said that!