Friday, February 15, 2008

Ben Our Man of Mystery

LOST Review:
Hey Sayid is golfing! And he's not on craphole island, he's at an exclusive club. A man tools up to him in a golf cart and places a friendly wager with him. Sayid tells the man that he's one of the Oceanic Six. This news makes the golf cart, wagering man very nervous. And it should because Sayid pops a cap in his ass. Sayid is then in Germany and meets a woman, falls in love but has to kill her too. This is after she shoots him. He notices her bracelet, it's the same one that he notices on dead Naomi.
Back on the island, after taking note of the bracelet, Sayid asks Frank to take him off the island. Sayid says he can bring Charlotte back safe and Frank says if you bring Charlotte back safe, I'll fly you off the island. Sayid, Kate and the Ghostbuster Miles leave to find Locke and his band of misfits. When they get to Othersville it looks deserted. They hear a noise and find Hurley locked in a closet. Hurley lures them to Ben's old house, uh huh, lures them. While searching the house Sayid finds a secret room where Ben has currency from different countries and several different passports. I know I've asked this before but who the hell is this guy?
Locke and his crew ambush Sayid, Kate and Ghostbuster Miles. Sawyer has Kate in a bedroom and tries to talk her into staying in Othersville with him, because he says neither of them have anything to go back to. Sayid is held prisoner with Ben. Locke brings lemonade for Sayid and they discuss why the new people have come to the island, both agreeing that they are lying. So when we see Sayid come back to the helicopter h
e is with Charlotte and that's it. He traded Charlotte for the fiesty Ghostbuster. But that's okay because Frank really didn't like him anyway. Sayid tells Jack that Kate decided to stay in Othersville. Desmond by this time has been brought into the whole helicopter scene and tries to get answer from Frank and Daniel about his picture being with Naomi. Why he didn't ask Naomi when she was alive should be an obvious question, don't you think? Frank takes Desmond, Sayid and dead Naomi on the helicopter back to the ship, we see them flying off into the distance.
While waiting for the prisoner exchange Daniel conducts an experiment and let me just say I really like that geek. But anyway he discovers that the island is 31 minutes behind regular time or the island's time doesn't move the right way. Very weird and Daniel was freaked out, he warns Frank to take the very same route back to the ship. I get lost watching Austin Powers movies when he goes back and forth wit
h time, how am I suppose to keep up with this?
Back to the flash forward. Sayid is all bloody and walking through a pet hospital. Someone tells him to take off his shirt and starts to work on his GSW (gun shot wound for those of you who have never watched ER) and asks Sayid if he killed her. He has someon
e else on the list. They show the strangers face and it's Ben, our man of mystery. Sayid says, "They know I'm after them."
And Ben replies, "Good. You want to help your friends, don't you?"

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