Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Lunch Box Diet

Since the husband was diagnosed with diabetes, his eating habits are in the process of a big change. Along with the obvious of cutting out the sweets, he’s lost 20 pounds since Christmas just giving up Pepsi, he‘s had to eat regularly. This is a man who lived on Pepsi and cigarettes all day and didn’t eat until he got home, sometimes 8:00 pm! I’ve started sending him off to work with a compartmentalized plastic container with vegetables, crackers, hard-boiled eggs and cheese cubes. Little did I know that he was eating like the celebrities. It’s called The Lunch Box Diet. And the idea is to eat a little at a time and often throughout the day. There was an article about it in OK magazine. I should renew that subscription, I keep forgetting. Also Elle Magazine did a review of The Lunch Box Diet and gave it 5 stars, I think that’s the best you can get. This wouldn’t be a bad thing to look into, I think the husband is starting to get bored with the stuff I’m sending him to work with. Yesterday the janitor threw away one of my containers, I’m going to need some more of those too.

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Beth said...

This is actually the healthiest way to not only lose weight but boost metabolism and keep your blood sugars on track. My doctor told me eating 5 small meals a day boosts everything-and he said you'll gain more energy because you aren't eating one big meal at a time and then waiting hours to eat again. He said even if your "meal" consisted of say a small portion of stir fried veggies it's still considered a meal. He said even though it's hard for some people at first-like for me I'm not hungry 5 times a day, once you start doing it and your metabolism speeds up, you will be able to eat those 5 meals.