Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol Cruise Ship Performances

American Idol Guys Review:
I'm going to get this out of the way. Here is a re-cap of Randy, Paula and Simon's review of all 12 guys:
Randy: Dude, it started off a little, I don't know, but you pulled it off, a little pitchy but not bad.
Paula: Babble, babble, I agree with Randy, babble, babble.
Simon: Utterly horrendous, forgettable, cruise ship performance.
They really didn't deter much from that script.
This was songs from the 60's night and one guy actually sang Moon River. OMG! I didn't get to watch until 11:00 pm and he's trying to put me to sleep. I guess he's counting on the old lady vote.
This was a 2 hour show that I managed to view in one hour, imagine that. Okay I omitted quite of bit of Paula's babbling, and fast forwarded through the excruciating banter between the judges and Ryan. Oh and there was a lot of re-capping of the previous auditions. No one really stood out for me except the only name I remember, Luke, he didn't do very well but he's a cutey patutey.


Connie said...

What about Paula's "color's" comment? I almost fell off my chair when I heard that one. Why in the world did they chose 60's music and then complain about it? This is not looking good at all.

Sue said...

And Simon kept asking her, "What color was he?" Babble, babble, color, babble. That's all I got out of that! LOL!